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What is The Best King Size Mattress For You?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You are having trouble sleeping at night because space is just never enough for you and your sleeping partner. You start to develop bad back pain, and you grumble even early in the morning. Nothing feels right, and at first, you thought it was just one of those days. But then you realized, your mattress is no longer the same mattress you used to know. Is it still the best king size mattress for you and your partner or not?

You start questioning yourself, is it the time for the old mattress to be replaced by a new one? But you grow fond of your old mattress. You can’t throw it away, right? Overall of those years, you and your sleeping partner have agreed that it is the best king size mattress in the world! But your body keeps telling you that it is not. Okay, jokes aside. This is probably a very serious problem.

Best King Size Mattress in the Market.

There are lots of different brands and types of king size mattress in the market nowadays. Choosing one which you can call the best king size mattress can be a daunting task. This is because no king size mattress is perfect for everyone. Each manufacturer designs their mattresses differently. They tend to have a setlist of what specifications they want in each model of mattresses. Therefore, to judge one king-size mattress as the best of all is unfair.

However, we are here to help you to figure out what is the best king size mattress. We will let you read this post and give you the chance to browse through, which king size mattress will work best for your sleeping preference and body’s requirements. No matter what you do to decide on your final choice, always remember that the first thing you should consider should be your self. Never put other things priority. If you have a sleeping partner, bringing him or her to the store to test drive the mattress is a better choice.

So let’s check out the updated list for 2016 of the so-called best king size mattresses in the world:

Memory Foam King Size Mattress.

best king size mattressThere are a lot of different famous mattress producers that manufacture memory foam king size mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are known to be one of the most popular mattresses being sold. If money is not an issue for you, you can try looking for your own version of the best king size mattress from brands such as Restonic or Serta. These are among the most popular brands that offer high-quality memory foam mattresses for decades now.

If budget is a worry, then you can opt for other brands such as Cloud Nine or Fabbro. They offer better prices, but with the same high quality of finished products. When it comes to choosing your own version of the best king size mattress, always be sure of what you are looking for. Memory foam is known to be one of the most desired kinds of mattresses out there. If memory foam mattresses are not your type, you can try another type of king size mattresses such as the one made of innerspring.

Innerspring King Size Mattress.

Considered as the most popular mattress and the oldest type of mattress around the world, it is not uncommon to see people opting for innerspring king size mattresses more than any other type. This is probably due to the fact that most people were purchasing it for centuries. With several improvements over the years, the ratings and reviews are still not satisfying enough. This is probably due to the limited support it offers and they tend to be inferior in term of motion transfer.

However, on the bright side, if you are looking for some of the best brands that can offer you your own best king size mattress, there are so many manufacturers out there. Without a doubt, you can find a king-size mattress from the top two brands – Serta, and Sealy. If you are looking for a smaller manufacturer that can offer the same quality but at a lower price, you can opt for the Signature Sleep. The quality is pretty much the same.

Latex King Size Mattress.

best king size mattressWhen compared to memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses are not as popular as the others. The hardest part when it comes to buying latex king size mattresses is the fact that there are only just a few major brands that are providing this type of mattress. However, bear in mind that when you buy from any of these brands, the quality of the latex is 100% natural and highly rated. As a matter of fact, you will probably find your own version of the best king size mattress among these latex mattresses! Okay, we are probably exaggerating a bit, but what if that’s the truth?

Even though there is the production of synthetic latex mattresses, most consumers still prefer to spend their money on higher quality products that are manufactured with 100% natural latex. According to some researchers, when comparing latex being produced with either Dunlop (Standard), Talalay or Continuous process, there isn’t a significant difference in the mattresses’ performance. In other words, they are pretty similar. So it doesn’t matter if you are going to buy a latex mattress which is being processed through Dunlop, Talalay or Continuous, the finished products still offer the same vibe to it.


Choosing your own best king size mattress actually depends on you. As we already mentioned, different individual has different requirements and needs. What might sound good to your friend, may not be good for you. When it comes to choosing your own king size mattress, always ensure that you try all of the mattresses that spark your interest. Never settle for one just because you are told that it will work for you. It is not them who will sleep on your mattress. It is you who will decide on whether or not that mattress is the best king size mattress in the world or not!

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