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3 Essential Pieces of Bedroom Furniture You Need

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to choosing their bed essentials like the mattress and base. But what if it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture? Is it just as important? The truth is, your bedroom has more purpose than merely to provide you with a night’s rest. It’s most definitely also your personal haven and place of tranquillity. And for you to feel safe and at peace, you need the right bed furniture. And if you’re wondering what the right furniture is, we’ve got you covered. Allow our bedroom experts at The Mattress Warehouse to talk you through all of the most essential pieces of bedroom furniture that you need.

Tips on buying bedroom furniture

Bedroom with a wooden floor and large window overlooking some trees. The inside of the bedroom showcases a lot of bedroom furniture - a chair in one corner, a large bed against the opposite wall and a chest of drawers next to the bed.
If you have enough space in your room you can add a chair for extra relaxation

Grocery shopping is just easier when you know beforehand what you want to buy. Likewise, by evaluating your current bedroom and taking some notes before hitting the shops, you can make the buying process so much simpler. Here are three tips from our experts on how to get started:

1. Get some inspiration

With so many bedroom ideas and furniture options available, where do you begin? There are tons of creative examples of how to decorate and furnish your bedroom. Whether it’s on the web, in magazines or you hear about it from neighbours and friends! So before you start shopping for furniture, make use of these platforms and get a good idea of the look you want to go for.

However, be wary of information overload! Coming up with the right combination of bedroom furniture shouldn’t be overwhelming. On the contrary, it should be an exciting and stimulating process. To start, get some inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest so that you start formulating an idea of what style suits your preference.

2. Don’t break the bank

One guideline to consider that will definitely make the choosing process easier is how much you are willing to spend and what your budget allows. And then stick to it. With the whole range of styles and prices The Mattress Warehouse has to offer, you can definitely strike the right balance between affordability and taste. And don’t worry if you’re on a slightly tighter budget. There are numerous stylish bedroom furniture options that will suit your price range without killing your bank account.

3. Measure it up and make it nice

Of course, you would want to make sure your bedroom can accommodate these new items perfectly. So knowing the size and measurements of your bedroom is crucial! Take out your measuring tape and a notebook, then measure your current bedroom furniture, the free space in the room and the length and width of the room. Now draw the floorplan of your room, and start playing around with ideas of where to add new bedroom furniture. Knowing how much space you have for those essential bedroom pieces, you can now have a look at the different styles you’ve identified in step 1 and determine how to add some flair to your bedroom.

Once aspects such as bedroom size, budget and preference are taken into account, and you have looked through some really interesting examples, it’s time to make a choice. Simply play around and get your creativity flowing!

The top 3 bedroom furniture pieces

Bedroom with a large bed dominating the room and a set of blue nightstands and drawer for extra storage.
Large nightstands and drawers make excellent storage add-ons to a bedroom

These days there are so many different types of bedroom furniture to choose from. From mirror tables to benches to coffee tables – all with unique styles and designs to suit every taste. And let’s face it, even if your needs might differ from the next person, it’s still necessary to look at those essential bedroom pieces that everyone needs in their room. Below is our pick of the three most common bedroom furniture pieces that you can’t live without.

1. The bed base

One of the most important pieces of the bed set is, of course, the bed itself. Along with the mattress, the bed base has the unique function of providing durability and additional support. And with a whole variety of bed bases available, you can easily find one that fits in perfectly with your bedroom style.

Tip: Not all bed bases come with an attached headboard. So if your bed base comes without a headboard, be on the lookout for a standalone one.

2. Chest of drawers

If you live in a small apartment and you don’t have enough storage space, a chest of drawers in the bedroom is a must! Whatever it might be, whether it’s clothing, socks or make-up items, you would want to have a convenient piece of storage (apart from your too small wardrobe) to make your belongings accessible, keep everything organized and avoid clutter.

3. Nightstand/Bedside pedestal

A very handy item to complement the other two pieces of essential bedroom furniture and to round off the whole bedroom. This little piece of furniture can easily be overlooked and regarded as ‘’unessential’’ but it definitely has its place in the setup. Maybe you like reading and want to keep your book within reaching distance? Or maybe you want easily accessible space to put your glasses, water or even electronic devices. The nightstand carries out this function perfectly.

Bedroom furniture for sale

The Mattress Warehouse caters for a whole range of styles and preferences. From simple and elegant bed bases to the luxurious feel of leather headboards and heavy wooden bed frames. Moreover, we stock a wide selection of nightstands and bedside drawers. Using our online store, you can find great pieces to furnish your own creative bedroom space, from the luxury of your own home. What’s even better, is that The Mattress warehouse will also provide you with the special service of free delivery* at your doorstep. (*terms & conditions apply)

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