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All The Benefits of a King Bed You Need to Know About

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Have you been resenting family cuddles lately because you just yearn for some room to sleep? Or is your partner such an adventurous sleeper that you barely have any room on the bed? Being close to your loved ones is always great, but not when it leaves you hot or completely unrested come sunrise. So perhaps it is time you invested in a king-size bed. Let The Mattress Warehouse help you with that as we explain everything you need to know about king beds. From size to design and everything in between. If you want to wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed, keep reading.

Firstly, let’s deal with the basics about a king-size bed 

A king bed is the largest of the standard bed sizes. King bed dimensions are typically 188 cm by 183 cm. Perhaps for a more vivid picture, think of it as two twin beds put together. Yes, it is that huge! A king bed is great for those who share the bed with someone, a pet or are just one of those ‘starfish’ sleepers. In fact, as long as you have adequate space in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a king-size bed. Because king mattresses are larger, king beds tend to be more costly than smaller beds. But certainly, a luxurious investment that speaks of prosperity and elegance. 

All the benefits of a king bed you need to know about

Apart from the fact that it takes up a lot of floor space, there aren’t many cons to having a king bed. However, the pros are nearly endless. But not to bore you, here are some of the most important benefits of having a king-size bed.

1. More space

Rolling over freely has to be one of the most satisfying sleep experiences. No more bumping into your partner every time one of you turns around. Moreover, you probably won’t even notice if your partner is a restless sleeper. You don’t have to worry about kinks and cramps after spending the night cosied up with the kids. You’ll have enough room to stretch your legs and arms and accommodate awkward sleep positions from your partner, kids, or pets. Suffice it to say, more space equals more comfort and better sleep. 

2. Recommended for relieving pressure points. 

Depending on your sleeping style (and the bed you sleep on), you may wake up with sore muscles every morning. However, because modern-day king-size mattresses are so deep, they alleviate stress on pressure points in the body, like your hips and shoulders. They are one of the best options if you have joint-related ailments or are recovering from a medical procedure. Always ensure that your mattress has the right comfort rating for your sleeping style. This promotes alignment of the neck and head, while also ensuring the appropriate movement of shoulders and hips as you snooze. 

3. For the restless sleeper 

We all know of someone (or are maybe guilty ourselves) who is a chaotic sleeper. Reasons may vary from arthritis and other joint problems to just having a ‘wild’ subconscious. King-size beds offer plenty of room to ease idle joints and for you to find the most comfortable way to lie as you sleep. And the best part is that you or your partner (depending on who the culprit is) won’t even realise that the other one is tossing and turning.

4. Flexible bedroom aesthetic

King-size mattresses are designed in such a way that they give off an aura of opulence in a room. They typically go well on most bed frames, but just to be safe, check to see what bed base goes best with the king mattress you intend to buy. No matter your bedroom theme, trust your king bed to effortlessly complement the style. Just like leather, king beds are a timeless feature in your bedroom. For modern, youthful styles they give off that carefree vibe about a room. Almost like a promise of “endless dreams”. And to a more chic, vintage-style bedroom the king bed may portray the idea of convenient and uninterrupted rest after a long day’s effort.

Our top picks of king beds at The Mattress Warehouse 

At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer a wide range of debonair king beds. Here are some of our favourites (if you see their warranties, you’ll understand):

The Forgeron All Seasons King Bed

The Forgeron All Seasons king bed.
The Forgeron All Seasons King Bed has two unique sides – a warm surface for winter and a cool one for summer. Flip the mattress at the turn of the season to get the most value for your money.
  • Currently on offer for R16,099
  • 25 year service warranty
  • 140 kg per person carrying capacity

This is one of our top picks of king beds. The mattress has an exceptionally comfortable medium-firm filling that accommodates all sleep positions. It also regulates its temperature to best suit your body temperature. Simply the best gateway to “Dreamland’.

Kooi Pure Firm King Bed

The Kooi Pure Firm has an exceptional foam mattress.
The Kooi Pure Firm Mattress is stress tested and conforms to European bedding standards
  • Currently on offer for R16,299
  • 20 year service warranty
  • 130 k per person carrying capacity

The outstandingly durable Kooi Pure Firm king bed is perfect for active people. Made of pure foam filling, it is a remarkable mattress rendering optimum joint pressure relief and peaceful sleep.

There are so many outstanding and luxurious king beds to choose from at The Mattress Warehouse. 

King beds for sale countrywide with free delivery 

There is no need to avoid family cuddles, slumber parties, or bedtime with your partner. The Mattress Warehouse has you covered with fantastic and uber comfy king-size beds. A king bed is an incredibly worthwhile investment. We deliver your best choice promptly, wherever, with a smile. We value your sleep time more than anything! Shop our full range of beds for sale online or in-store.

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