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Kids Beds: What is the Right Size for My Child?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Children grow up so fast! And just like they outgrow their clothes, they outgrow their beds (albeit a bit slower). But that makes you wonder about kids beds, doesn’t it? What size should you get for your growing toddler? Or if you have a teen, should you upgrade their bed or not? If you are struggling with these questions, you should keep reading. The Mattress Warehouse is an expert in all things bed related. So allow us to help you choose the right childrens beds for your child.

How to buy the right size kids’ bed

Most children change beds twice in their formative years. Firstly, when a baby graduates to a toddler bed. And the second transition is between the toddler and grown-up bed. Both of these moves are important for your child. It builds their self-confidence and, seeing as there are so many beds for kids out there, having them help you to choose their new bed gives them a sense of importance and achievement.

Childrens beds generally have these dimensions:

  • Cots: 140×70 cm
  • Toddlers beds: Range between 166×73 cm and 188×90 cm (single)
  • Teenagers beds: Go from 188×90 all the way through to 188×137 cm (double)

Before you start looking around for kids beds for sale, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Like how much floor space is available in your child’s room? Are there more than one child that has to sleep in that bedroom? And those are the easy questions to answer. After that you’ll want to know when and how to upgrade your young one’s bed, right? Well, let us show you.

Best kids beds for 2 – 5 years old

So your baby is turning into a toddler and you want to upgrade their bed. That is great! Kids beds are so much fun to pick out and decorate. And if you involve your toddler with it, all the better! But what should you look for in a toddlers bed?

  • The bed should be low so that the toddler can easily get in or out without falling and hurting him/herself. Take a look at this fantastically practical divan bed. It is low to the ground and it has space for an extra mattress that can roll out when a friend comes over.
  • You can also consider kids beds with railings as the rails will seem familiar to the child, thus making the transition from cot to bed a little less nerve-wracking.
  • The bed should be fun and if it can double as a play-piece, why not? Look at this fairytale four-poster bed for your little princess.

So let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of taking that first step from cot to bed.

Move your baby from cot to bed: When and how?

Kids beds and cots (like the one in the corner here) are closely related.
Moving from a caged cot to a toddler’s bed is often exciting and daunting all at once!

There is no perfect age for a baby to move from his/her cot to a larger bed. It is a transition that will rely on your young one’s development. But in general, most babies make that transition somewhere between the ages of 1 and a half to 3 and a half years old. So how do you know if it is time to move your baby from the cot to a bed?

  • When the cot gets too small. If your baby struggles to turn or if his/her feet touch the foot of the cot, it is time to upgrade to a kids bed. Baby bed dimensions are pretty standard at about 140×70 cm. You’ll be surprised how fast they outgrow it!
  • If your kid tries to climb out of the cot, it is probably a sign that he/she needs a bigger bed.
  • Are you expecting another baby? If you are nearing your third trimester, it is good to move your baby to a toddler’s bed. Don’t tell your baby that the newborn will take his/her place in the cot because that will cause feelings of jealousy.
  • If your baby is doing potty training, it might be a good idea to move away from the cot. If the child needs to go to the toilet while napping, climbing the cot rails is not the best idea…

Now that you know when to move your baby from a cot to a childrens bed, you might be wondering how to go about it, right?

  • Don’t do it all at once. Children don’t always take change well. So it will be in your child (and your own) best interest to make the move over a couple of weeks.
  • Talk about the move to your child. Make him/her aware of the move and create excitement about it. So that by the time your child moves into his/her new kids bed, he/she is looking forward to it.
  • Give your child the freedom to choose his/her own bedding set. Making them part of the process generally makes the transition easier.

Once you and your baby are ready to make the change, it is time to start looking around for kids beds for sale. Remember that the bed will most likely take up a bit more space than a cot, so make sure there is enough space in the room for a bigger bed.

The right size beds for kids age 6 – 12 years old

If you decided to go with a single bed for your toddler, it might not be necessary to upgrade the bed again at this stage. However, if you went with the smaller (166×73 cm) option it might be wise to get a larger size kids bed to keep up with your child’s growth. And the best part is that you can stay creative! Kids in this age group love themed beds or better yet, bunk beds. Whether they share a room as siblings or have their friends over all the time, bunk beds are great for late primary school children. Moreover, it works out as a cost-saving for you. Why buy two single beds if you can buy one bunk bed?

bunk beds make excellent kids beds.
Beautiful, safe and practical. What more would your young ones want?

Whether you have daughters or sons, there are bunk beds for kids of every age and style. Furthermore, the floor space you save by using a bunk bed leaves more play space for your kids. Check out this bunk bed for girls, it has extra drawers underneath where they can store toys or fancy dress-up costumes. And if you have boys, take a look at this one. Plenty of space to chill and read a book, but it also doubles as jungle-gym, which is great for boys!

So what is the right size bed for kids between 6 and 12 years old? Seeing as they grow by up to 40 cm over that period in their life, having a full-sized bed (188×90 cm) is probably the best option. And if you get the right mattress, it might even outlast their troublesome teen years!

What type of bed size for teens?

Teens can still be very pink and frilly, like this bedroom here with its pink comforter, stacks of pillows and pom-poms hanging on the wall.
Some teens prefer to stay true to their love of pink, even though they upgrade from princess beds…

A teenagers room is his/her sacred place. They want to decorate it so that it speaks to their developing interests and personalities. And even something as mundane as a bed can be a big issue for a teen. So if you are getting a new bed for your teen…

Get. Them. Involved!

They are old enough to help with the research. Moreover, they are in the final growth phase before reaching adulthood, so things like sleeping positions are important for them. That is why you should encourage them to do research on they types of mattresses that will be good for the way they sleep.

Tip: Soft/Plush beds are good for side sleepers, whereas firm beds are better for back and stomach sleepers.

So ask your teen how they prefer to sleep and then give them a couple of different options. Chances are they will not go for a novelty type kids bed anymore. They will probably want a grown-up bed with a grownup mattress. Also, keep in mind that they will likely spend more time on/in bed than they used to. Whether they do their homework, watch series, read a book or chat with their besties, they’d want to do it lying around on their cool new bed. 3/4 beds with hybrid mattresses are really great for teens. It offers them the space they want while supporting on comforting their developing bodies. And if you buy a quality bed, that bed might last them all the way through varsity!

Kids beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse stocks a variety of kids beds for sale. You can do all of your children’s beds shopping right here on our online platform. Simply get your kid involved in picking the bed he/she wants and place an online order. Remember to buy a mattress protector with your order, so that you are eligible to return the item free of charge, should your child not like their new bed (highly unlikely!)

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