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Sleep, stress and beds for sale

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

In times of stress you really need the right bed. With beds for sale, you can afford a new bed to help you combat stress.


Stress shouldn't keep you away from good sleep and neither should your mattress. Beds for sale offer you the opportunity to buy a new bed and improve your sleep.

Stress shouldn’t keep you away from good sleep and neither should your mattress. Beds for sale offer you the opportunity to buy a new bed and improve your sleep.

We are just three months into the year and things are getting heavy. For many of us, the New Year started with a rush and now that it is March, you might be slowly running out of energy and finding it difficult to relax. While a short break away from work might help you, getting just a few nights of fantastic sleep might be the key to your energy recovery. In times of great stress, your sleep can be greatly interrupted by all sorts of thoughts that should rather preoccupy your wakeful times, if at all. Waking up from the noise of a barking dog at midnight and then having your mind immediately go to thoughts of the huge amount of work waiting for you to tackle in the morning is enough to drive you to insomnia. Your sleep is so important. So having the right mattress along with having the right stress releasing techniques is a part of your life that you cannot do without.

Stress and anxiety play a hefty role in the type of sleep that you get when you turn in for the night. One thing that you should always be aware of when you first start struggling with your sleep is that many times your mattress is the reason why you are not sleeping. A bad mattress is enough to cause you to constantly wake up during the night. But with so many affordable mattresses for sale, you will have the opportunity to buy that affordable, sleep changing, mattress.

Why you don’t sleep when you are stressed out

I think it is safe to assume that we have all been here. The days stress simply doesn’t dissolve once you walk out of the office. You have spent 8 hours on a stressful edge and now that you are at home, your mind is still whirring around with the most absurd thoughts, because often things that are not in our control seem 20 times worse when we get home. “Did I forget to send that email? Did I not get to that clients request today? Did I forget to call that person back?”, all of these thoughts can overpower you once you get home.

Getting a great night of rest is important, especially in times of stress

Getting a great night of rest is important, especially in times of stress

In general, we have learnt that while a little stress can be good, a lot of stress can be a killer. And we have also learned that while not sleeping occasionally is survivable, not sleeping constantly is a sure way to break down your health. If you are one of those unlucky souls with stress-induced insomnia, you are likely to suffer at least once a week from a genuine lack of sleep. And the terrible thing about stress induced insomnia is that the person who is stressed out and not sleeping will end up stressing further about the fact that they are not sleeping. It is a damaging cycle that you need to break, and we are going to give you a few tips about how to free yourself from the shackles of stress induced sleeplessness.

Are we getting enough sleep?

It is certainly the question of our generation, do we sleep enough? Research done in the UK and in the USA reflected some of the sleeping patterns and habits of its citizens. In the UK, professors found that those who get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep are getting better rest than those who get 10 hours of restless sleep that might be interrupted. A nation of bad sleepers is an unproductive and unhappy nation so it is exceptionally important to make sure that your sleep is sorted so that each night is a night of rest. Not only is your physical wellbeing taking a knock when you aren’t sleeping but so is your mental state, according to research.

So are we getting enough sleep? Science mostly says no. There are those terrible sayings that have scarily turned into a habit, “sleep is for the weak” and “I’ll sleep when I am dead”. Listening to such sayings is one way to land in a spot of health trouble so please don’t follow those who preach a lack of sleep as being some kind of symbolic achievement. It is not.

If everyday feels like this then it is time to get some proper sleep

If everyday feels like this then it is time to get some proper sleep

While some of us are able to cope with less sleep, not all of us are wired that way. This is not a negative thing, or a sign of weakness, it is simply a sign of all of us being exceptionally different and designed to cope with things in a different way. While making your day that little bit longer is certainly an attractive option for those of us who feel as though we simply don’t have enough time in the day, you should never think that the less sleep you have, the more quality awake time you are going to be experiencing.

Not only is the modern person sleeping fewer hours each night, but the modern person is also experiencing a much less quality sleep. Which brings us back to stress in our lives. Not only can a lack of sleep be caused by stress, but an inability to stay asleep also has roots in being stressed. A stress-induced, lack of sleep will not only make you quite unproductive at work the next day, it could cause you to miss work completely. In a study done in the USA, a reported two-thirds of adults had missed work due to stress related insomnia, but had not told their employers why they had stayed home.

