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Creating Your Dream Bedroom: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

There’s something about walking into a beautifully decorated bedroom—dappled with the afternoon sunlight—in which each piece of bedroom furniture sits perfectly in its place. However, creating this oasis of calm doesn’t happen by chance. It asks for an understanding of how to expertly select and place bedroom furniture, bringing functionality, personal style, and aesthetics together. Keep reading as The Mattress Warehouse bedroom experts explain how to set up your bedroom.

How to Choose Your Bedroom Furniture

Each piece of your bedroom plays a critical role in constructing an atmosphere where you can rest and rejuvenate. Centre-stage at this gathering is your bed and bedside pedestals, the yin and yang of your bedroom. These pieces take up the most space, command the most attention, and determine the room’s functionality and style.

Why Beds Are Essential 

The bed is not just a piece of bedroom furniture where you rest—it’s the heart of the bedroom that drives its ambience. All roads in your bedroom decor journey begin at your bed. Hence, picking a bed such as the Kooi Zina Teak Bed, which brings style and comfort together, can help you carve a room that radiates warmth and serenity. The bed’s size, its height from the floor, the colour of the upholstery, every little detail adds something unique to your room. 

Elegant wooden bed base with slated base and headboard.

The Kooi Zina Bed is stylish and elegant, with simple lines that fit into almost any bedroom space

  • Current Price: R3,799.00 to R6,799.00
  • Size: Single to King XL
  • Material: Teak

The Importance of Bedside Pedestals

Next to your bed are its trusty companions—the bedside pedestals. They may seem like smaller, insignificant pieces, but they secretly shoulder the responsibility of balancing style and function in your room. A beautifully designed bedside table like the Berlin Pedestal can serve as the perfect home for your bedtime essentials and pull the look of the room together.

Bedroom furniture: A wooden bedside pedestal with one drawer.

Minimalistic in design, the Berlin bedside pedestal fits gracefully into your bedroom

  • Current Price: R2,599.00
  • Size: (H) 600 mm by (W) 600 mm by (D) 450 mm
  • Material: Aged radiata pine – Teak or Driftwood stain

Tactful Use of a Headboard

Headboards, while often an overlooked part of your bedroom furniture set, can add that missing oomph factor to your room. By choosing the right headboard, you can introduce a new texture, a dash of colour, or a captivating pattern into your decor, changing the game for your bedroom aesthetics. Leather headboards speak of grandeur while upholstered headboards, like the Oslo headboard give off a cosy atmosphere. 

White headboard with grey upholstery in the middle.

Snuggle up against the Oslo headboard with a steaming cup of tea and your favourite novel or series

  • Current Price: R2,999.00 to R4,999.00
  • Size: Single to King
  • Material: White stained pine with fabric upholstery

How to Decorate and Furnish a Bedroom

As we delve further into the art of bedroom decor, it becomes evident that it extends beyond furniture. An inviting, functional haven is the culmination of optimal space utilisation, a thoughtful colour scheme, and the right lighting.

Using Space Effectively

While it’s tempting to fill every corner of your room with dazzling pieces of furniture, it’s important to remember that your bedroom is a place of rest. Overcrowding it with furniture can make it seem cramped and confining. Therefore, when organising your bedroom, the motto should be ‘less is more’. 

Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

Colours can wield a powerful influence over the mood and aesthetic of a bedroom. Light and cool colours like pale blue, soothing greens, or versatile lavender can enhance the sense of tranquillity. When you’re choosing the colour scheme for your bedroom, it’s also important to bear in mind the different functions each part of your room serves. Don’t be afraid to use different colours for your bedroom furniture. 

Setting the Lighting Mood 

Lighting in the bedroom sets the mood for rest and relaxation.

  • Natural Lighting: Harness the best light there is — the sun! Employ light window treatments to fully leverage sunny days.
  • Artificial Lighting: Embrace variety. Use a combination of general, accent, and task lighting for different moods and necessities.

Striking a balance between space, colour, and lighting can transform any bedroom into a comfortable sanctuary that emanates charm and tranquillity.

5 Easy Tips to Add More Style to Your Bedroom

Perhaps you feel like something is still missing, something that makes your bedroom unmistakably ‘you’. Here are five easy tips to add flair to your bedroom:

1. Play with Proportions: Add different sizes of bedroom furniture to keep the room dynamic and interesting. 

2. Add a Chair or a Couch: Depending on the amount of space you have, a chair or a nice couch can be a nice addition to your bedroom furniture.

3. A Personal Touch: Personal photos, art collections, or even your favourite books can give your bedroom a touch of your personal style.

4. Curtains and Blinds: The right window treatment can change the room drastically.

5. Mix and Match: You don’t have to buy a matching set of furniture. An eclectic mix of pieces might just be what your room needs to make it feel unique and inviting. 

Shop Bedroom Furniture at The Mattress Warehouse

Dreaming of a tranquil, heavenly bedroom but struggling to find those perfect pieces of bedroom furniture? Help is at hand. At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer a wide range of high-quality beds, pedestals, and stylish headboards, catering to every taste and need. With us, you can create a beautiful bedroom that mirrors your own comfort and style. Don’t wait, seize the day, start your journey towards crafting the perfect bedroom, and revel in your peaceful haven.

Throughout the years, we’ve helped many people transform their bedrooms into the restful, beautiful sanctuaries they’ve always desired, and we can do the same for you. So why wait? Your beautiful bedroom is just a few clicks away.


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