Sometimes, the best place to get information is not from the experts who observe from the outside, but from those who have actual experience, such as sleep companies like ours as well as people who own certain mattress or who have tried certain sleep tips.


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And with so many mattress factories, you know we deal with all things sleep related. In a fun experiment, we decided to go online to find some of the most commonly asked questions on the popular community known as Quora.


And then we answered them!

We've answered some of the most common mattress questions!
We’ve answered some of the most common mattress questions!

Can I put bleach on my mattress?

Technically, of course, you can. The right way to phrase this question is to ask whether you SHOULD. And the answer to that is absolutely not! Once you pure the bleach onto your mattress, there will be no way to get it out again. You cannot rinse a mattress, so chances are that you will end up ruining your beautiful bed. We don’t recommend you do this. Please, don’t put bleach on your bed!

How long do mattresses and springs last before they become uncomfortable?

Technically, depending on your bed brand, it can be very difficult to give you a general answer. We normally say that a person should change their mattress once every 6 to 8 years. This is, of course, the ideal but it’s not always possible. The 6 to 8 year rule also applies to memory foam mattresses.

The problem with ageing mattresses lies with the fact that each night we tend to lie in the same area of the bed. So this one area ages faster than the rest of the bed.

But with small indentations forming in those regions we sleep in every night, your mattress is shaping itself to your body. This simply means that you will have more support for your spine which might aid your sleep.

What many people do, however, is mistake this helpful indentation as a defect in the mattress as the result of wear and tear. But, indentations of up to 5cm are not defects but rather proof that your memory foam bed is doing its job right!

Will a soft mattress cause any pain for your back/neck?

The softness or the firmness of the mattress, and the benefits that they have, will depend a lot on your specific sleep needs. To answer this question though, no, a soft mattress will not cause you to have any health problems such as neck or back pain. What could affect you though is having a bad quality soft mattress.

When you are selecting a new mattress, you need to always make sure that you are putting the quality of the mattress above the price you are paying for it. Low quality mattresses are manufactured using sub-par fabrics, foams and springs, which won’t support the body, the same way with a better quality mattress would. Consider the brand you are looking at buying, do some research and read as many reviews as possible, before you make your final choice.

But know that a soft mattress will not lead to having health problems. In fact, this might be just the mattress you need, to alleviate existing issues.

Pocket coils are great for back support, side and back
Pocket coils are great for back support, side and back

How can I make my mattress more comfortable?

We get asked this one quite a lot. A comfortable mattress is like sleeping on a cloud! So while a new bed might be comfortable, some of us are always looking to take our comfort to the next level! A good place to start is by fitting your mattress with a puffy mattress topper. This can either be a permanent solution or it can be a temporary fix until you buy a new mattress. If you are thinking about using the mattress topper permanently, you might want to think about investing in a memory foam mattress topper. Not only are they affordable, but they have a decent lifespan and they are sure to give you that little bit of extra comfort you are looking for.

You can make your mattress more comfortable with a topper
You can make your mattress more comfortable with a topper

Is sleeping on a soft mattress detrimental to my back and spine in the long term?

Again, like the question we answered above, it all depends on the person. If you are not already suffering from back pain, you shouldn’t have a problem with a soft mattress. If you are looking for extra back support, however, a soft mattress won’t give you the kind of support that a firmer mattress will.

Your spine is such an important part of your body. You cannot afford to have it damaged by an inferior mattress. This means that if you are going for the soft mattress option, be sure to buy a high-quality soft mattress. Take your time to carefully go through the various brands, look at what has been used to manufacture the bed and find out which supportive features the soft mattress will provide. And when in doubt, talk to one of our sleep consultants!

Should your shoulders rest on your pillow while sleeping on the back? Or just the neck?

This is actually quite the thought provoking question, and it is possibly not one that you have ever thought to ask before. But we are glad that it came up!

The answer lies with the pillow you are looking at buying. Some pillows are made to cradle your neck while others are more of a wedge. The best answer we can give you is that the best pillow is going to be the one that is the most comfortable for you! Like mattresses, the comfort of a pillow is going to be a matter of personal preference.

