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Tossing and Turning

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Is your partner keeping you awake with tossing and turning all night?

Get a bed with no movement whatsoever. Want to get up in the middle of the night, but afraid you are going to wake up your partner?

The Mattress Warehouse has a wide range of different beds on foam mattresses like Cloud 9 and Genessi. The foam mattress offers a completely disturbance-free night with no moving parts and no irritating noises.

For more information visit our online shop at www.mynewbed.co.za  or contact us at 0861 007 000

Some of our delivery areas include: Polokwane Bendor, Pretoria Centurion, Waverly, Moreleta Park, Silverlakes, Wapadrand, Johannesburg, Rivonia, Woodmead and Nelspruit.

The Mattress Warehouse delivers in most areas in South Africa.

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