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Myths Of The Best Mattress Exposed

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

best mattressThere are a lot of different myths on mattresses since the birth of it. When it comes to choosing which mattress is the best, we tend to weigh down our choices for the best mattress to buy. It is not that hard to buy a mattress actually. But what makes it harder is when we are confused on which one to purchase at the end of the day. There are just so many different styles and brands in the market!

Because buying a new mattress is pretty much like buying a new house or a car. You must learn to compare the prices, features and even the brands or sellers. This is because there are so many different choices. If buying a new mattress worries you, then here’s a list of myths being debunked by us!

Every 8 Years, You Must Replace Your Mattress.

Do you know that your mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years? But this also depends on the level of support and comfort it has. Your body must know whether your mattress is still good enough to give you the support and comfort it needs. When you are choosing on which mattress is the best for your body, you must try it first. This way you will know exactly whether or not it is going to support you throughout the duration of using it.

You must know that the life of a mattress actually varies. It depends on a lot of different aspects such as how you sleep on it, how you take care of it, and how often you rotate the mattress. The market will always show you the best mattress to buy, but the truth is, it all relies on how smooth you are with your mattress. Think of your mattress as the gear of your sleeping performance. Pretty much like your running shoes. If your running shoes help you to feel comfortable, run faster and it can prevent any injuries, a good mattress is no different from a pair of good running shoes. When the time has come for you to replace it, your body will warn you.

The Firmer the Mattress, the better it Is For Your Back.

Yes, soft mattresses are a lot more comfortable. They are smooth to touch and they tend to conform to the shape of your body. However, you must know that soft mattresses tend to fail in delivering the uniform support our bodies will need. In order to minimize discomfort and pain, the best mattress to buy would be the medium firm mattresses. This is because it will help in relaxing your body into regenerative and healing sleep. Your body needs a firm mattress that will conform to your body and sleeping positions, as well as supporting your body.

In other words, there are three types of mattresses that you can consider based on your body’s needs and requirements:

Soft Mattresses – These types of mattresses tend to conform to the shape of your body. However, as mentioned previously, softer mattresses are unable to give you the support you need across your whole body. It will not be the best mattress to buy, if you are looking for more support. But, if you love comfort, soft mattresses are probably your thing.

Medium-Firm Mattresses – These types of mattresses are about equality. They tend to provide the equal support and conformability. They will also assist you in alleviating the pressure point most of the time.

Very Firm Mattresses – These types of mattresses are good for people who are looking for good support. It is also considered the best mattress to buy, if you are not too fussy on which mattress is the best for your body. However, there is very little conformability in very firm mattresses. This tends to lead to pressure point pain and bad sleeping experience.


The Best Mattress to Buy Will Keep You from Tossing and Turning.

best mattressJust in case you do not know, at around 4 months of age, babies start to roll over in their sleep. As we grow up, we are moving on our bed 75 times more at night. Thus, this is considered normal. This is because by turning and tossing during our sleep, it helps in reducing strain and stress on our joints and backs. Turning and tossing will also alleviate pressure point. Turning and tossing will allow you to slip into a much better REM sleep, that is a lot deeper and much more healing.


The Best Mattress Should Fit Your Body Perfectly the First Time.

Most people do not know that there is a best mattress to buy for every individual. This is because most of us will need time to adjust to our new sleeping surface. In most cases, it will take at least one month. Our joints and muscles will store memory on which spot on the mattress is the most comfortable. Considering we are spending a lot of time on our bed every day, it’s not a surprise to know that our body is able to store memory such as that. Therefore, always allow your body to adjust to the mattress before you finally decide on whether or not the bed is comfortable for your body. This is one of the most famous myths on mattresses out there!

Always Rotate Mattresses to Keep Them in Good Condition.

Nowadays, you will find more mattresses made one-sided. This means you should never flip your mattress no matter how much you want to. So if this happens, how should you reduce body impressions and enjoy the mattress to the fullest? Here’s our tips:

For the first 6 months, rotate your mattress. Then do so again for the second half of the year.
Sleep in different positions and all over the area of the mattress. This is to ensure that that the entire surface of the mattress is compressed evenly.
For the first two months of sleeping on the new mattress, always rotate your mattress every two weeks.


In order to find the best mattress to buy, you must find the best places to make your bed shopping spree. This is the first step in purchasing a new mattress. There are many variations of beds. Some of them are organic or natural-made, latex or inner spring, luxury-plush, pillow-top or euro-top and the combinations of the materials are endless. The best mattress to buy depends on your personal body and requirements.

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