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Open your space, get a sleeper couch today!!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Sleeper couches are here!! Are you limited when it comes to space in your house, do you always have problems with sleeping arrangements for your guest? Well have no fear, The Mattress Warehouse has the solution for you. Introducing our sleeper couches. Get a couch by day and a king size bed by night. Touchline is a brand name for our couch beds. They are currently very popular among young customers and of course the bachelor man who is starting out his life. They are ideal for the bedroom or the living room. They convert into a sleeper couch so you save on living space and get a couch for during the day. So yes you are hitting two birds with one stone. They are made of the finest Boma leather and available in different colours from If you always have guest coming over your house and then stressing about where they are all going to sleep why not invest in a sleeper couch. It saves you safe during the day by being a couch yet at night it converts into bed, simply by folding out the bottom layers. This is a convenient way to provide comfort sleep to your guests. Or party mates after a hectic night out. Sleeper couches are ideal for the man who prides himself as being a bachelor. These couches come in all sizes you can get the single couch to a king size bed. At the Mattress warehouse we sell them at affordable prices starting at R2000 – R4000 depending on the size. Turn your lounge into a stylish room with a sleeper couch; you will have a spacious lounge during the day and warm cosy bedroom at the night. Call us today and buy your sleeper couch, be the envy among your friends, our couches are quality defined, have your last the longest without sagging or bending around the edges. The Mattress Warehouse sells all things bedding at guaranteed low prices. We are at Midline Business Park, corner Le Roux and Richards Drive. We even deliver nationwide!!! Call us today at 011 312 8613

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