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Easy and hygienic mattress

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Almost all mattress manufacturers have a basic rule that a mattress with stains or water damage is no longer under their guarantee, making an effective mattress protector a must. However, even if you’re not worried about getting stains on your mattress, a mattress protector is a must to keep your mattress hygienic, especially if your pet sleeps with you, as dust mites, bed bugs, and various other household bacteria can lodge in your mattress causing allergies and illnesses. What if you didn’t have to worry about a mattress protector because you could wash your mattresses cover itself? That’s the idea behind the Rest Assured Cover Concept mattress.

If it looks like this... no one wants it.

If it looks like this… no one wants it.

Rest Assured produces a popular South African bed, which has been popular for a long time because it’s durable, comfortable, cool and just takes a lot of punch. Their latest mattress is The Cover Concepts mattress, which is a normal spring mattress with a genius touch: a machine washable mattress cover. This is something the South African market has needed for a long time: it’s definitely overdue. Mattresses are something that we use every day, shed literally kilograms of hair and skin on, and yet we seem to take for granted that they are perfectly hygienic places, which they aren’t. Just like clothing, mattresses and sheets need regular washing (don’t forget your pillow case too!). The mattress itself is very difficult to wash, since it’s not exactly something you can just chuck in the washing machine, and mattresses shouldn’t really get wet anyway, as the inside components will get damp and breed mould. The best way to clean your mattress would be with a vacuum cleaner.

This is true of your mattress too!

This is true of your mattress too!

Which is why the Cover Concepts mattress is such a wonderful and practical idea. The mattress’s fabric itself can be removed and washed, keeping your mattress clean in the simplest way possible, without any damage to your mattress. The fabric is imported from Belgium and is soft, breathable and strong enough to machine wash. It zips completely around the mattress, protecting the entire thing from bed bugs, dust mites, and any other parasites from getting into your mattress while looking stylish and being a total dream to sleep on. Each base set also comes with identical pillow covers, which will keep your pillows dandruff and bedbug-free, and give them a much longer life as a result. The other advantage is that you can take the pillows with you while travelling, and protect your head from whatever other people’s germs have left in the pillows, and make your pillows feel as cosy as home. The pillowcases add lift and bounciness to your pillows and are cool and comfortable to sleep on.

Totally comfortable and practical bed

If you are looking for a new mattress, something that will make your life simpler, put your mind to rest about hygiene forever, and last you a good few years, consider the Rest Assured Cover Concepts. With a cover, you can chuck in the washing machine on washing days, and a 15-year guarantee, it’s a pretty good buy! This Rest Assured bed, and any others you could be looking for, or any bedding you might want, like a noise-free and totally waterproof mattress protector, and a stylish headboard of your choice is all available at The Mattress Warehouse. Buy online now, or call us on 0861 007 000

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