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Sealy Pillow Top or Cloud Nine Superior Comfort?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Bed shopping can be tedious and confusing. There are many products on the market and we can easily become confused about the various brands that are available. For this reason, the Mattress Warehouse team decided to provide you with a comparison between two queen size beds. Both are affordable and offer comfort and value for money. The Sealy Posturepedic Boston Gel Medium Pillow Top Mattress and the Cloud Nine Superior Comfort Mattress fits in the middle of The Mattress Warehouse Comfort Rate Settings. In other words, they give enough support for back and stomach sleepers, while still being soft enough for side sleepers to sleep comfortably. So if your partner sleeps on his or her stomach, but you prefer your side, get one of these!

Sealy Posturepedic Boston Gel Medium Pillow Top

Sealy Pillow Top

The Sealy Pillow Top Boston Gel Medium Bed falls in the middle of Sealy’s comfort grade. Medium refers to the hardness of the mattress, and this one is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. The mattress is hard enough to offer support for your spine but soft enough to not put strain on your muscles. So what it boils down to is that the Boston Gel Medium Pillow Top Bed is a firm bed with a soft feel. A very pleasing combination for most sleepers. The plush top layer of the mattress consists of a Gel Memory Pillow Top. which offers ultimate comfort and support. Furthermore, Blue Gel Technology provides a refreshing and soothing sleeping experience because the Gel helps to regulate body temperature.

Inside the mattress, there is a double offset coil system that absorbs movement on the bed. Thus you won’t even be bothered if your partner is tossing and turning all night. Apart from the coil system, the mattress also boasts Stay True comfort layers for further support. A fresh and natural Zoned Aloe-Vera Fabric encapsulates the mattress offering sleepers anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite benefits.

On the whole, this is an affordable bed that offers tangible value for money.

Queen Size Bed Cost: 7999,00

Queen Size Mattress Cost: R6199,00

Weight Per person:

The mattress can handle two persons of up to 140kgs each.

Type of Foam

The mattress has a Coolsmart Gel Foam Core Support Centre for a power packed body support.

Spring System

Offset Coil system for firmness and bounce. The coil system offers durability and reliability. An advantage of coils is that it reduces motion transfer.

Type of Material

Aloe Vera fabric is used to cover the mattress. A natural anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite fabric. It will ensure restful nights without concerns of bugs and mites.

Cloud Nine Superior Comfort

Cloud Nine Superior Comfort

The Cloud Nine Superior Comfort bed is an affordable, comfortable premium bed with an assortment of benefits.  Firstly this all high-density foam Euro-top mattress offers a turn-free solution. Because of the composition of the high-density foam in this mattress, it soaks up basically all movement on the mattress. High-density foam mattresses mould the shape of your body; this is an ideal solution for restless sleepers and those with spinal and joint injuries.

Once again we find Blue Gel technology in the bedding (like in the Sealy up top). As we’ve already mentioned, it will ensure that your sleeping experience will be fresh and soothing. Regulating your temperature while you sleep is of utmost importance, so why not get a mattress that can help you to stay cool? The Cloud Nine Superior comfort bed’s multiple foam layers are allergy free, hygienic and non-toxic.

Queen Size Bed Cost: R7699,00

Queen Size Mattress Cost: R6699,00

Weight Per person:

 The mattress can handle up to 105kg per person.

Type of Foam:

The mattress is manufactured out of polyurethane foam layers.

Spring System:

The inner springs of the mattress contain the pocket spring system.

Type of Material:

A luxurious soft-touch micro quilt knitted jacquard ticking covers the mattress..

Warranty and Guarantee:

The Cloud Nine Superior Comfort bed mattress has a 15 Year Service Warranty.

2 Year Guarantee

Comfort Level

Medium Comfort Level 3:

The mattress of this bed fits in the middle of the Mattress Warehouse Comfort Rate Settings and will be well suited to most people’s sleeping requirements. The Comfort Level Three range beds are perfect for guest bedrooms a popular choice for the hospitality industry. The Cloud Nine Superior Comfort bed supports a range of sleeping positions and is ideally suited for restless sleepers and sleepers with back or joint injuries. Whether you are a side sleeper or sprawled on your back, or even a tummy sleeper, this bed would be accommodating to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience.

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