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Queen Size Mattresses: Sleep Like Royalty

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Remember your childhood fantasy of being a princess or a prince, sleeping on plush four-poster beds with king- or queen size mattresses? Pretending to sink away in a soft bed, waiting for some form of royalty to come to your rescue. Well, what if you don’t have to play pretend anymore? You can sleep like a queen (or king) with The Mattress Warehouse’s Luxurious range of Queen Size Mattresses. Indulge in your childhood fantasy and spoil yourself with a fantastic upper-class mattress. 

If you want to know more about queen mattresses, luxurious mattress options, and the importance of choosing the right mattress, look no further.

What is the Difference Between King- and Queen Size Mattresses?

Queen size beds are the most popular choice for couples. These beds give enough space for partners to each sleep in their own style for optimal restoration. It is a great choice for the master bedroom, and if you have a spacious guest room, it works well there too. Standard queen mattresses measure 152 cm x 188 cm. And If you are taller than average, there is always the extra length (or XL) queen mattress at 152 cm x 200 cm. 

King mattresses are typically the largest mattress size in South Africa. A standard king measures 183 cm x 188 cm, whereas an extra length (or XL) king mattress is 183 cm x 200 cm. You may have heard of a California King mattress (183 cm x 213 cm), but they are not typically stocked in South African stores. 

Why is it Important to Buy the Right Mattress?

Or maybe the question should be, what is the right mattress to buy? It all depends on how you sleep. In general, the comfort rating (hardness/softness of a mattress) is a good guide:

  • Firm – Good for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • Medium – Can work for all sleeping styles, back, side, stomach, and combined. These are good for couples with different sleeping styles and guest bedrooms.
  • Plush – Good for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Now that you know what the right type of mattress is, let’s have a quick peek at why it’s so crucial to have one.

Getting Good Sleep

Sleep is very important to get us through the day. Waking up and feeling tired and irritated can mean that you are not getting enough sleep, not sleeping on the right mattress or both. 

Good, restorative sleep is crucial to keep you healthy. It promotes brain function and reduces stress levels, to name just a few of the benefits

Supporting Your Body

Following the first point; buying the right mattress is also important because of the support your body needs while sleeping. You need to buy a mattress that offers the correct amount of support for your body, especially your spine, while not compromising on comfort. 

Correct spinal alignment reduces back and neck aches, making life more enjoyable in general!

Luxurious Queen Size Mattresses for Sale

Motivated to get a luxury mattress for all those health benefits? Have a look below. These are some of our (and our customers’) favourite high-end mattresses.

1. Kooi Nero Boost

First off, the Kooi Nero Boost only comes in Queen XL or King XL. Talk about luxury! But that is not what sets this mattress apart. Made from various layers of interlocking foam, the Asymmetric Body Zone design allows for pure pressure relief. Moreover, the upper layer is made from the softest, most comfortable foam and is infused with orange blossom essential oil for complete relaxation. Oh, and it is certified at the highest European standards. This mattress is more than a sleep system, it’s an investment. 

Kooi Nero Boost Queen Size Mattresses showing interlocking foam layers.

The interlocked design allows for superb spinal alignment.

  • Current Price (Queen): R 23,699.00
  • Weight Capacity: 200 kg per person
  • Comfort Level: Medium to plush
  • Warranty: 25 Years Service Warranty, 3 Year Guarantee

2. Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Plush

Packed to the brim with modern sleep tech, the Sealy Crown Lindsay Plush mattress is a great addition to any bedroom. It has a sensitive spring system that responds to the amount of pressure exerted on each individual spring. So in essence your body will get excellent pressure relief if you lie down on this mattress. With a soft top and moisture-wicking properties, you are guaranteed a comfortable night’s rest.

Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Plush mattress.

The hypoallergenic cover will keep the bed bugs at bay.

  • Current Price (Queen): R 23,399.00
  • Weight Capacity: 160 kg per person
  • Comfort Level: Plush
  • Warranty: 15 Years Service Warranty, 3 Year Guarantee

3. Restonic iDream Zonal Flex Plush

Slightly more palatable for the bank, the Restonic iDream Zonal Flex Plush mattress is a great option for the guest room (and for the main bedroom if you are shopping on a budget). Moreover, with temperature regulating technology and micro air channels in the mattress, it creates a great sleep surface. Especially on those hot, South African summer nights. 

Restonic iDream Zonal Flex Mattress.

Beautifully designed with a comfortable top.

  • Current Price (Queen): R 11,499.00
  • Weight Capacity: 130 kg per person
  • Comfort Level: Medium to plush
  • Warranty: 20 Years Service Warranty, 3 Year Guarantee

4. Cloud Nine Legend VX

With its heavy-duty Posture Support Core and layers of high-density Visco-Elastic foam, the Cloud Nine Legend VX mattress offers excellent support. The foam moulds your body to evenly distribute your weight across the entire sleep surface. Additionally, you shouldn’t experience any movement transfer on this mattress. So if you or your partner is an unruly sleeper, the other one won’t even notice it.

Cloud Nine Legend VX mattress.

The Cloud Nine Legend VX mattress should be rotated now and then for increased longevity.

  • Current Price (Queen): R 15,199.00
  • Weight Capacity: 160 kg per person
  • Comfort Level: Firm
  • Warranty: 25 Years Service Warranty, 2 Year Guarantee

5. Kooi Body Trainer

The Kooi Body Trainer mattress only comes in Queen XL and King XL. So for all you tall folks out there, this one’s for you. Featuring Active Spine Technology, this mattress promotes spinal stretching for increased relaxation at night. The top layer is infused with minerals that stimulate the immune system. Moreover, the mattress is made up of five layers that act together to increase blood circulation, aiding in muscle recovery and growth. Definitely one of the most advanced queen size mattresses on the market today.

Kooi Body Trainer Mattress

The cover is removable and can be washed in a machine.

  • Current Price (Queen XL): R 30,199.00
  • Weight Capacity: 200 kg per person
  • Comfort Level: Plush
  • Warranty: 25 Years Service Warranty, 3 Year Guarantee

6. Rest Assured Posture Flex Prime

Endorsed by the South African Society of Physiotherapy, the Rest Assured Guard Flex mattress is beautifully designed to enhance your sleep experience. It contains a highly supportive dual-sided infinity spring system to provide excellent sleep support throughout the night. This is also one of the more affordable queen mattresses on this list, so if you are looking for more bang for your buck, this one might be for you.

Rest Assured Posture Guard Flex mattress.

Affordable quality.

  • Current Price (Queen): R 5,199.00
  • Weight Capacity: 125 kg per person
  • Comfort Level: Firm
  • Warranty: 15 Years Service Warranty, 2 Year Guarantee 

Buy Queen Size Mattresses at The Mattress Warehouse

You may not be playing princess anymore, which means you’re older and wiser. Now you know, along with this article that you only need a queen sized mattress to feel like royalty. Give your body and mind the royal treatment it deserves. Start shopping for luxurious queen mattresses in-store or online and dream big royal dreams while getting the sleep you need.

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