When do you normally buy a new mattress for your child? When they move from a cot or smaller bed to a “big boy (or girl)” bed, right? Well, 10 years down the line, it might be time for a new bed, both for the teen’s growing body’s sake and for the mattress’s sake! Mattresses are typically aged beyond their use, and between age 15 and 17 is when teens, especially boys, start to reach their adult weight. What type of bed should you consider for your teen, who never seems to sleep during the week, but who’s in bed all weekend?

Here are some tips for buying the right mattress for your teen.


Durability is important. The mattress you buy your teen needs to be durable, because it will need to last a while: Once your teen moves out that is the only the mattress they’ll have until they can buy their own (far in future). It needs to be able to last them that period of time, typically another 10 years. If they don’t take the mattress with them, they may use it while at home studying until they leave, and after that happens you can use it in a guestroom or as a bed for them to come home to occasionally. So when choosing your teen’s next mattress, pursue durability carefully: it’s more than just a mattress to tide them over a few years, it could have long lasting effects – after all, when is a good mattress not a beneficial thing to have an extra one of?

For a durable, but affordable, student and teen mattress, consider the Majestic range.


Teens may treat sleep like a throw away item, but they desperately need it. Studies have shown that teens actually need about 9 hours of sleep a night. Even if your teen isn’t getting this much, making sure the sleep they do get is restful and refreshing is any parents’ prerogative. At this age teens have grown out of the one-size-fits all children’s mattresses, and are developing their own sleeping style. A mattress that leaves them hollow eyed the morning before an important test should definitely go! The quality of sleep a teen gets can greatly influence mood swings, academic performance and motivation. In order to provide this, a mattress needs to support the teen’s spine and relieve pressure points, preventing stiffness and back pain from sitting bent over a desk studying.

Depending on your teen’s own personal preference, they might need a pocket coil, memory foam, or latex mattress.


Something that is easily overlooked is the length of a mattress. Especially applying to growing guys, make sure you buy a mattress that is going to accommodate their height and size. Many teens actually prefer a three quarter mattress, because it affords more room to stretch out, but apart from that factor, ensure that you take into consideration how tall a teen boy is going to grow, as he may need an extra length mattress to support his future frame. A mattress should be at least 10cm longer that the sleeper lying straight, without a pillow. Many taller than average girls should have an extra length mattress too, especially if they are sleeping on a single.

Don’t skimp on the price: consider buying higher quality because they are no longer a child; your teen, soon to be adult, may need this mattress a long time, and they do need the superior support and rest. Even if they do not use the mattress for 10 years, you will.


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