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Protect Your Mattress!!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A mattress protector is a material that encases your mattress to provide protection and along with it, many excellent health benefits. Mattress protectors can be waterproof as well.

Wear and tear on your mattress decreases its durability and prevents it from lasting as long as it should. Stains from that delicious breakfast in bed can render you mattress warranty void. Another disadvantage of an unprotected mattress is that it becomes a breeding ground for irritating and unhealthy bacteria and dust mites – which can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

A mattress protector prevents horrible marks and stains from forming on your mattress caused by liquids spilling on your bed or your perspiration. Protectors also seal in dust mites, making it a great health option for regular allergy-sufferers. It is a no-fuss option – just throw it in the machine when it needs a wash!! As a whole, a mattress protector ensures the durability and extends the life of your mattress. Completely waterproof mattress protectors prevent any absorption of sweat, spills or little accidents from toddlers at night, but they are slightly uncomfortable as they can be too warm to sleep on and change the shape and feel on the mattress itself.

All-in-all, a mattress protector is only a benefit to you and your mattress!! Buy one of these wonderful products at The Mattress Warehouse today!!

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