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Three Quarter Beds For Single Person Or Two People?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

three quarter bedsSleep is a vital component required to attain a perfect and an energetic morning. It not only reinforces one’s spirit, but also boosts up the mood. A good night’s sleep reduces stress, and enhances the brain power as well. There are many other benefits of having a perfect relaxing sleep. One of the most amazing advantages of having a comfortable sleep is that it reduces the dark circles under the eyes, and thus helps in enhancing one’s beauty. The list of the benefits of having a comfortable sleep cannot be underestimated.
However, there are still many people who neglect this basic necessity of life. There are many reasons which enforce people to stay awake during all night. It can range from stress, workload, insomnia, and many other reasons. Nevertheless, if the inability to sleep is caused due to your uncomfortable mattress, then your situation can be somehow tackled. Maybe it’s the time to change your bed. Your body might be demanding more space to relax on, or maybe your mattress needs to be changed. Ideally a mattress should be replaced after every seven to ten years of use.

Three quarter bed size

Choosing a perfect mattress for your house is not always an easy job to do, especially when you want it to be exactly according to your choice. If you want a perfect mattress for yourself to sleep on, then three quarter beds are amongst one of the best options available for you in the market.
The size of the three quarter beds lies somewhere between the standard single and double standard beds. It is a perfect piece for the ones who desire to have some extra space for sleeping, but their room is not spacious enough to accommodate a double bed. Three quarter beds provide you a more relaxing sleep as it allows your body to stretch easily. You can sleep in a comfortable manner on your three quarter beds.
The dimensions for three quarter beds are 107 cm x 188 cm, which makes these mattresses about 16 cm wider than the single beds, and 30 cm smaller than the double mattress. In short, their size is between single beds and double beds. It is most suitable for a single person.
How many people can sleep on the three quarter beds?
Its size is between single and double sized beds, so it is more preferable for the individuals, desiring to have more space in their bed. So, it is actually an ideal bed for only a single person. However, two average sized people can also sleep on it quite comfortably. If two individuals want to have a three quarter bed for their home, make sure they try the bed together before they make the purchase. This ensures a wiser purchase as per the suitability of both the individuals. This further makes sure that your purchased three quarter bed is worth the investment. Moreover, you do not make your buying decision regarding bedding again and again.

Availability of three quarter beds

three quarter bedsThree quarter beds are not widely popular, as compared to the other sizes of beds. This due to the fact that many manufacturers of the bed are not making these three quarter beds. So, if you look for three quarter beds in the market, you will notice that they are only available with the filling and the spring systems. In order to upgrade the quality of the three quarter beds, no noticeable feature is enhanced in these beds.
The main reason for the unavailability of these three quarter beds in the bedding market is their issue with the frames. The three quarter beds have lower popularity, as you will find it difficult to search metal, wood, fabric, and leather three quarter beds.

From where to buy the three quarter beds?

In order to purchase a three quarter bed, the simplest and easiest way is to call your local mattress shops (The Mattress Warehouse). You can ask them about the availability of the three quarter spring mattress bed. Try to call more than one shop. Almost one or more shops will be able to help you in this regard.
However, when you make a call, or order three quarter beds, don’t hesitate to pay some extra. It will cost you some extra bucks when you order, and demand a product on order.
However, another convenient method to look a perfect three quarter bed, specifically designed for your room, is to do quick internet research. In this technology oriented world, online shopping is prevailing day by day. There are many online shopping sites which are performing the job of providing products at a comparatively fair price.
In order to look for a perfect three quarter bed, online bedding sites are a good option. These sites will offer you a number of three quarter mattress sets. By comparing he features of each design of the three quarter beds, you can make a better decision as to which type of three quarters is more suitable for you.

Three quarter beds for sale

Purchasing a suitable three quarter bed is not very easy. Sometimes it becomes very costly to purchase a bed for your house. One convenient method, to cut down your expense is to buy your desired three quarter bed from a sale. You can have a look at The Mattress Warehouse website to see if there is any three quarter beds on sale.
The sale of the three quarter beds will make you familiar with almost all the available three quarter beds. You do not need to travel from store to store in search of a perfect three quarter beds. The best way to remain informed about the sale is to sign up with a reliable bedding website like (www.mynewbed.co.za) The sale of the three quarter beds will not only make you familiar with a range of beds, but will save your time. This will surely help you in making a wise decision for buying any three quarter beds.

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