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What You Should Know When Choosing Single Beds

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

single bedsWhile we are always happy to shop around and conduct hours of online research when it comes to bed buying, however, when it comes to getting a new single bed, we are always willing to go for a bargain buy or just get another hand-me-down thing from other people. Nevertheless, you should know that a bed that is aged more than fifteen years might not be as comfortable as it was a long time ago. And then it does make sense if you buy a new one as a replacement, or if you are still looking for cheaper ones, you can always hunt for the latest single beds for sale in the stores. Who knows you might find the right one that suits you?

How to Measure Up

Make certain you buy the right size bed for the person who will be sleeping in it and this should be the first thing you do before purchasing. Whether it is for an adult or a minor, the sizes of beds can vary greatly. For smaller single beds or children’s bed, you can find it in 75cm x 188cm, but most standard ones are made for 92cm x 188cm in measurement. You are now able to find it in extra length too, which measure 92cm x 200cm. One of our recommendations is for you to obtain a bed that is at least 10cm longer than the actual person that will sleep in it.

Settle On Your Style of Beds

What sort of style are you looking for? Are you having a hard time deciding between a rustic pine one and the chic-padded headboard? Prior to bed buying, you should understand that most of the beds in the market fall into one of these two categories, divan or bedstead. If you are concerned about storage, we suggest for you to get a divan single bed. This is because a divan bed will pop open, revealing enough storage for you to keep your winter bedding or even suitcases. This is one of the most appealing benefits of divan beds.

But if you are looking for something that is a great deal easier, but will still give storage big enough to keep some of your things, you can opt for a bedstead. The bedstead singe bed comes with a pullout drawer underneath and this will give you more storage in your bedroom. Other than that, you can also try to search for single beds that offer extra truckle bed underneath it which is very helpful, especially when you have guests coming over to spend a night at your place.

Some Tips on Buying a Bed

single bedsWith the increasing number of single beds for sale in the market, it has become a labor to seek the kind of bed which truly fit your character, personality, needs and requirements. Even so, we will give some tips on how to buy your bed.

When purchasing a single bed, always spend time trying out different beds for conformity to shape and make sure that you choose a bed that has a firm base. Always consider your own weight and height when you are assessing each of the beds for their degree of firmness. Besides, finding a bed that comes with a mattress that will allow the shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress while you are lying comfortably on your side is also a good sign. This type of mattress should also be able to hold your spine without putting too much pressure to your body parts.

As we noted earlier, when buying a single bed, your height and weight are very important. Buying a single is not like purchasing a queen or king bed, you must buy the one that can truly fit you perfectly. The sole person that can really understand and feel the level of comfort of lying in the bed is you. So whatever it is, you must try your own future bed. You should also know that a mattress that comes with thicker firmness can be relieved by covering the bed with a layer of sheepskin or foam and in order to make a mattress firmer, you can try using a bed board when you are traveling or at home.

We also suggest that you should know your sleeping posture and make sure which sleeping position is the best for when you are lying in the bed. Try a pillow underneath your knees if you are lying on your back and before getting in or out of bed, always roll onto the least painful side. For chronic back pain sufferers, we suggest adjustable beds as the best choice and they also work best in assisting the elderly people in order to find the most comfortable sleeping position especially at night.

How to Test a Mattress

single bedsBefore you buy your new single bed, you should recognize the method of testing your mattress. We will recommend some tips, but you know your body and needs the best, so the final decision is in your hands.

Firstly, you need to be lying on the bed flat and gently move your hand by sliding it into the small of the back. If you find the mattress has a gap, then the mattress is probably a little too hard for you. However, if you find that you can easily push your hand against it, then it means the bed is too soft. Always roll from one side to another side in order to determine whether the bed is suitable for you or otherwise. A mattress that is too soft tend to give difficulty in rolling from side to side.


As the manufacturers are competing against each other, it is wise to say that a buyer should be equipped with enough knowledge and research when it comes to buy a new bed. No matter how tempted you are with the advertisement of single beds for sale on the street, you should never compromise your requirements and needs just for a cheaper bed because you know you can’t afford an expensive bed with higher quality. It is much better to wait a little bit more and keep saving money until you can afford a single bed, with better material and the one that can assure you a good night’s sleep.

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