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Your Guide to The Mattress Warehouse’s Bed Collection

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Humanity finds itself at a time of many, many available choices in our everyday lives. This is especially true when choosing a new bed. Thanks to technology and research, bed (and mattress) design have become a type of science in itself. It is easy to get lost in detail with so many new options at hand. A bit of research can make all the difference to choose between the many beds for sale. It will most probably bring you and your ideal bed together.

Remember: sleep is one of our non-negotiable needs. We spend about a third of our lives in dreamland. There are many ways to ensure that we get enough sleep. The most basic of these is to ensure that you have the right bed.

Did you know: choosing a bed is different from choosing a mattress

When selecting a mattress, we concentrate on what it feels like, rather than what it looks like. Mattresses are almost always covered in sheets. On the other hand, beds are designed to be visible. Indeed, most people consider beds to be part of the decor. To add to that, beds do not “wear out” as mattresses do, and seldom need replacement.

Why get a new bed? Consider these reasons:

Wooden headboard with wooden nightstand. White sheets on the bed.
Why should you buy a new bed? Comfort, better sleep hygiene and aesthetics are some reasons.

1. Improved comfort

A bed elevates your mattress to a more comfortable height. As a result, it becomes easier to get into, and out of, bed. Beds are also designed to enhance the breathability of your mattress, making you sleep more comfortably.

2. Better sleep hygiene

The presence of dust mites, which can cause allergies, is a reality in every bedroom. These dust mites live on tiny flakes of dead skin cells, which we shed in abundance. Together with the dust particles, these dust mites sift down onto the floor. By elevating your mattress, you can reduce your exposure to dust mites and the allergens they produce.

3. Personalised aesthetics

With the myriad of beds for sale, you will be able to find a bed that suits your style. The right bed can instantly set the tone in your bedroom – from a clean, minimalist look to one of opulent luxury. Definitely, do not underestimate the joy of a bedroom that is beautiful to you.

Let’s have a look at the different types of beds available from The Mattress Warehouse.

A Variety Of Beds for Sale

Types of mattress sizes. Illustration of single, 3/4, double, queen and king beds.
The Mattress Warehouse has a wide range of beds for sale!

1. All-In-One option

I should list this type of bed as a separate category. It consists of both a mattress and a base. These can either be separate or integrated into a single unit. When mattress manufacturers use the term “bed”, they are referring to both mattress and bed base. With this option, your choice will mainly depend on the mattress you prefer.

There are advantages to taking this route. For example, the mattress will fit the base perfectly, as it is designed to do so. Moreover, features like mattress support and breathability are optimum with this choice. Additionally, you’ll most likely pay less for the two-in-one option, than if you’d have bought the mattress and corresponding base separate.

2. Wooden Beds

Wood continues to be a favoured material in bed design. It is reasonably priced, sturdy for its weight and ecologically sound. A few types of wooden beds are:

3. Steel Beds

Steel beds have been with us for over a century. They are sturdy, reliable, relatively light and virtually indestructible. Additionally, these beds are easy to transport, as they are usually foldable. It is not surprising that army and hospital beds are made of steel.

In fact, many people like their stripped, functional look which fits perfectly with the modernist-inspired decor. Incredibly, the Bauhaus steel bed designs from the early 1930s still look fresh and contemporary today.

Steel railing against a white background.
Many people like the minimalistic aesthetic of a steel bed.

4. Leather Touch Beds

A leather touch bed is basically a wooden bed with an upholstered leather touch headboard. They lend a feel of luxury to your bedroom.

5. Adjustable Beds

These marvels of engineering have been around for a few decades, but they still look like something from a sci-fi movie. Adjustable beds, as the name suggests, can be adjusted to different positions, suited to our liking. For example “head only” elevates the upper half of the mattress slightly, which is an ideal position for reading.

Likewise, there are positions for “watching TV” or “zero gravity”. Many adjustable beds have additional features like vibrating massage settings. Furthermore, the mattresses on adjustable beds are specifically designed to be flexible while providing support.

6. Upholstered Base Sets

An upholstered base set is the most basic kind of bed. Mattress manufacturers usually make them fit a specific mattress or line of mattresses. It even resembles a mattress in its styling. In short, a bed base is a platform on which a bed rests. To make them fit in with most kinds of decor, manufacturers cover upholstered bases in neutral-coloured fabrics.

7. Headboards

We realise that headboards are not actual beds per se, so this is more like an honourable mention. If your bed does not have an attached headboard, you can add one yourself. The headboard is fastened to the wall, which saves space, and makes your bed manoeuvrable. Moreover, many headboards are padded, which enhances their looks and makes them more comfortable to lean against.

Buying a new bed? These are things you need to consider

Woman sitting with laptop, bankcard in hand, ready to make a purchase.
Consider the following key points before buying a new bed.

1. Your physical attributes

Ensure that you know what minimum length and weight your bed must accommodate. What’s more, rather err on the side of caution by working in some leeway.

2. Room size

Be realistic as to the size of the bed you can comfortably accommodate in your bedroom. You should be able to move freely around the bed and open all cupboards and doors completely. Furthermore, keep your habits in mind. For example, if you like to sit on the edge of the bed, you should have room to do so.

3. Aesthetics

In short: you should know what you want. To achieve this, you’ll have to do some research. View as many designs as you can, so you can get an idea of the possibilities. The pleasure you derive from your bed should not be limited to its practicality only. Choose a bed that is beautiful to you.

As a starting point, consider these three factors even before you start to comb through all the beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse. Our expert salespeople can offer you some great advice. Get in touch to find out more.

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