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We Reviewed South Africa’s 5 Favourite Mattress Brands

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

We live in an era of review-driven shopping. So, to help you out, we decided to review five of South Africa’s favourite mattress brands to find the best mattresses in South Africa to enhance your digital shopping experience.

With all products literally at our fingertips, shopping has taken on a completely different form. Gone are the days of going from outlet to outlet to find the product that best suits your needs!

Let’s be honest, nowadays, when you want to buy something, you ask your phone to tell you what to get.

“Siri, what is the best hiking shoe?”

“Alexa, where can I buy the cheapest vegetables?”

“Bixby, which mountain bike gives the best value for money?”

You don’t even have to type in your questions anymore! It verges on the surreal! Sometimes it feels like we are living in a sci-fi movie.

Getting back to the point; many people blindly trust in online reviews and shop accordingly. And mattress shopping is no different. It is quite rare to see couples walking from mattress shop to mattress shop to test out the bed on which they will spend roughly a third of the next ten to twenty years.

Shocking isn’t it!?

Then again, I know of people who bought a car without ever test driving it. So I guess getting a mattress without testing it is not such a big deal…

Before You Start Shopping


There are various aspects of bed buying that you should sort out before you start shopping around. One important aspect is to know the mattress lingo.

Additionally, there are some important questions. You see, with mattresses, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander. For instance, not everyone prefers the same comfort levels in a mattress.  On top of that, different sleeping positions require different mattresses. There is a myriad of other factors that play a role like:

  • Who will sleep on the bed?
  • How often will you be able to flip or rotate the mattress?
  • Do you and your partner require the same comfort level in a mattress?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on a mattress?

These are some of the critical questions to ask yourself before deciding on a mattress. By way of introduction, let’s quickly answer those questions before we dive into the reviews.

Who will sleep on the bed?

Yourself? Great, get the bed that best suits your sleeping style. Guests in the guest bedroom? Get a mattress that is suitable for all sleeping styles (medium comfort level).

How often will you flip/rotate the mattress?

Different mattresses require different levels of dedication. For instance, the Kooi range has to be rotated once a month to maximise the mattress’ lifespan. Remember, there is a difference between flipping and rotating your mattress!

Do you and your partner require the same level of comfort?

If you do, then great! On the other hand, if you don’t, not so great. Maybe look at beds that are built to support two separate mattresses or at something with a medium comfort rating.

How much are you willing to spend?

Ever heard of the saying, “buying cheap is expensive”? This is especially true for mattresses. Remember, you are going to spend a third of your time on that bed. Therefore, get something that supports your back, so that you won’t have to pay dearly when you go to the chiropractor, physiotherapist or, worst case, orthopaedic surgeon!

The Best Mattresses in South Africa

Now that you have the basics, let’s look at the actual products. For convenience sake, we’ll start off with entry-level mattresses and work our way through to the high-end stuff.

1. Strandmattress Dream Me

The goal of Strandmattress is to create quality, affordable mattresses. And at a current price of R1,699.00 for a double Strandmattress Dream Me at The Mattress Warehouse, you can see that it is definitely affordable!

Our Findings

We discovered that the Dream Me Mattress is crafted from a single layer of high-density foam. This makes it ideal for those still-growing youngsters. We rated the mattress with a medium level comfort rating – which is great because it’s ideal for a wide range of sleepers. 

Strandmattress Dream Me Mattress
Strandmattress Dream Me Mattress

This mattress can reportedly (according to the manufacturer’s recommendations) support a maximum weight of 80kg per side. So it’s probably not ideal for some adults. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t use it in a guest bedroom for the infrequent guest. As long as he doesn’t play prop for a provincial rugby team! 

For the versatility, quality and cost-effective price – the Standmattress Dream Me is a great buy and definitely tops our list of one of the best mattresses in South Africa. Recommended for teenagers and lightweight adults.

2. Rest Assured Vito

Currently selling at R2,299.00 for a queen-size Rest Assured Vito Mattress, we can see why this is also a customer favourite!

Our Findings

We found that the Vito is at the lower end of the mattress price range – so ideal for the cash-strapped buyer (like students for newlyweds). However, we’re pleased to report that it packs a lot of tech for what you pay. For instance, it comes with reinforced edges, interlocking coils for advanced zone support AND and a soft cover to top it all off. Plus it has the added advantage of a non-turn technology. No need to flip this mattress to ensure its longevity. It’s a win-win situation. 

