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The Best Double Bedding for This Autumn & Winter 

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Autumn is upon us, which means winter is creeping in steadily too. Are you starting to feel the ‘nest and snuggle’ bedroom style fever? Well, fear not because The Mattress Warehouse has you covered with our toasty double bedding sets! Yes, you read right! Dreadful cold fronts will be nothing but a breeze with all our cosy Autumn/Winter bedroom design tips and tricks. Let us help you hold back the cold with our chic bedding and linen so you can hibernate in style all winter long! 

Why should you change bedding for the different seasons? 

Just as the seasons change as the earth orbits the sun, so should your bedding. And given that your sleep experience is our main priority, we want to show you the benefits of changing your bedding with the season:

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Comfort

Let’s talk about sleep hygiene – a crucial element to restorative, healthy sleep! Between skincare products and natural skin secretion processes, oils and dead skin cells accumulate on bedding. And when seasons change, our bodies tend to take time to adapt to it, so we often end up with dry skin which leads to more oils and lotions, or more dead skin cells in bed. Either way, our bedding tends to get dirty sooner during seasonal change. 

Your comfort is also important – midnight shivers and sweats are so overrated! While in summer you want lightweight and cool bedding, you want the opposite in winter. You see, when we sleep our bodies innately fluctuate internal temperatures throughout the night. This means that getting bedding that retains sufficient heat to keep you warm, but definitely not a sticky hot mess, is essential. 

Double bedding: our top picks 

Agreeably, the number one perfectly cosy place to mollify the bitter cold is your bed. But finding suitable winter bedding, like a stylish double bed duvet cover, for instance, might be a challenge with South Africa’s relatively wide climatic range. That is why we are putting you in the know of the hot ‘n happening winter double bedding for wherever you are in the country! 

Best double bedding for the super cold 

Winter nights in the western desert and mountainous areas of the country can be unforgivingly frigid. But don’t break into a cold sweat, we’ve got you covered – literally. The best replacements for lightweight bedding are sateen/silk, bamboo cotton and fleece.

The Linenhouse Elka Bamboo Cotton Oxford Duvet Cover gives a room a great final touch

These fabrics are known to be plush, durable and have you cocooned with sufficient heat. Our homey yet chic double bed Basel 500 Thread Count Cotton sheets are also a terrific stylish bedroom asset. Pair these with our thermoregulating, deluxe Linenhouse Elka Bamboo Cotton Oxford Duvet Cover and you’ll be hitting the snooze button all winter long! 

Perfect double bedding for moderate climates 

Flannel, cotton, linen and down are the most suitable moderate climate fabrics for styling your double bed. They have stellar wicking properties so you don’t have to worry about night sweats. But they also provide ample insulation on chilly nights. We offer enduring and heat-dispersive Linenhouse Exceed Down Duvet inners from our opulent Linenhouse collection. This double bed duvet is a splendid investment for a prime winter sleep experience. 

folded white double bedding

The Linenhouse Exceed Down Duvet Inner is treated for antibacterial protection

The type of double bedding you need for the coastal areas 

Coastal areas (particularly the east coast) in South Africa typically have relatively warm temperatures during winter. This means that the evenings are not necessarily frosty but rather breezy. Bed layering is the most suitable bedroom style to accommodate the autumn and winter seasons on the coast. A perfect balance of airy linen sheets and a congenial layer of a fluffy fleece blanket over a flannel duvet is the aim. After all, a night’s most gratifying slumber is obtained through adequate body thermo-regulation. 

The Mattress Warehouse is committed to making your coastal winter bedroom styling a premier exploit. Our hospitable Romatex Cotton Percale double sheets offer satisfactory warmth throughout the season’s nippy breeze. 

Romatex double bed size fitted sheet, folded

The Romatex Cotton Percale fitted sheet is easy to maintain

6 Tips for styling your bed for autumn or winter

1. Use warm, earthy colours

Brown, burnt orange, red, and purple. These are the colours associated with autumn. A brown throw blanket at the foot of the bed over an orange bedspread/duvet with cheeky leaf details. It doesn’t get any more voguish than that, honestly! Be creative and daring with using these colours in your bedroom. The brown, red and burnt canary/ orange colours make you perceive the floor to be much warmer.

2. Floor rugs and throw blankets

Think fluffy faux fur or mink rugs, asymmetrically shaped on your bedroom floor. These are perfect for your toes to sink into a warm, plushy material first thing on a frosty morning. Also, throw blankets go so well with a lazy autumn afternoon or gusty winter evening. They are great to throw over yourself as you snuggle up in your nook with a book to read or a good TV show.

3. Candles and fairy lights 

Soft ambience is everything in a room! It sets the tone for your sleep experience for the night. Nothing screams cosier than the soft yellow glow of candles littered on the surfaces of your bedroom. Fairy lights hung above the headboard or lazily bordered around the walls exude a pleasant ‘dream-catcher’ vibe.

4. Pillows 

Plushy, comfy pillows are an essential bedroom feature. They exacerbate the warmth and snugness offered by your bedding. The best part about extra pillows is that, depending on the shape, fabric or colour, they dress up your room for any desired theme. Fluffy, heart-shaped furry pillows can give your room a youthful, cosy and modern feel. But typical, rectangular, knitted pillows exude a vintage style in the bedroom. 

5. Faux autumnal leaves garlands 

Admit it, when you think of autumn your mind instantly goes to brown leaves falling off of trees. Loosely hung leaf garlands give a room a gentle, earthy and au natural feel. The concept of falling foliage is like a comforting hug from nature, except within your cosy bedroom. 

6. Wooden accessories 

Wooden bedside tables or wooden framed photographs on your bedroom walls give the room a rustic feel. Something about wood spells ‘cabin comfort’! Perhaps it is the fact that the material practically goes with everything. It is timeless, chic yet also homey. 

Shopping for bedding & linen at The Mattress Warehouse 

A toast to your snuggest winter! The Mattress Warehouse has you covered with the trendsetting double bedding styles and ritzy Autumn/Winter bedroom themes! You can now shop for winter bedding with a purpose because you know which weaves and fabrics are good for the climate you live in. The best part? You don’t even have to get out of the house to do it – we bring your bedding to you!

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