Then what can you do to avoid the stress related insomnia?

Buying a mattress, a nice new one that supports all of the right places, is a start but not always the complete solution. Many beds for sale these days offer an exceptional amount of support that has the power to bring you the calmness that will help you to fall asleep, but stress-related sleeplessness is a more complex issue. You need to make peace with your mind before your new mattress can help you get to sleep.

Here are a few sleep tips to help you get rest when you are stressed out:

  • Avoid all caffeine after 2 in the afternoon. This means no coffee and no caffeinated drinks.
  • Avoid stressful tasks before bed. This means no online banking to pay the bills, no upsetting news on the TV or computer and try not to fight with family or spouse before bed.
  • Avoid direct artificial light. When you get home at night, you might usually indulge in some you time and some family time, and sometimes this can mean putting yourself in front of the light producing TV and computer screen. Try to cut back on doing this and give your mind a break.
  • Get enough exercise. Whether it is hitting the gym after work, or going for a stress relieving run when you get home, do something that gets your body moving. But don’t do this immediately before bed as this can wake your body up again.
  • Only get into bed when you are tired and don’t be a clock watcher. Lying in bed, staring at the clock and being unable to sleep can cause further stress that you don’t need.
  • Take regular breaks during the day. A mind that is running at 100km an hour for 8 hours straight is going to take plenty of time to slow down later on. Sometimes your hour’s lunch is not enough so get up and stretch as often as you can and take a 15-minute breather when you feel things are getting too stressful.
Say goodbye to that delicious coffee after 2 pm

Say goodbye to that delicious coffee after 2 pm

Turn off your computer as early as possible

Turn off your computer as early as possible









The only way to break the stress cycle is to actually make sure that you make those changes that are needed to revolutionise your sleep. So be willing to make the right changes. The symptoms of stress are already there when you can’t sleep, and with these tips, you can hopefully relieve the symptoms of stress.

Let’s talk about your mattress

If you have been following our blogs you already know the power of a great mattress. If you haven’t been following us, let us tell you that with the right mattress you could be enjoying the most amazing night of sleep each night you settle in. These days, mattresses are designed to support your body in all of the right ways and since buying a mattress is so affordable, when your bed reaches that 7-year mark, you can afford the beds for sale.

With the right support for your back and body every night, your insomnia caused by stress might just have some encouragement to ease up. There are a few great specials currently on at the Mattress Warehouse, so you should perhaps think about replacing your mattress with one of these if you are looking for beds for sale. All of the Fabbro Grand Royale beds for sale are currently on special and here are a few of the great buys.

  • Fabbro Grand Royale Single Bed

If you are looking at these beds for sale, you are looking in the right direction. Fabbro makes an extraordinary bed that simply oozes quality. The single bed is available in the standard size of 91cm by 188cm, and it is extremely comfortable. The bed is made with Fabbro Pocket Spring Technology, and it includes compression activation, providing you with the best comfort and support. Cashmere wool fabric and Chiro Gel Memory Foam complete this great bed.

  • Fabbro Grand Royale Double Bed

If you currently buy this bed from the Mattress Warehouse, you are going to be saving R 1 700. Along with a 20-year warranty and a 100 night trial period, this Fabbro bed is a great buy for those who want to really indulge their sleep. As with the single bed, this bed has cashmere wool fabric, Chiro Gel Memory Foam and Rapid Response Technology. If you are sharing with a partner this is a wonderful addition to have in your bedroom. You can buy this bed online or visit our shop.

  • Fabbro Grand Royale King Bed
The Fabbro beds for sale are affordable

The Fabbro beds for sale are affordable

With the standard king bed size of 183cm by 188cm, this king sized bed is currently on special and if you buy it now you can save up to R 4000. You can buy this bed online and have it delivered to your door, we deliver beds across the country for free. Fabbro beds give the sleeper an amazing amount of support and comfort and with

cashmere wool fabric, Chiro Gel Memory Foam and a unique pocket spring technology, these beds for sale will make a great addition to any home.

We want you to get your 8 hours every night and this is why we give you sleep tips and offer you a variety of beds for sale. Modern living means having to make changes to the way that we approach sleep, and once you have made those changes you are going to notice the difference. Start sleeping well today, let The Mattress Warehouse help you find the right bed.



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