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Bedroom decor ideas: top trends for 2020

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

2020 is not just a new year, it’s the start of a whole new decade! Like always, The Mattress Warehouse is here to cover your bedroom decor ideas and needs in this new era. With the freshness of this new year hanging in the air, it’s time to take a look at the top anticipated trends for 2020’s bedrooms. Maybe your bedroom is a bit outdated, or you’re just looking to start afresh! We’re here to provide you with the top trend predictions as inspiration for fresh bedroom ideas in your 2020 home.

A wise word of advice for bedroom decor ideas

We’re all super in love with these new trends, and it may be tempting to combine them all into one bedroom. However, keep in mind that less is still more. Too many patterns, textures and different colours may leave your bedroom atmosphere overcrowded and too busy to relax in. To avoid this, opt to combine up to five key trend aspects in your bedroom ideas and keep remaining staples neutral and toned down.


Colour trends for 2020

Peace and tranquillity

If the colour trends for 2020 had to be summed up into a phrase, it would be peace and tranquillity. With muted and soft hues taking the forefront this year, you can create a tranquil sleeping environment whilst still being on top of the trends.

All shades of blue

Blue is a colour known for its calming, tranquil effects. In 2020, you can expect this colour to pop up in all its shades on walls as well as for home décor elements and the fashion industry.

Classic Blue

It comes as no surprise that “classic blue” has been dubbed as the colour of the year 2020 by Pantone. This serene, tranquil colour was specifically chosen to bring quiet in our busy lifestyles of the 21st century.

Mimicking the colour of the night sky at dusk, Classic Blue is sure to bring out a peaceful, natural feel in any bedroom. Bring this colour into your bedroom with classic Dutch delft crockery as décor, be bold and paint an accent wall in Classic Blue, or dress your bed in this serene shade

Add pops of classic blue in your 2020 bedroom.

Other popular colours of 2020

Or course, we can’t have everything blue bedrooms, therefore, expect these complementing shades to pop in with the serene colour of 2020.


Almost the exact opposite colour of Classic Blue, lies the colour Saffron to complement the serene shade perfectly in the year 2020. Bring in this rusty orange shade into your bedroom with a pop on your scatter pillows and a saffron-coloured décor element here and there. If you want to be bold, paint a furniture piece such as your vanity table, chair or bookcase in this colour.

Saffron goes perfectly with the colour of 2020, Classic Blue.


Copper and rose gold had been well known as a colour staple in the last couple of years. However, all the signs currently point brass and brassy shades. This golden shade marries perfectly with 2020’s shades of blue.

Bring in this pop of colour by changing up your door and closet knobs or even investing in a brass bed frame. Other décor accents such as a brass bedside lamp, or brass book stoppers can also greatly complement the bedroom colours of 2020.

According to colour psychology, colour affects how we think and behave. Not only does your colour choice reveal insight into your personality, but it also has the potential to affect the emotional dynamics in a room or your home. Find out more about colour psychology theory with The Mattress Warehouse. 

 Bedroom design trends for 2020

Now that we’ve got the colours covered for your bedroom ideas, let’s have a look at all the different décor elements that will be big in 2020.

Baskets and wicker

Reaching a peak in 2020 is definitely the baskets and wicker trend. Complement your bedroom plant with a basket as a pot, or opt for a basket laundry hamper to bring this style into your bedroom.

Joining in on the natural fibre trend is wicker furniture. Try to incorporate this décor element with a wicker or rattan chair paired with a matching bedside table to tie in the look. Wicker chairs can be paired with comfy pillows and a cosy throw to add extra texture to the look.


Layered patterns

Decorate your bedroom with the trendy layering of patterns. This décor style refers to placing patterned elements close to, or on top of each other. You can incorporate this 2020 trend into your bedroom by placing patterned pillows on your pattern duvet cover, matching pattern frames together on the wall, or even wrapping your binders in different funky patterns!

Cosy fabrics

Cosy and snuggly fabrics that bring hygge into your room is also one of the biggest trends staying in the year 2020. Bring snuggle into your bedroom with a warm, soft blanket and a fluffy pillow to rest your head-on.

Nature in your bedroom

It should come as no surprise that house plants are still the rave in 2020. With the natural tones of wicker and basket, plants are the perfect addition to your 2020 bedroom! Browse our complete guide on how to choose and care for your house plants.


Start off with a trendy 2020

With all the trend predictions and décor advice behind you, you are equipped to start the new decade off with the best bedroom ideas out there. We stock a wide selection of bedroom furniture and accessories to help style your trendy new interior design space. Visit or shop online with us. From The Mattress Warehouse, we wish you a happy new year and an aesthetic masterpiece of a bedroom. 

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