Rest Assured Vito Mattress
Rest Assured Vito Mattress

The manufacturer indicates that it’s built to handle 85kg per side, so we concluded that the Rest Assured can probably handle the average adult couple. 

We think it’s also the perfect mattress for the spare bedroom as we gave it a medium comfort level rating – making it ideal for all sleepers. Our final conclusion? One of the most affordable mattresses that doesn’t skimp on quality. 

3. Residence Reshape Pillow Top

The Restonic Reshape Mattress is an excellent and affordable mattress. At The Mattress Warehouse, you can get this beautiful sleep system for only R4,599.00, which is a steal for what you get!

Our Findings 

We call it a sleep system since it combines the classic spring system with advanced memory foam layers.  In our opinion, this clever combo helps create one of the best mattresses in South Africa. 

Restonic Reshape Mattress
Restonic Reshape Mattress

We found that the deep-seated spring system provides the sleeper with more than ample support. Additionally, the upper memory foam layer practically MOULDS itself to your form, making it super comfortable. This is especially advantageous for those who suffer from stiff joints.

The mattress is specifically designed for side and some back sleepers. We gave it a plush comfort rating. So, if you or your sleeping partner happen to be stomach sleepers (no judgement), then this may not be the right mattress for you. After all, it’s all about comfort and getting a good night’s rest!

Bottom line: the softness of the Restonic RestCare Pillow Top Mattress is an ideal purchase for those suffering from stiff joints or general aches and pains. Consider this for granny or grandpa.

4. Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse

The Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse queen mattress is a bargain for only R8,599.00 at The Mattress Warehouse!

Our Findings

The mattress range is from the Cloud Nine brand and is filled to the brim with sleepy goodness. We discovered (to our delight) that it’s been designed in such a way that two people can literally toss and turn right next to one another without the other sleeper feeling any motion! 

Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse Mattress
Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse Mattress

We gave it a medium comfort level rating and, considering that the manufacturer recommends support of up to 125kg per side, this mattress is great for couples! 

The mattress is also techno-advanced as it incorporates cool-to-touch gel technology so you’re unlikely to overheat while you’re in bed. That sounds perfect for some of those sweltering South African summers. 

We’re impressed with the company’s confidence in their brand – so much so that they offer a two-year guarantee and a 20-year service warranty. 

The verdict! We’ve found glowing customer satisfaction reviews about this mattress, so we definitely recommend this brand to anyone on the lookout for a quality mattress. Without a doubt one of the best mattresses in South Africa in our books.

5. Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Plush

Sealy is probably one of the best-known names in the South African mattress and bed industry. They were the first company to actively promote orthopaedic benefits in their mattresses. With the Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Plush, you can rest assured that your spine will relax during the night.

Our Findings

You see, this amazing mattress comes with built-in zone support to keep your spine in alignment throughout the night. It is also a hybrid mattress system with nested pocket springs to support your body where it is most needed. Additionally, high-density foam edges and cool gel foam that moulds to your shape will serve up a double helping of maximum comfort. The combination of these technologies will leave you waking up feeling super refreshed every time!

Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Plush Mattress
Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Plush Mattress

With a name like Lindsay Plush, you could probably have guessed that we handed this mattress a plush comfort rating level? In other words, we found it to be the softest of soft mattresses.

We think it’s perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. If you sleep on your back you can also try out this mattress, but it is definitely not for all back sleepers as it is aimed at providing pressure relief over support.

This mattress can carry a whopping 160 kg per side (manufacturer’s recommendations) and will prevent all motion transfer. So it’s another mattress brand that will let you bounce about without disturbing your sleeping partner.

The final results: the Lindsay Plush also comes with a three-year guarantee and a 12-year service warranty. It’s a top-quality, super-plus comfort level mattress that’s ideal for couples.

And there you have it, our list of the Best Mattresses in South Africa!

If you are looking to invest in a mattress, look no further! Go directly toThe Mattress Warehouse website to have a chat with one of our sales operatives. We stock all of the best mattresses in South Africa. You can also contact us directly and tell us what you are looking for. Alternatively, if you know what you want, you can buy online at your convenience.

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