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Rest Assured Beds Review

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Buying a new bed is exciting! But it can also be daunting. There are so many bed brands out there, so you might be wondering which brand to pick, right? Allow us to help. If you are looking for a reliable bed, Rest Assured Beds are definitely one of our favourite picks. The Mattress Warehouse’s bed connoisseurs decided to review the Rest Assured brand so that you can… well… rest assured in the knowledge that you picked the right bed. Read on to see what makes these beds so reliable.

Who is the Rest Assured Beds brand?

Rest Assured started off as a mattress and bed manufacturer in Cape Town, back in 1979. The brand quickly became a favourite among the locals and so they decided to expand to the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal. All of the Rest Assured mattresses contain one of three types of coil systems (more on that in a bit) that provide good support and comfort. Rest Assured manufactures most of the bed components locally and takes pride in its excellent customer service. (Yes, we like that last bit just as much as you do.) So, if you are wondering…

Is Rest Assured a good brand?

The simple answer is yes. The brand is reliable and creates a sense of trust with its clients. If you aren’t convinced, here are some reasons why we trust Rest Assured Beds.

All the features we love about Rest Assured Beds

There are obviously various types of Rest Assured Beds for sale. Moreover, talking about every single bed that the brand has to offer will take forever and probably bore you out of your skull! So we zoomed in on the most important aspects of the brand. Here is what we love about Rest Assured Beds (you will likely love it too):

1. Superior spring systems

Sure, there are plenty of bed brands that incorporate springs or coils (one and the same) into their mattress design. However, what sets Rest Assured mattresses apart is the fact that their spring systems are heat tempered. What on earth is that? Think about how they used to forge swords back in the day. Blacksmiths subjected the metal to intense heat to shape and strengthen it. The same principle counts for Rest Assured’s heat tempered bed coils. This means that the coils are stronger and more durable than other bed manufacturers’ spring systems. In simple terms, more support for longer.

Some more detail about the three coil systems we mentioned earlier:

  • Evolution Pocket Spring – Each heat-tempered spring is encased in its own foam pocket. This means that the springs work independantly of each other and provides a smoother sleeping experience.
  • Heritage Bonnell Coil – A grid of hourglass shaped coils create a highly supportive core for dual-sided mattresses. These coils increase the carrying capacity of the bed.
  • Matrix Continuous Coil – These ultra-strong coils that are interlinked and spaced close together helps to distribute pressure evenly accross the entire sleep surface.

Keep in mind that these three types of coils do not come in the same bed. You can only get one of the three per bed.

2. Super soft padding

Even the Rest Assured Beds with a firm comfort rating still feel soft to the touch. And that caught our attention. It is definitely something that Rest Assured Beds got right because sleeping on a surface that feels too hard simply sucks. So no matter your sleeping style, you can sleep in comfort if you choose the right Rest Assured mattress.

3. Excellent customer support

Some Rest Assured Beds come with a service warranty of up to 25-years. This means two things:

  1. Rest Assured is very confident that its products are of a superb quality.
  2. The brand has to have a well trained and friendly after-sales team.

Both of these are qualities that we like in a bed brand. It just gives you that extra bit of peace of mind when you make your purchase. And we are pretty sure you can agree with that sentiment. Fortunately, we didn’t have to make use of the warranty during our tests but here is what one happy customer had to say about Rest Assured’s customer service:

I had a warranty with Rest Assured, and they kept to their word and replaced and delivered on it with a minimal fee.

Ebrahim P (hellopeter)

The best beds in the Rest Assured Beds range

Before testing the Rest Assured Beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse, we decided to find the best bed from each of the three different coil systems. And here is what we found.

Rest Assured Grande Posture Bed

The Rest Assured Grand Posture is our favourite among the Rest Assured Beds range.
The Rest Assured Grande Posture bed has a no-turn mattress for easier mattress upkeep
  • Currently on offer from R9,499 to R19,199
  • 25-year service warranty
  • 145 kg per person carrying capacity

The Rest Assured Grande Posture bed is the best bed with an Evolution Pocket Spring system. The box top stays nice and cool throughout the night, which helps to create optimal sleeping conditions. Moreover, we enjoyed the fact that the edges did not sag when we sat on it.

Rest Assured Posture Guard Firm Bed

The sleek, grey-sided Rest Assured Posture Guard Bed.
The Rest Assured Posture Guard Firm bed has a dual-sided mattress to keep the sleep surface even for longer
  • Currently on offer from R5,099 to R10,399
  • 15-year service warranty
  • 125 kg per person carrying capacity

The Rest Assured Posture Guard Firm bed was our top pick in the Heritage Bonnell Coil class. It was super comfortable for our stomach sleeping tester. There was ample support so that the tester didn’t wake up with back or neck pain. Furthermore, the sleep surface wasn’t too hard or unyielding. Our tester’s elbows, hips and knees didn’t experience any discomfort.

Rest Assured Eton Bed

The Rest Assured Eton bed has a simple grey base and quilted white mattress.
The Rest Assured Eton bed is definitely one of the most affordable, quality beds out there
  • Currently on offer from R3,599 to R7,399
  • 12-year service warranty
  • 90 kg per person carrying capacity

The Rest Assured Eton bed took the top spot in the Matrix Continuous Coil category (coincidentally, it is also quite affordable). It has a soft and inviting feel that will leave you feeling fresh in the morning. With its medium comfort rating, it can support any sleeping style. A word of caution, this bed is not for big-boned people.

Our verdict

All in all, Rest Assured Beds offer good value for money. With complete bed sets starting from R3,599 up to the low R20,000s most people will get what they are looking for (within their budget). Moreover, these beds are perfect for those of you that prefer traditional style spring mattresses over foam mattresses. On the other hand, if you prefer foam mattresses or luxurious, adjustable beds, Rest Assured Beds are probably not going to be your first choice.

Shop for Rest Assured Beds with The Mattress Warehouse

Go ahead and check out our range of Rest Assured Beds. The quality is great and the after-sales service (from The Mattress Warehouse and Rest Assured) is on point. So if you are looking for a spring mattress, look no further! What’s more, if you buy a mattress protector with your Rest Assured Bed, you get 100 nights to test the bed. If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back.

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