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Why choose Genessi foam mattresses?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A lot of the time, when customers phone and ask for a specific bed, or they like a bed on the showroom floor, they will refer to it as a “Genesis.” It’s an understandable blunder that replaces Genessi, and one I have often done myself. I think Genessi might do even better sales if they just change their name to Genesis! So what are Genessi? These beds are known for their particularly soft foam and latex mattresses made totally in South Africa. Maybe a Genessi might be the “genesis” of a good bed in your own home! Genessi beds are an affordable alternative for a foam mattress, catering to both sides of the comfort spectrum, with both foam and memory foam mattresses available. They aren’t that well known, but their quality is as professional as big brands like Sealy, despite their status as a thus far an undiscovered brand, as they use the same foam company as Rest Assured and Cloud Nine do: Strandfoam.

Benefits of owning a Genessi:

The qualities of memory foam: Memory foam is one of the most beneficial sleeping surfaces on the market today in regards to comfort, relieving pressure points, and keeping the back in a normal S-curve to allow for healing and rest. A Genessi memory foam mattress will give you the ability to sleep well, wake rested, eliminate the back pain that comes after sleeping on a non-supportive or sagging mattress. Memory foam is recommended for those who like a softer, plusher mattress.

There are multiple benefits to memory foam

There are multiple benefits to memory foam

Owning an allergy-free mattress: memory foam is hypoallergenic, or more simply, they repel insects like bedbugs and dust mites, and even mosquitos, ensuring restful nights without irritating bites or expensive chemical fumigation.

Genessi can be used fro any age

Genessi can be used for any age

The durability: Generally, foam beds are shown to be more durable than innerspring beds, sagging less and taking longer before they do. Latex is especially durable, and a Genessi bed is a good investment: an investment because better sleep for longer makes you a better functioning person who can do more. A good bed is an asset to your life, as it will add value to your everyday mood and abilities.

You can also consider buying a Genessi bed for your children, as the bed lasts so long and will support them from childhood onwards, which is why they also work well for guest rooms. A Genessi bed is also ideal for the main bedroom due to the lack of motion transfer: making for disturbance-free nights. A fourth use for a Genessi bed would be for your student: durable, comfortable and affordable; everything a student needs.

Everything above shows you how versatile and adaptable a Genessi bed is. The Mattress Warehouse’s passion is for our customers to find a bed that fits not only their needs but also their budget. We recommend the Genessi beds for this, but if they’re not what you want, feel free to browse the other brands we stock, such as Silentnight, Rest Assured and Cloud Nine. Call us today on 0861 007 000 for expert advice and tips, or buy a bed online with no hassle at our easy to use the online store. You can also have a look at our variety of luxury headboards and bedroom accessories, and we’ll deliver to you for free!

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