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Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Do you know the great feeling of sleeping on clean linen and clean sheets? I don’t think there is anything that beats that. Your body is refreshed and relaxed and I for one automatically fall asleep. I love that feeling.

I grew up in the township and springtime meant spring cleaning in almost all households. This would include the washing of the window and taking down the old curtains and replacing them with new lighter curtains for the warmth of spring. The whole house would get a makeover. If it was possible to change the furniture every season I would like to think most families would entertain that idea. The good thing about having the spring cleaning over and done is the refreshing smell of walking into a clean house.

We only sell quality hotel collection linen at The Mattress Warehouse. We understand the need for luxury and the need for relaxation when you sleep. Our memory foam pillows from Genessi and Cloud Nine go well with our white linen and any bedroom style. We also sell base covers, duvet inners and pillowcases all at affordable prices. Spring clean your bedroom today by also getting a new bed, we have Cloud Nine beds in store

It’s a new season, Time to let go of the old and in with the new. Maybe a bedroom makeover is what you might need. Call us today on 011 312 8613 to order your new bed. we deliver nationwide!!

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