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Tips To Wake up Before 6am

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Wake Up Before 6 am Everyday!

Living in the 21st century, you’re most likely used to living the life of a hustler. This often means that you have no time to waste in the mornings. Nobody likes to be rushed and stressed early in the morning before work. A way to combat this is to start by waking up before 6 am every morning. This way, you get to calmly wake up and start your day on the right foot.

This principle, however, is easier said than done. People struggle to wake up early in the morning for different reasons. Repeatedly hitting the snooze button, too many late nights and poor sleep hygiene are just a few reasons for struggling to become an early riser.

What Does Research Say About Early Risers?

Rising early, before 6 am has many benefits. According to many studies those that are morning people benefit in the following ways.

  • Earn Better Grades: In a study at a Texas University, early birds scored a full point higher on their GPA points than the night owls!
  • Are More Productive
  • Plan Effectively
  • Are More Proactive
  • Problem solvers
  • Great Planners
  • Fitter
  • Sleep Better
  • Optimistic
Wake up before 6 am and be more optimistic about life!
Be optimistic and plan ahead!

The Night Before

Consistent Bedtime, the Secret to Waking up Early

The secret in waking up early is going to bed early. Or, at least, going to bed at a decent time. You will never wake up energized and ready for the day if you’d only gotten 3 hours of sleep.

The second part of going to bed early, is having a consistent bedtime. This way, your circadian rhythm is strengthened through repetition and routine.

Therefore, if you go to bed at a consistent and reasonable time, you’ll be well on your way to waking up before 6 am every day.

Proper Sleep Hygiene

When going to bed every night, it is important to practice proper sleep hygiene. This includes avoiding caffeine, sugar, large meals and strenuous activity. Furthermore, switch off all screens and bright light devices to prevent blue light pollution from affecting your sleep. “But I fall asleep scrolling on the ‘Gram just fine”, you say. Well, let’s talk again once you’ve read the shocking effects that blue light has on your sleep and health.

Practicing proper sleep hygiene can look like a hot bath or shower before bed. This will set your body into a relaxed, sleepy mode. Additionally, unwind after the long day with a cup of tea, a book or a conversation with a loved one.

Prepare for the Day the Night Before

Before going to sleep, prepare for the next day – especially the morning. Set out your clothes for the morning, pack your bag for work or school and make sure everything is in place. Another great principle is to make a morning to-do list the night before. This way, you can wake up with a purpose and not lay in bed till the very last minute.

Wake up before 6 am and own your day!
Wake up before 6 am and own your day!

The Morning After

Avoid the Snooze Button

When the morning rolls around and your alarm goes off after your long night’s rest, DON’T press that snooze button. Don’t be the biblical sluggard who rolls on his bed like a door does on its hinges. Pressing the snooze button is one of the most crippling factors when trying to wake up before 6 am every day.

To prevent this from happening, start by placing your alarm out of your reach. Try to place it somewhere where you’ll have to get out of bed and turn it off.

Once you’re out of bed, resist the temptation to get back to your cozy nest. It will be hard, but this is where you’ll have to apply good old will power to prevent falling back asleep. 

Avoid Social Media

This goes without saying since we all know the black hole that is social media. Just one quick look at everyone’s stories, you say. Next thing you know you’ve ended up on some page dedicated to Australian shepherds and you just can’t stop watching. Much like reading a news paper in the morning, we like to scroll on and on and on through all the pages, catching up on the social “news”. We click and click our time away and before you know it, it’s already past 7 am.

You probably clicked on this article laying in bed, hoping to find some golden secret to waking up early. That is why you should get out of bed and off your phone right now! After you’ve finished reading this article, of course.

Establish a Morning Routine

The secret to getting anything done without thinking about it is through routine. You’ll stop thinking about waking up before 6 am every day if you make a conscious effort of establishing it as your routine. Most people like to have a cup of coffee as they wake up. This has a dual purpose through getting you out of bed, and waking you up with a shot of caffeine.

Follow an Excercise Routine and Take a Shower

You can also wake up your body by following an exercise routine. This get your blood pumping and prevents your brain from feeling sleepy. Additionally, take a shower to stimulate circulation in your body.

Wake up before 6 am and go for a jog or do some yoga.
Wake up before 6 am and do some exercises.

Wake Your Mind With Cognitive Stimulation

A great way to wake up your mind is through cognitive stimulation. Read a stimulating article, newspaper or other reading material. This does not, however, enable you to hop onto social media for cognitive stimulation.

Trying to wake up before 6 am is a tricky task. In the end, it’s a fight against you and your will power. Through effort and diligent preparation, you too can become a productive early riser.

Just a final note. If you sleep well you will be able to rise early. If you don’t sleep well you must consider buying a new mattress. Contact us if you require any assistance or drop a note below and The Mattress Warehouse Team will contact you! 😉

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