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We Reviewed the Top Queen Mattresses for Sale

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You are just so tired (literally) from tossing and turning every night. No matter how you lie, it feels like your mattress is out to get you. You know what we’re talking about, yes? That is why you are looking at queen size mattresses for sale online, isn’t it? Or maybe you just want to upgrade to a new mattress. Either way, your search is nearly over. In this article, The Mattress Warehouse’s mattress experts put together a short guide on queen size mattresses. We cover the basics, like size and setting. Then for a quick comparison between queen and king size, followed by a couple of queen mattress reviews (so that you can rest assured in your choice). Go on, keep reading.

What is a queen size bed or mattress?

It is a mattress or bed with very specific dimensions. In South Africa, a regular queen size mattress is 188 cm in length and 152 cm wide. Moreover, you also get extra-long, or XL queen mattresses. These are 200 cm long and also 152 cm wide. If you are tall and your feet always hang off the bottom end of the bed, then you should seriously consider getting an XL mattress. The thickness or depth of these mattresses are not standardised and may vary from brand to brand. Queen size mattresses are great for:

  • Couples who prefer a bit more sleeping space
  • Heavy-set people
  • People who’s pets share their bed
  • Those who have babies/small children that share their bed from time to time

Will a queen size mattress fit in my room?

When you are looking for a queen mattress for sale, ask yourself if the mattress or bed will actually fit in your room. There is no point in buying a bed that is too big for your bedroom. Therefore, measure your room before you make your new mattress selection. If you want to buy a queen size mattress, we recommend that the floor area in your bedroom is 3×3 m.

Seeing as you are browsing for mattresses for sale, you are probably wondering about king size mattresses as well, right?

King vs queen size mattresses: what’s best?

Both of these mattress sizes are great to sleep on, especially for couples (and if you are single and you like to sleep in splendour). But what exactly is the difference between them? Furthermore, why should you choose one over the other? Here is a quick comparison between the two:

What you need to know



Ideal Room Size

For which rooms are these beds





King Size Mattress

188 cm

183 cm

3.7×3.7 m

Master bedrooms and luxury hotel rooms

  • Spacious
  • Can easily accommodate children and pets
  • For couples who like their own space
  • Not great for small homes
  • Higher price tags

Queen Size Mattress

188 cm

152 cm

3×3 m

Master bedrooms and guest rooms

  • More versatile
  • Can fit on most master bedooms
  • Cheaper than king size mattresses
  • Can become crowded if you have a lot of pets or children that share the bed with you

So when you decide to buy a mattress, make sure that you take into account:

  • Your budget
  • The main use of the mattress
  • Room size

Now you know the main differences between king- and queen size mattresses. Moreover, you know what to keep in mind when making your purchase. Now you want to get shopping! So check out the mattresses we reviewed below.

5 of the best queen mattresses for sale in South Africa

There is a queen mattress for everyone. As such, we reviewed queen mattresses across the whole spectrum. From the budget-friendly to the technologically packed mattress. You will definitely be able to find a mattress for sale that suits your needs (and pocket).

1. Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum Mattress

The Hotelier Platinum is one of the best affordable mattresses for sale out there.
The Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum Queen Mattress is perfect for your spare room

For those on a budget

  • Comfort Level – Firm
  • Weight Limit – 120 kg per side
  • Type – Foam

Made from a combination of foam chips and high-density foam layering, this mattress will last for years. The firm comfort rating means it is good for those of you that sleep on your backs or stomachs. With its 20-year service warranty, you won’t have to buy a new mattress again soon.

2. Forgeron Versailles Mattress

Forgeron Versailles are good value for money - traditional Bonnell Spring queen mattresses for sale.
The Forgeron Versailles is a great option if you are looking for a traditional queen mattress

For all sleeping styles

  • Comfort Level – Medium-firm
  • Weight Limit – 120 kg per side
  • Type – Bonnell Spring

A traditional, double-sided spring mattress. If you prefer to sleep on tried and tested spring technology, this one is for you. Beautifully tufted and encased in a supportive edge, the Forgeron Versailles mattress even has tags that show you when and how to flip it over to increase longevity.

3. Cloud Nine Mega-Flex Mattress

The Cloud Nine Mega-Flex Mattress has a fantastic 25 year service warranty.
The Cloud Nine Mega-Flex Queen Mattress has an excellent guarantee and warranty

A long term sleep solution

  • Comfort Level – Medium
  • Weight Limit – 160 kg per side
  • Type – Foam box top

This Cloud Nine mattress was designed to last. If you think that the 160 kg weight limit is impressive, you’d like to know that it also comes with a 25-year warranty. No doubt, this is one of the best heavy-duty mattresses for sale in South Africa at the moment. The medium comfort rating makes it perfect for any sleeping style.

4. Restonic iDream Dream Whisper Ultra Plush Mattress

Restonic iDream Dream Whisper Ultra Plush mattresses for sale are perfect for those that want to spare the environment.
The Restonic iDream Dream Whisper Ultra Plush Mattress is soft like a cloud

A green sleep solution

  • Comfort Level – Ultra plush
  • Weight Limit – 130 kg per side
  • Type – Foam

A portion of every Restonic iDream queen mattress sale goes to Sequal so that they can keep on removing plastic bottles from our oceans. So if you want to spare the environment, consider this fantastic foam mattress for sale. But saving the ocean isn’t all that you get. This super-soft mattress (perfect for side sleepers) is packed with modern sleep tech.

5. Tempur Micro-Tech Mattress

The Tempur Micro-Tech Queen XL Mattress takes sleeping comfort to the next level

The pinnacle of support and comfort

  • Comfort Level – Medium
  • Weight Limit – 150 kg per side
  • Type – Memory foam

Many of you know that Tempur is synonymous with soothing, restorative sleep. This top of the line mattress is fantastic for people with backaches and sore muscles. It will help you to relax completely while you sleep. It is also worth a mention that it comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Mattresses for sale online with The Mattress Warehouse

The five mattresses that we reviewed is only the tip of the iceberg. Visit our Queen Mattresses for sale page and see for yourself. With over 70 mattresses to choose from, you can use the filters to narrow down your search. There is definitely a mattress out there for you. Keep in mind that the price tag includes free delivery to your doorstep, should you live in or close to any major city in South Africa.

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