If this answer has not satisfied your curiosity, we have another. Rather just rest your neck on your pillow and not your shoulders. Your neck needs more support, and the curve of the neck needs to be resting comfortably in order for you to not have neck pain in the morning. Your shoulders will be supported by the mattress. Should you try to have your shoulders and your neck on the pillow, you will wake with a “kink” in your neck and have a day with unnecessary pain!

Hotel 100% Cotton Percale 250 Thread Count – Queen Oxford Pillow Case

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

The previous question sort of follows into this one. We won’t answer this one with “personal preference”. To find the pillow that is best for alleviating neck pain, you need to start by taking a good look at the structure of the pillow. What is it made of? What benefits are being used to sell it? Don’t fall for advertising stating that the pillow has recuperative functions, you may well end up buying a normal pillow that does nothing but further your pain.

Take your time to look at the layout of the pillow. Is it a memory foam pillow? Is the shape one that will mould to the curve of your head and neck? If it is, then this might be the ideal pillow for your sleep needs. Memory foam pillows are said to be the absolute best for alleviating neck pain, so you won’t be going wrong here!

This is not the end of your research though. You now need to take a closer look at the pillow to see if it has any added functionality. There are some pillows on the market that will enable you to increase or decrease the height of the pillow based on the amount of foam you put in. This will give you the opportunity to create a pillow just for your needs.

What is the easiest way to launder pillows, and how often should you do it?

Since we have already discussed pillows quite a bit, we might as well talk about how often you should be washing your pillows. But instead of laundering your pillows, and washing the delicate fabrics and foams within the pillow, rather opt for a pillow protector that will prevent oils from your skin from sinking in.

This pillow cover can be washed instead of washing the pillow. The pillow cover will protect your pillow from bacteria, allergens, dust and perspiration.

Is it better to sleep on a firm or soft mattress?

We have already cleared up that soft mattresses won’t do you any harm so long as you don’t have existing back problems and as long as you buy a quality mattress. So the answer to this question will be to buy the in-between mattress: not too firm but not too soft.

There has been plenty of research into the effects of sleeping on a mattress which is too firm for your body, and the results are not that good. A mattress that is too firm can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the joints and the bones which can cause pain over time when you sleep on your side. If you are one who prefers sleeping on your back, a mattress that is too firm can displace your weight and it is unlikely to allow your body to settle down comfortably enough for you to sleep well.

A thick, soft, warm duvet just makes everything better!

On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft for your sleep needs will not provide your body with the right amount of support. Your body will sink too low into the mattress, rather than being given some firm support. In the long term, this can be doing damage although you might feel very comfortable at first. And keep in mind that even a firm mattress that has been used for too many years can become soft and uncomfortable.

Is a memory foam mattress topper just as good as a full memory foam mattress?

We have already discussed using a memory foam topper to give your mattress a little more comfort, but which is the best way to go if you want to have memory foam?

In all honesty, the price is going to be the big determining factor here, although a memory foam mattress will be better than the topper alone.

You can imagine that the topper is going to be far more affordable than going out and buying a whole new mattress.  But, again, you will only be saving money in the short term. When you are considering your long term sleep needs, buying a memory foam mattress is the better way to go! You should never compromise your sleep needs and you should not compromise your sleep health. A bad mattress can damage your posture and cause damage that can take years to correct.

But when you find that you really need to replace your mattress and you have the money to spare, it is better to buy a new memory foam mattress rather than just a mattress topper. Your mattress is going to improve your sleep, and your sleep is directly linked to your health, so you will be winning all the way with this investment. Especially when you take into consideration that you are likely to get up to 10 years of good use from it.

back pain bed

Now let’s talk quickly about mattress toppers. Memory foam toppers can be the short term solution to the need of a new mattress. But keep in mind that it is a temporary solution and you will need to replace your bed.

What makes a good mattress?

Finally, to round off this question and answer session, we are going to answer one of the most commonly asked questions, which is “what makes a good mattress?”

Well, a good mattress is going to be the one that supports your sleeping posture and helps you to get a great night of rest. It is usually the mattress made of high-quality fabrics, foams and fibres and it will usually be the mattress that is made by a leading bed manufacturer. If you have back problems, then the mattress that supports your back will be the one best for you while if you are not in need of extra support, then the softer mattress might be ideal!

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