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Tidy Up Like a Pro: Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Finding storage in an already small space can be challenging to say the least. In ever-growing cities, the available living space we have left is becoming very limited, very fast. Therefore, more and more people are adopting the lifestyle of living in a smaller space. Living in a small space has many benefits. However, living in a smaller space poses a very real problem: limited storage. Luckily, at The Mattress Warehouse, our expertise doesn’t stop with the bed sale industry.

Today we’re here to provide you with innovative ideas on how to utilise the limited space you have in your home. So, if you’re currently living in a dorm or commune, a tiny apartment or even an innovative tiny house, just read on for our expert tips and advice on how to optimally utilise the space in your small home!

Bed storage

Storage under the bed
Choose a bed that doesn’t take up too much space.

Usually, our beds take up a lot of bedroom space. This can be annoying if you have very limited space in your bedroom. However, with some innovative thinking, you can utilise the space in and around your bed frame to make room for more storage!

Bed base

This furniture piece probably takes up quite a bit of space in the bedroom. Moreover, box frames, or upholstered bed bases, allow for very little storage under the bed frame.

Since you’re living in a smaller home, try to invest in a wooden or steel bed frame with a lot of open space under the bed frame. Utilise the large open space under the bed frame by placing storage boxes and crates under your bed. This way, you’ll easily be able to slide the container out from under the bed and grab whatever you need from it.

If your containers are not as decorative as can be, you can easily hide them with a night frill or bed wrap – depending on the shape of your bed frame.

Alternatively, opt for a storage bed base equipped with spacious drawers to suit your storage needs! Like to see an example? Have a look at our Oslo Storage Base bed range for a space-saving solution.


These decorative structures are also (a part of) the perfect solution to your storage problems! Opt for headboards that create room for more storage like a bookcase, or a sliding drawer headboard.

Wall with built in bookcase as headboard for a bed
There are plenty of way to conserve space in a bedroom.

Under the mattress

Storing flat objects under your mattress may be the most innovative way to store! Flat books, and flat laying linen and towels are perfect for storing under your mattress. However, make sure you don’t store frequently used items under your mattress. It can become quite tedious to do heavy lifting every time you want to read your favourite book!

The Bed

Yes, there comes a time in every person’s life that they’ll have to downgrade. If your bedroom is too small for your current bed, it might be best to consider scaling down on your bed size.

It’s not fun to suddenly have a smaller sleeping surface, but you’ll get used to it in no time! Opt for a single or three quarter bed size if you’re living in a small home. We have some great bed sale items available. Make sure to keep in touch so that you can pick up a super bargain!

In and around the bedroom

Vanity table with circular mirror against the wall. Large plant next to vanity table.
Think clever, not harder when it comes to space saving.

A lot of objects places in and around the bedroom are huge space-wasters. However, if you carefully rethink the placement of everyday objects in your room, you’ll have a lot more space to work with!

Add shelving

Open walls are gems for creating ample storage in a bedroom. Simply screw some durable shelving into your walls, and voila! There you can store books, stationery and many more items. However, keep in mind not to clutter your walls with too many shelving and items on the shelves. Shelving is the perfect solution for a small room or home.

Items on white shelves against red wall
Shelving is a great way to create space in a small room.

Foldable furniture

Opt for a versatile bed, like a sleeper couch. This way, you can retract your bed into a living space during the day, and transform it into a cosy sleeper at night. Additionally, investing in retractable furniture like a retractable desk can be a great space-saving option!

Hide your dustbin

Do you have a bedside table with a lot of open space in the bottom half? Many bedside tables comprises of an upper drawer and a larger lower cubby. Place your bedroom dustbin in this open cubby to create more floor space in your bedroom. Moreover, your dustbin will be hidden away behind the door of your bedside table!

Hang your laundry hamper

Another floor space waster is your laundry hamper. These baskets usually take up a lot of valuable space that could have been utilised for something much more useful/ decorative.

Invest in a fabric laundry hamper that can be hung on the back of your door. This way, your laundry hamper is neatly tucked out of the way behind your bedroom door.

3 Closet storage space ideas

Folded clothes in a closet
Organise your closest with our top storage tips.

Our closets are made for storage. However, we rarely use the available space in our closets optimally. Most of the time, we just hang our clothes on hangers and fold up the remaining items. But did you know that a lot of the closet space we have isn’t optimally used? Follow our three tips below to learn more about how you can economically use your closet space. 

1) Drawer organisers

Invest in drawer organisers to neatly divide your drawers with compartments for socks and underwear. These organisers can also be DIY’ed from cardboard. Along with optimal space utilisation, your drawers will be neat and organised for you to easily grab whatever you need.

2) Shoe stackers

Shoes usually hang out on the bottom shelf of your closet. However, placing them next to each other isn’t the most space-saving way to go. Instead, opt for specialised shoe racks that store your shoes in the most space-saving way! What’s more, your shoes will last longer as a result of being stored properly.

3) Clever clothing storage

Storing your clothes aren’t, as it turns out, as straightforward as simply hanging and folding certain items. There are a couple of ways to utilise your hanging space more economically.

  • Hang tank tops on shower curtain hoops

Tank tops with their strappy sleeves can take up a lot of space in your closet if they’re folded up. As an alternative, you can hook shower curtain hoops onto the rod of a hanger. Then, hook the straps of the tank top into a shower curtain hoop. This storage method creates more room in your closet to satisfy your storage needs.

Shower curtain
Innovative ideas will reward you with an uncluttered home.
  • Hang pants on S hooks

Using the same approach as hanging your tops, you can also utilise s hooks to store your belt loop pants more effectively. Hook one side of an S hook onto the rod of a hanger. Fold your pants in half, belt loops lining up. Take the two belt loops at the very end, and hook into the other end of the S hook. This storage method can be repeated with multiple S hooks on one hanger.

  • Vacuum pack seasonal wear

Lastly, for added space in your closet, store away seasonal wear. This is especially helpful when storing hefty winter coats and jerseys as soon as summer is in full swing.

Vacuum and white sneaker on navy and white geometric print rug
Remember to clean up and pack away.

Choose items that you’ll only wear in the winter, and store them in durable vacuum pack bags. You can find these nifty bags here. Most household vacuums can hook up onto these bags to suck out any space-wasting air.

Pack Away!

There you have it! We hope we could prove our packing expertise!   Living in a small space can be tough, but with our tips, you’ll most definitely feel less cramped and have more space in your bedroom. Trust The Mattress Warehouse for all your bedroom furniture and accessories. We’ve got amazing bed sales and mattress specials; our free delivery means that we do all the heavy lifting.

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