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Spoil your loved ones with a breakfast in bed

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Breakfast In Bed Ideas For 2019

Create moments of joy!

Breakfast in bed is a lovely thought! The year is in full swing and your December holiday will be only a faint memory. Soon life will happen, and you will experience the consequences of a stressful life. One of the ways you can make sure that life still has its little moments of joy is by creating your starry-eyed breakfast in bed moments.

Surprise your loved one.

I think that having breakfast in bed is a beautiful opportunity to surprise your loved ones. You could have breakfast in bed for the sake of relaxing, or it could be a celebration breakfast.

Celebration Breakfast.

Perhaps you and your partner would like to celebrate a new bed. Celebrate the first night in your new bed, with a lovely breakfast in bed?

There are also other dates and occasions that give a reason for celebration. Let us have a look at some of those days and discover how we can create special moments, moments that build memories and that add quality to your life!

Breakfast in bed

Valentine’s Day Breakfast, Plan Ahead, Be Creative.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! In 2019 Valentine’s day will fall on a Thursday, so planning for a successful romantic breakfast in bed will be the key to your success. You could surprise your partner and break the repetitive activity of night time dinners all together. Don’t be shy to decorate the tray with some red serviettes, a burning candle or roses. Decide whether you like a sweet or savoury breakfast? Be creative with your thoughts and ideas, you could even plan a lovely breakfast hamper, that would require little or no preparation on the morning of the breakfast.

Sweet Breakfast Ideas.

Before you plan your breakfast, you have to decide whether you enjoy a sweet or savoury meal. A few ideas for sweet breakfast would be crumpets with cream and honey, waffles with syrup and cream, French toast and a granola parfait. Granola parfaits can be served in a glass and are lovely to look at. Decorate the parfait with a few red strawberries or berries. Add some yoghurt, and you are ready to go.

Use cookie cutters for heart-shaped eggs.

Perhaps you are a baker with a few heart-shaped cookie cutters in your selection. Use these to cut your French toast or fry your eggs in these.  Many grocery stores also sell heart-shaped waffle pans. These are a real investment as you would be able to use them on many occasions. The key to a successful and romantic valentines breakfast is to plan well ahead. Don’t be scared to think out of the box.

Mother’s Day Breakfast – 12th Of May 2019

Mother's day breakfast in bed

Another great day to plan breakfast in bed would be Mothers Day 12th May 2019. In South Africa, this day falls on a Sunday Morning.  A great day for a meal in bed.  Jamie Oliver offers some great ideas and recipes for Mothers Day breakfast. Treat your mom in bed by baking her some traditional crumpets. Crumpets do require some patience so exercise some persistence and be sure to test the recipe before the big morning.

Another stunning Mothers Day recipe is Wholewheat Maple cinnamon buns. If you have little children, Jamie Oliver’s Vegetable tartlets are ideal little treats to make for a Mothers Day breakfast. They are quick to make, and they are delicious. Show Mom you love her by making her that excellent Mothers Day Breakfast!

Another stunning idea for breakfast – write the words MOM on a plate! Purchase a bagel for the “O” – make the M out of streaky bacon strips. Decorate with strawberries. Few things touches a mom’s heart, like breakfast in bed!

Psst – you could always buy your mom a brand new bed to celebrate Mothers Day!

Fathers Day Breakfast 16 June 2019

Fathers Day, 16 June 2019 is another great day to celebrate a lovely breakfast in bed. Before you think of the meal be sure to check out Dad’s mattress? Is it still in good shape? If not this might be the ideal opportunity to spoil your loved one with a new mattress. Be sure to visit the Mattress Warehouse website and check out our special offers well in advance. You could even budget for that special fathers day mattress! Before we get ahead of ourselves lets chat about that special breakfast in bed!

Most men enjoy savoury breakfasts – So be sure to plan a hearty breakfast like bacon, baked beans, pork sausage, scrambled eggs with a toast on the side. Be adventurous and try a breakfast burrito or a breakfast wrap. Most Dads enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with their meal. Remember to prepare the tray the evening before the big breakfast, despite their masculine appearances most men enjoy special moments like these.

Father's day breakfast in bed

Kiddies Birthday Or Celebration Breakfast In Bed Ideas

Children love surprises! Add a few balloons or even flowers to the breakfast tray. We live in a society where we are health conscious so many of us would love to keep to a healthy eating schedule. However, for this special occasion, you could think out of the box and perhaps treat them with a sweet surprise.

Surprise your little one with a fruit skewer and some orange juice. Most children love breakfast cereals and these could be served with some yoghurt and fresh fruit. Take a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut a heart out of a slice of bread. Fry the bread on the one side and fry the heart on both sides. Turn the bread and break an egg into the heart shape.

Create a beautiful glass filled with layers of fruit and granola. Add some yoghurt and honey.

Surprise your little one with a new bed on his or her birthday. Celebrate with breakfast in bed!

Family Breakfast In Bed

We live in a crazy society where families drift apart. Breakfast in bed should not be a stressful event. It will take only a bit of planning and creative thoughts. Involve your children and your loved ones. Put a simple table cloth on your bed and gather the family in the room. Fill a muffin pan with a variety of fruits and nuts. Add some glasses with yoghurt. Alternatively, you could go with coffee and rusks. Boiled eggs and toast or even muffins. Be adventurous – you could create your own breakfast hamper in a basket.

Gather your loved ones in the room. Celebrate a special moment, or make use of the opportunity to connect with your family.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we care about your family’s wellbeing and emotional health.

Take a moment to have breakfast in bed!



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