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What is Memory Foam?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

If you’ve ever owned a memory foam mattress in the past, you may or may not have enjoyed the experience. Memory foam has made progress in leaps and bounds as a sleeping surface. About 10 years ago, memory foam was still hot, clingy, and spongy.  In the meantime, things have changed. These days, beds carried by The Mattress Warehouse, memory foam is supportive, cool, and comfortable, It is the provides the perfect mattress for back support.

In this blog we will answer the following questions:

  • What is memory foam?
  • How does it work?
  • Should you purchase a memory foam mattress?
Cross section of memory foam mattress
Memory foam mattresses have several layers

How Memory Foam is Manufactured:

Memory foam is a chemical foam that was originally designed to help absorb the crash impact for astronauts. It’s called memory foam because it “remembers” it’s original form while conforming to the same and warmth of your body. This implies that if you sleep on foam you will experience tension relief in your lower back.  At the same time, the mattress supports your posture.

Memory Foam technology is still evolving. Up till today is still being developed from its original feel to something that works better for a bed. Memory Foam is manufactured by mixing two chemicals. The way these are mixed changes the firmness and the general feel of the mattress. 10 years ago, a Memory Foam Mattress took several minutes to retain its original shape. These days Memory Foam is far less clingy and spongy.

Memory foam back support
Memory foam gives great support to your pressure points

How Does Memory Foam Work?

Memory foam cushions your pressure points by providing a forgiving surface that spreads your body weight, rather than concentrating it on certain areas of the body. Normally your pressure points force your body to change position through the night to give them some relief, but with memory foam, that restless tossing and turning is gone.

Memory Foam softens to heat, meaning that the heat of your body creates a little impression wherever you are lying, and thisimpression flows into your lower back, giving it support, while giving way to your shoulders and hips, keeping your whole spine level. A level spine is the secret to restful sleep then ensures that you don’t wake up stiff or with a painful back.

Is Memory Foam Too hot?

The biggest complaint about memory foam is that it stores body heat and makes a sleeper too hot. For restful and deep sleep, it’s important that your core temperature should drop a few degrees, so a warm bed will keep you from sleep. New memory foam, however, is not hot. It’s made in an open cell structure, meaning that the air that is warmed by your body can move away and escape from the mattress, and cool air will replace it. In addition to that, modern memory foam is infused with a cool gel that absorbs your body heat. This was first implemented by Serta in their memory foam beds, but it’s now used in most memory foams, keeping the foam’s contouring quality while proving the cool surface needed. If you have memories of a memory foam bed that was too hot and didn’t support you, perhaps you should try again. Silent night’s memory foam beds are among the most comfortable beds on The Mattress Warehouse floor, with a soft but supportive feel, they are definitely not too hot.

Other memory foam beds are made by Genessi, or Rest Assured, or Cloud Nine. At The Mattress Warehouse, we also sell Latex beds, Pocket coils, and more. Call us today on 0861 007 000 to inquire.

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