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Looking for a Place to Lay Your Head?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Pillows play a huge role in the quality of sleep you obtain every night. They support your head and neck to help with aches and pains and snoring. Each person has a specific preference in terms of firmness, feel, height and the filler of their pillows, but as a whole, pillows all offer the same general benefits and comfort. You just need to find the perfect one for you!!

Here are a few good options to choose from, if you are searching for the right pillow…

  • Feather pillows are stuffed with duck or goose feathers and a small amount of down. These pillows are extremely luxurious and thus quite expensive, but are of the softest and most comfortable. Being easy to shape, they conform to the contours of your head and neck very easily – more than a foam or fibre-filled pillow. They are unfortunately not suitable if you have allergies and as a result of the feather quills inside, can be a bit noisy if moved around.
  • Down pillows are quite similar to feather pillows except that they are made primarily of the soft down feathers of ducks and geese, not the flight feathers. The down makes them amazingly soft and very luxurious, but once again, this lifts their cost more so than most other pillow types. They are supple, cool and airy, long-lasting and the soft down ensures complete silence if you decide to give your pillow a re-shaping during the night. One disadvantage of the softness of these pillows is that they don’t offer the best support and the downy feathers can also cause allergies for some.
  • The viscoelastic foam pillow or more commonly known as the memory foam pillow, is known for its specialized foam that is heat-sensitive, allowing it to shape to the form of your warm head and neck. Although they don’t offer the best ventilation and are quite heavy, memory foam pillows offer great support, relieve headaches and neck pain and reduce pressure on sensitive areas. They also reduce tossing and turning at night and are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.
  • Latex foam pillows are a lot firmer and bouncier. They have a more fixed shape and are also quite heavy, but still offer very good support and help a great deal with your neck and back alignment. Unlike a memory foam pillow, a latex pillow is cool and airy and holds its shape well. It is also non-allergic and resists mould and dust mites.


Come find the pillow perfect for your needs and preferences at The Mattress Warehouse!!

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