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3 Reasons Why Wooden Beds Can Add Style & Comfort to Any Bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

It is said that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. If that is the case, then suffice it to say a stylish yet comfortable bed is a total must-have! Investing in a good mattress is a start, but a good bed frame to support said mattress is even better. Wooden beds and wooden bed frames are excellent choices for your bedroom, as they come in many shapes and sizes. Keep reading as The Mattress Warehouse explores the wonderful world of wooden beds for sale.

Advantages of having a wooden bed 

Having a contemporary bedroom can seem nearly impossible with changing seasons and ever-evolving lifestyle trends. But it doesn’t have to be. Wood is one of the most understated and high-fashion materials of all time with a lot more to offer than just ‘aesthetics’.

Strength and durability

There is certainly a reason why wood (among other materials) has served humans for centuries. Wood is a poor heat conductor. So, under extreme weather conditions, you can rest assured that the solidity of your wooden bed is not compromised. The long-lasting and sturdy charm of the material makes it a trustworthy bedframe option to guarantee long-term peaceful slumber.


To have yourself a fashionable sleeping nook needn’t cost an arm and leg. One of the greatest appeals of wood is its consideration of your coin purse. Wooden beds come in a variety of structural forms and textures to best suit your budget. Whilst hardwood may be costly, it is a worthwhile investment for a timeless sophisticated style. Softwood, on the other hand, is a more modest yet tasteful option for a more avant-garde style.

Low maintenance 

In an age of conscious consumerism and minimalism, wood is a game-changer for bedroom styling. Just like wine, wood is more alluring with age. Oil finish, varnish or colour staining are the simplest wooden maintenance techniques. Wooden beds effortlessly complement an array of designs or themes.

Stable and safe 

Good quality sleep that sets the seal on a rejuvenated morning is obtained through little to no nightly disturbance. Wood’s robust feature offers creak-less and squeak-less ‘zizz’. Most of all, unlike metal, those accidental toe stubs will likely elicit an “ouch” instead of a rush to the emergency room. 

Cosy, contemporary & comfortable bedroom living 

Our bedrooms tell a lot about our personalities. After all, it is the one room in the house in which we can seek safety, peace and relaxation. There are a number of ways to make wood work for your bedroom design. Here are the top ideas you can take into consideration when designing bedrooms in your home. 

1. Wooden beds for the cosy traditional bedroom 

What better describes a ‘cosy and traditional bedroom’ than a four-poster wooden bed? Nothing really comes to mind, right? The original idea of the four-poster bed, cocooning the sleeper in warmth, is still attractive to this day. The wooden bedframe accentuates the warmth kindled by the bordering drapes, also inciting voguish sophistication. Though wood practically matches any colour scheme, the Magaliesberg Sleigh mahogany bed captures the traditional bedroom feel. The dark yet warm tone can contrast with a light colour scheme or blend in with darker walls and curtains. 

Four-poster wooden beds like this charcoal grey one fits in beautifully in earthy bedrooms.

A charming graphite-grey bed frame can blend in with earthy colour tones. 

2. Wooden beds for the contemporary bedroom 

Wood truly possesses a timeless and flexible aesthetic. The best thing about wooden beds is that they come in any shape, size or texture to suit your design or theme. A contemporary bedroom design, incorporating wood, is about dismantling typical wooden bed perceptions. Wooden bed frames with no headboard, like our Burma Platform beds, are trendsetting at the moment. These are great if you’re going for a more vagabond-chic theme. This style often requires other forms of classically styled, elegant wooden furniture – nightstands, bedroom bench or littered wooden photo frames. For a more understated, swanky statement, you should look at the Tortuga bed, with its relatively elaborate headboard for a rustic finish.

Rugged wooden bed frame in a sunny bedroom.

An ultramodern bedroom design with an understated luxurious wooden bed. 

3. Wooden beds for the comfortable bedroom 

Whether we care to admit it or not, nothing triggers that homey mood better than wood. Therefore, wooden beds typically offer a soothing element in a bedroom. Perhaps it is the au naturale impression that connects us to nature. Whether you are going for a rustic theme or a modern minimalistic bedroom design, our York wooden beds check all the ‘comfort’ boxes. The reddish-brown hues from this elegant softwood bedframe just adds to your restorative time in bed.

Stylish wooden bed frame with dark wood and straight lines.

A modern minimalist/chic rustic bed design.

4. Bonus! Wooden beds are robust enough for any kid’s bedroom 

Other than the playground, kids’ bedrooms are the one place where dreams are cultivated, and fantasies lived out. Wooden bed frames are so versatile and durable that they blend into any and every kid’s bedroom theme. What’s more, you can easily paint a wooden bed if your child gets bored with his or her current bedroom colour scheme. Looking to accommodate your adventurous “George of the Jungle” or cheeky “Captain Jack Sparrow”? Look no further than our sturdily built Taryn wooden bunk beds! 

White wooden bunk bed against a pink wall with a girl on each bed.

A no-brainer when it comes to children’s bedrooms, the wooden bunk bed is always a winner.

Wooden beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse 

At The Mattress Warehouse, we pride ourselves on making every sleep experience your best one yet. The timeless variety of styles offered by our wooden beds will ensure that you win in bedroom styling, as well as at resting. To ensure that you get the most out of your new bed, we even offer you a 100-day comfort trial to see if you really like your new bed (Ts & Cs apply). 

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