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From the crib to the big bed!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Tips on transitioning from a crib to the bed.

How did the time fly by so quickly? Your little baby suddenly isn’t so little anymore! The last week’s joke of sleep you got because of the crib/jungle gym at bedtime has left you with one, inevitable conclusion. Your baby isn’t a baby anymore. Quite frankly, they’re neither a toddler either! This is why the time has come for the next leap in your toddler’s life. They are ready for their very own big bed.

Phew! So much to do! So much to think about! Will they be okay to make this big step? How do we handle climbing out of the bed? What happens when they fall down? What if they don’t want to sleep in the big bed? Do not fear! Together we will cover all the ground of undertaking this big transition – from start to finish.

Time for the Shift?

So, you’ve decided that it is time for a new bed for the little one. Where to begin? Well, firstly you need to assess the situation. If your child isn’t ready to make the jump from crib to bed, don’t push him. He will show you signs in his behavior that he is ready for the shift. Look out for, as mentioned previously, your child getting in and out if the crib by himself. It is not wise to let him get in and out of the crib as he pleases, because he could fall out and sustain a serious injury. Make sure that the crib is lowered to the lowest point, especially when your child is under 2 years old.

time to shift your child from the crib to the big bed

Going shopping

Next up, you’re going to have to choose the newest addition to the furniture. Get your child used to the idea of a new bed, by building conversation about the transition. Talk about sleeping in a big bed and point out all of the advantages that comes with this new object. Explain why this shift is necessary to help her understand. Remember, this will be a disturbance in his or her inner most comfort space, so take heed when discussing this topic, and handle the whole transition with sensitivity.

Another great way to build excitement is to let your little one help you join in the process of shopping for a new bed. Have her tag along on the journey to The Mattress Warehouse so that she can see and help decide on what bed she wants. There is a wide range of beds to choose from – from plush and soft, to firm and supportive. Have her sit on the bed, lay down (a proper test-it-out!). As a result, the excitement that comes with a new bed will start to grow on her.

Choosing the right bed

As well as you’d like to trust your toddler, it is important to choose a bed that is best suitable for their needs; a bed that will grow up with them. Make sure to choose a bed according to your child’s needs. Children usually sleep in all possible positions, so a firm mattress is usually preferable. This will provide the support and rest their young and growing bodies need to function at full capacity during the day. As a recommendation, the Kooi B-Series Firm – Single Bed would be a great option for your child to be tucked into night after night.


To add on to the excitement, you can take your child along to buy accessories for the bed. Have him choose a fun duvet cover to go along with his new duvet, sheets and pillows. Since he will still be young and most probably not fully potty trained, it is important to buy a proper waterproof mattress protector. If an accident were to happen, it can easily be cleaned up and still leave the mattress spotless!

Safety is very important, so make sure that your child will not be able to fall out of his new bed. Set up rails on the side of the bed to ensure that he will not be able to climb of roll out of bed. Additionally, you can put a step at the side of the bed, for easy access at all times.

The Transition

After you’ve received your bed and base, mattress, mattress protector, and sheets – have your child help you set up the whole bed. To ensure an easy and seamless transition, make room in the bedroom for the new bed, but leave the crib in its original place.

As bedtime comes around, feel free to tuck him in his new bed – the built up excitement will keep fright to the minimum. If, by chance, your child is afraid to sleep in the big bed, have him sleep in his crib at night for about a week longer. Transitioning can be more smoothly by having him take his naps in the big bed.

Consequently, he’ll get used to the bed and will express his want to sleep in it at all times. After a short while of sleeping in the bed uninterrupted, you can remove the crib from the room and move everything around to you and your child’s desires.

Set the ground rules

Finally, once your child has been sleeping successfully in their new bed, problems may arise. It is important to remain firm and consequent with rules set about the new bed. With a new bed, comes new perks, but also new responsibility. Explain this to your little one when laying down the rules for not getting in and out of bed once they’ve been tucked in. After all, you don’t want to wake up to a toddler staring at you in the middle of the night! (It happens, I promise!)

is your child staring at you when move him/her from the crib to the big bed?

So, as I’ve said before, take your time, don’t push your child and build excitement around the whole change – a new bed is always something to be happy about! Good luck with this new step in their life. Happy sleeping!

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