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Inspiration for Dressing Tables and Tips on Lighting

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Dressing tables are known to be the final touch of a bedroom. When it comes to decorating a bedroom, it is very crucial to know exactly what you are looking for. If your bedroom is small, do not opt for dressing tables that are too big for the limited space. Whatever you do in choosing it, you must learn the basics of functionality and contemporary comfort.

For centuries, dressing tables are considered as wonderful furniture items that allow a lot of improvement in the design of a comfortable bedroom. In a shorter sentence, it adds to the vibe of the bedroom itself. In this article, we are going to share dressing tables inspiration, and a few tips on how you can make good use of lighting in your bedroom.

Info about Dressing Tables.

Invented centuries ago, dressing tables are considered as one of the most important items in interior decorating. You can find them in hallways and bedroom decorating or walk-in closets. If an individual chooses the right one, dressing tables are able to make a strong statement in the bedroom. There are lots of different styles of dressing tables. They are comfortable, modern and beautiful. They can easily be placed anywhere in order to improve the overall look of a living space and to create a bright centerpiece. However, bad dressing tables can spoil the entire bedroom. Therefore, you must choose wisely.

Use of Dressing Tables.

They are usually used for different reasons. Some people see them as just an attractive furniture to enhance the decoration of a bedroom. Some people think of them as a storage space. For other people, dressing tables are just another thing they must add in order to complete the whole look of a living space. Smaller ones are as functional as the larger ones if you choose wisely. Choose dressing tables that come with a small chair or stool. Don’t forget a wall mirror to complete the entire look for a perfect, beautiful decoration of the bedroom.

If you like smaller dressing tables, they can be placed against a wall, beside a bed or even in front of a window. There are a lot of different placement options of bedroom furniture. Our simplest tips would be to try different positions before you finally settle with the final decision. If you are creative enough, you can always add a variety of things to make your dressing tables stand out.

Tips on the Placement of Dressing Tables.

dressing tablesNatural light is the best for any bedroom furniture. You would want as much natural lighting to get into the bedroom in order to create a healthy ambiance. Make sure that your windows are not blocked by anything. When placing your bedroom furniture, always ensure that you have enough space for walkways and entrance. Dressing tables are known to be women’s best friend as they help in storing makeup, cosmetics, and jewelry. The best place for them would be against the wall or at the corners. These are the ideal locations for dressing tables.

If you want to make your small bedroom appear larger and stylish, we suggest for you to add wall mirrors. They are the easiest route to achieving that elegant ambiance of a bedroom. With wall mirrors hanging on a wall, they tend to give the reflection as if the hallway or bedroom is larger than it is. This is because wall mirrors bring more natural light into that space.

In order to maximize the small space, you can always opt for dressing tables that come with low-back small chairs, stools or legs. They will add a more fun look to the bedroom. If you want to achieve that minimalist look, you can paint your room with light colours, use more transparent plastic furniture or more big mirrors. These tips will give you the contemporary and stylish options to get modern bedroom decor. Besides, it helps in making your bedroom staging and interior design look more spacious.

Tips for Bathroom Lighting.

Now that we’re done with the bedroom, we are going to share some tips on bathroom lighting. If you are going to purchase dressing tables, you should be able to do your make up in your bedroom. However, for some people, they tend to enjoy applying makeup in the bathroom. If this is your case, always make sure that your bathroom has the most natural light possible. Avoid having cabinets blocking the walkway towards the bathroom in order to allow natural lighting to get into the bathroom. The best kind of bathroom would be one with its own window. But if that is not applicable, you can always add some artificial lighting.

The best lighting for your bathroom would be cool lighting. If your bathroom lighting warms up your skin colour, you should change the lighting. This also applies if you are in the bedroom and have lighting that makes you go all yellowish while reading on your dressing table. A perfect lighting would be the one that resembles the daylight and a lot cooler in tone.

If you are fortunate enough to have spotlights or tilt-able downlights, you would want to position these lights against the wall. This way the direction of the light will bounce off the walls and not shine directly down on you. If they shine directly on you, they will cast ugly shadows while you apply your makeup in your bathroom or dressing tables. In whatever you are planning to do with your bedroom, always allow the most natural reflection of light possible.


As you browse through some dressing table inspiration on the internet, you should also be able to make up your mind on what styles of dressing tables you are looking for. Good dressing tables will be able to help enhance the look of your bedroom. They will also be able to make you feel a lot more comfortable on your bed as you drift off to sleep. If you feel as if your bedroom is still incomplete even after purchasing a new mattress or changing the pillow cases, perhaps what you need is actually a dressing table for your bedroom. They are the final touch to a perfect bedroom. They are more than just a bedroom furniture. They are a women’s best friend!

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