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Will Majestic Beds Give You A Good Nights Sleep?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

How do you know whether you are having a good sleep at night or if you are actually sleeping-deprived? There are many factors which lead to a bad rest at night. Some of them include having insomnia, the condition of the bedroom is too hot or too cold, you are currently sick or maybe, the bed you are lying in right now is not appropriate for your body. If you have insomnia, you might want to alter your sleeping pattern just to make sure you are getting enough rest. If the condition of your bedroom is the cause, you may want to call an expert to check on it and if it is because of your mattress, why don’t you get a new mattress then?

If you look closely enough, you will hear about how there are plenty of Majestic beds for sale in the market and you might want to secure one for yourself as soon as possible. Majestic beds are eager to bring the best of beds in the market and if you get one for yourself, we can guarantee that you will not regret it. So how do you know exactly whether or not you are getting good sleep at night?

Do Majestic Beds come With a Warranty?

Majestic beds are known to have a long warranty and trial period of more than 30 days. Because of this, we are sure that if you buy one of the beds from Majestic, you will get the full customer service it offers. If your bed does not have at least 30-day trial period, you should know that you are not only dealing with an inexpensive bed that has low quality, but you are also dealing with a fake manufacturer that only want your money. Most beds will take between four to six weeks of sleep before it will really break in and finally allow you to feel how to actually sleep in it for a long term. Do not give up on a bed just after a few bad nights because your body is still adjusting to its new environment. Also, just because a bed has a warranty of more than 10 years, it doesn’t mean you will need to spend more money on the bed. Be wise in choosing the right bed for yourself.

Does Your Bed Cost You More?

Expect to spend R13000-R40000 for a decent king size bed and this also applies to Majestic beds. Be realistic when choosing the right bed because a good quality bed will obviously cost you slightly more than the average bed. However, always know your financial ability and never exceed the amount you initially planned. We would definitely recommend buying a bed ranging from R8000 to R20000, especially if you are looking for a king size bed. When compared to queen size beds, king sizes are often more expensive. Also, as much as you want to go cheap for your bed, you should also know that if you are buying a R20000 worth of bed and plan to use it for over 10 years, you are actually just spending around R150 per month. Considering that humans are spending about one-third of our lives in the beds, this is more than just a “best value”. It is a treasure. No, we are not exaggerating it. We are just trying to let you know.

Does Majestic Beds Come With Mattress Protector or Pad?

If they don’t, you can always buy one. But just to be sure, you may want to ask the salesperson if your bed will have a free mattress protector or mattress pad. Instead of buying a cushioned mattress pad, you should get a waterproof mattress protector. You are getting a new bed, then why bother getting a cushioned mattress pad when in the end, it gives the same kind of vibe? Some mattress protectors will cost around R400 and come with 10-year warranty if the bed is stained while using the mattress protector. Mattress protectors are actually very important especially if you are worried getting your bed ripped or stained. If you have children sleeping in the beds, you may need to consider the waterproof mattress protector as it will help in preventing bed wetting. The best part about having mattress protectors is that you can easily take off the protectors to wash them in order to keep the bed clean and fresh overall.

Some Tips in Finding Majestic Beds

We say this before and we will keep saying it again and again because it is very important. Just like buying new clothes, purchasing a new bed makes no difference at all too. You must try it first before you buy it. If you do not like it while you are trying it in the store, you will never like it once you have it at home too. You have no idea how many buyers who have said that they will eventually like their beds once they have the beds at home. But in the end, they came back telling the store that they would like a replacement.

If you and your partner are looking for a luxurious-looking bed of high-quality materials and fabric, we suggest getting Majestic beds as they have among the best range of bed models to choose from. You will experience reduced disturbance from your sleeping partner and you will feel more comfortable sleeping in any Majestic beds.

While dealing with a salesperson, you can always determine whether or not the salesperson is genuinely helping you in finding the right bed for you or he just wants a commission from his sale. If he is being interactive and super flexible with you testing different beds, you should know that you will eventually find the right bed for you in the store.

All you need is extra patience and a thorough research. Learn your body and sleeping pattern before purchasing your bed. Always consider the space of your home. If your bedroom is huge enough, you can opt for a king size bed or if you just want a good quality bed but not too fussy about the size, you can choose the queen size beds. In the end, the choice is in your hands.

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