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Kooi Superior Pocket Firm

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Superior Pocket Firm

I am honestly so excited to introduce the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm to you. This product perfectly encapsulates the essence associated with modern mattress that conform to excellence. As with all of its fellow Kooi products, the Superior Pocket Firm boasts the highest quality pure foam; made to European standards. The bed is beautifully finished in an aesthetically pleasing grey matt tone with red lines that run around the circumference.

If our blogs have been a recurring theme within your reading schedule, I am sure you are well-versed with the usual statistics surrounding sleep. Should you be a newcomer, in short, you will spend around a third of your entire life asleep. A true understanding of this concept entails that you will realise how essential a proper mattress is. This is where the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm comes neatly into the picture. It really is a product that redefines the norm of our sleeping experience. To find out why and to delve a little deeper into the sphere that is the Superior Pocket Firm, I will assess a few key attributes and factors in this blog.

Benefits of a Kooi Firm Mattress

Before you choose a new, there are a few key considerations that I simply must stress to you. Mistakes and misconceptions are regular issues that impact you, the customer. Because of this reason, The Mattress Warehouse have created a page dedicated to assisting you in choosing the right bed. If you browse through that page, you will find answers to issues that can likely harm your sleeping experience. Another key consideration is comfort level. Without trying to sound patronising, the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm’s comfort rating rests openly within its name. This bed is firm – for a more detailed look into other comfort ratings, visit this page.

But, why a firm mattress? What benefits exist within investing into a sleeping surface that doesn’t sound very comfortable. Well, some of you might find it surprising that a lot of people prefer a firmer sleeping surface. In fact, the idea that a firm sleeping surface is uncomfortable is a common misconception. To explain why and also to give you and indication of the benefits, I will take you through a few bullets:

  • A firm sleeping surface is only uncomfortable if you are a person who prefers a medium or plush mattress due to your sleeping position.
  • The benefits of a firm mattress can be found within its ability to provide support to people with back problems who prefer sleeping on their backs or stomachs. While sleeping on your back or stomach, a firm mattress will create spinal alignment that counters the effects of lower back problems
  • Superior spinal alignment will also directly influence oxygen intake. If you have ever experienced that claustrophobic sensation of oxygen deprivation while sleeping, a firm mattress might be what you require. The reason why you might be experiencing poor oxygen intake can be found within the collapse of your lower back. Alignment will restore a breath of fresh air to your sleep.
  • In general, firm mattresses are more durable and able to withstand weight. This is the case because the product is actively designed to be able to withstand weight, in order to be firm. A firm mattress also has less foam compartments. As with all products, the less elements, the fewer things can go wrong.
  • Lastly, a firm mattress will help with bodyweight distribution. Because of the natural alignment, your weight will also be spread evenly without focus on the heaviest parts of your body.

We can certainly say that comfort lies within the back of the beholder. As with most things in life, it boils down to personal preference and context. Luckily there is a level suited to everyone.

Kooi High Performance

The Kooi Superior Pocket firm is a high performance bed. But what does that mean? How can a bed be high performance? To suppress any irrational fears; no, this bed won’t come to life and bench press you through your ceiling while you’re peacefully sleeping. The idea simply relates to a few key aspects in the brand:

  • Kooi Beds is a brand that is dedicated to fitness enthusiast and professional athletes, as stated in the brand’s slogan “the high-performance beds for high-performance athletes.” Of course, this does not mean you have to be a world-class athlete to be able to purchase or benefit from this product. It actually just means that Kooi actively promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle. The brand is inherently high performance.
  • You have already read that Kooi uses state of the art foam called “pure foam,” that follow European standards. Within this perspective, Kooi strongly bolsters its beds with products that are “high performance” within the bed universe. Within context, a Kooi bed has a well toned and fit body, therefore, out-classing its competitors.

Why You Should Buy the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm

You have read the blog and a compelling point has been made about essence of Kooi beds. Why should you spend your money on the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm though? How is it different to other mattresses that boast features that sound so similar?

Well, the first part of this answer can be found in the Pure Foam that I mentioned in this blog. The key difference between the foam used in Kooi mattresses versus others, is pure foam. Old products use foam that is constructed with calcium fillers. These fillers are environmentally unfriendly with chemicals that should be avoided. When these mattresses decay you are left with a sleeping surface strewn with body impressions. Calcium mattresses also sag over time, leaving you with a uncomfortable surface. The Pure Foam layers found in Kooi beds make the problems with old mattresses a thing of the past.

The Kooi Superior Pocket Firm motivates you. No, really. I can speak from personal experience when I tell you that a Kooi bed helps you to adopt a fitness mentality. The bed is a consistent part of my life. I wake up from my Kooi, I bump into it when I run into my room with my dogs and I drop down into its comfort after a long day at work. The knowledge of “I have this fitness brand’s bed,” motivates me to actually go out there and do my best workouts. The best part though, my Kooi Superior Pocket bed is always there to welcome me unconditionally after a long workout.

Technical specifications

The Kooi Superior Pocket Firm is carefully constructed in South Africa, using state of the art products in the mattress industry. The bed has the following technical specifications that turn it into an industry defining product:

  • Advanced zoned and nested spring (not to be confused with coil) technology.
  • The bed boasts pocket springs that assist in better contouring to the unique shapes of your body.
  • If you share with a partner, you’ll be delighted that this bed features no movement transfer between either sleeper. The nights of being disturbed by your partner’s movements are over.
  • Kooi beds use the most advanced high density and latex pure foam comfort layers. These layers spoil and delight.
  • The Kooi Superior Pocket Firm is SABS approved.
  • On the outside, you can rest at ease with the delight of a soft and fire-retardant fabric.
  • A beautiful designer base will be supplied to those who purchase the full set.
  • 20 Year service Warranty
  • 3 Year Factory
  • 125kg rating on either side

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