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Say No to cheap beds!!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Say no to cheap beds period.

My brother and his fiancée recently bought a house. While having a conversation with his fiancé about how they were planning on furnishing the house, she replied saying that their main problem was the spare bedroom and how they were going to use it. She then replies and says she is thinking of buying a cheap bed and putting it the room. You should have seen my eyes go big as I heard her say those words. I couldn’t utter the words fast enough shouting; “no, no no!! You never buy a cheap bed!”

Dear bed lovers I shall repeat this again to you: Never buy a cheap bed! Even if it’s for that spare room which no one ever sleeps in. The reason with buying a cheap bed is not only will you be wasting money on a bed that will not last you because in 6months time it will begin to sag. You will also be causing unnecessary strain on yourself because cheap beds do not come with the necessary support. You will also be causing yourself a lot of back ache because after a while they loose their comfort. I say rather you buy a good quality bed that will last you at least 5-8 years in a good condition. Not only will you be seeing your money’s worth but your body will also be sleeping on good comfort for a long while.

Truth of the matter is that we spend so much time in our beds that isn’t it best to invest in them? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on quality brands. But you can get a good quality bed at The Mattress Warehouse like a Genesis Comfort Rest Queen bed for R3899 or get yourself a Cloud Nine, strand mattress dream flex for R4875. We also have a brand of budget beds called Universe Bedding. These beds are still made of the finest quality they are just sold at affordable prices.

So whether you have a spare bedroom or a kid’s bedroom which you want to furnish, never buy a cheap bed always choose your money’s worth and your comfort first. You don’t want your guests complaining in the morning about the springs poking them at night or having to replace your beds every 2 years.

Visit The Mattress Warehouse today where we make your sleeping arrangements a breeze. We specialize in quality beds, and don’t compromise on our standard. Call us on 011 312 8613. We Deliver nationwide.

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