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How to Compare Mattresses when You visit Bed Shops

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Which mattress is right for me? Is there a hitchhiker’s guide to mattress buying? Let’s be honest, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your mattress over the next couple of years, so you want to get this right. Even if it means going to a couple of bed shops before you make your final choice.

We’ve all slept on the same mattress for longer than we should have, all the while wondering what makes a mattress an investment rather than a dust appointment. Well, if you want to make an investment in your future, keep reading as The Mattress Warehouse explains what to look out for and what to test when you visit a bed shop to buy a mattress

Be prepared before you visit those bed shops

Wondering how to compare mattresses may have you lying around bed shops all week. So before you go, ask yourself a couple of important questions regarding mattresses and beds.

What type of mattress do you want?

Yes, there is more than one type of mattress out there. And that makes finding a mattress match a bit daunting. Seeing that mattresses are constructed differently, sleeping on different ones will change the way you sleep and subsequently the quality of your sleep. Let’s take a look at the various types of mattresses – you might be surprised which one suits you.

Foam mattresses

Remember that time when the astronauts designed next-generation material that helped absorb a crash impact? Well, memory foam does too. That’s because memory foam “remembers” and conforms to the shape of your body. This lightweight combination of different types of high-density foam layers offers a soft and contouring sleeping experience. It is ideal for hip and shoulder pressure point relief, these mattresses shape to your posture when pressure and heat are applied. Memory foam mattresses are also excellent at isolating mattress motion for those of you with a restless sleeping partner. To refresh your memory on the material, feel free to roam on some foam.

Innerspring mattresses

This classic mattress type is constructed from comfortable upholstery surrounding a spring or coil core that offers support and firmness. As the spring and coils options are endless so too are the comfort options available to the user for any type of budget.  This mattress type truly is a well-rounded mattress for full-bodied individuals looking for a supportive and comfortable yet pain-relieving option. The characteristic frame enhances the edge support of the mattress for couples who utilise the entire surface area of the bed. Overall, a firmer innerspring mattress may not be suitable for those seeking a softer feel but remains a competitive mattress type to consider.

Hybrid mattresses

This half innerspring, half foam mattress combines the traditional supportive structure of spring mattresses with the soft contouring benefits of foam and latex mattresses to create a high-end quality hybrid mattress. This type of mattress leans on all the strong suits of both mattresses and cater for the person seeking an option where their sleep preferences are met by what spring and foam mattresses can offer. These high-end quality mattresses can be expensive but offers pressure point relief without compromising on back support.

Decide on the firmness level you would prefer

Ergonomic orthopedic mattress vector illustration. Correct spine sleeping position for health

When you lie on your mattress, your spine should be in alignment

How should you decide on the firmness level of your next mattress?

Finding that sweet spot between a firm yet supportive mattress is a balancing act. At least this time the tight rope is a comfy mattress. The concept of firmness versus support can be eluding, but here is a short outline of what it entails and how you can apply it when comparing mattresses.  The level of firmness or softness is ultimately a subjective choice based on your sleeping position and body type. Firmness is simply that feeling you get when you first lie down on the mattress. How does it respond to pressure being applied? Is it hard or soft? Are you sinking in or resting on top of it? Mattress support is about how pressure is distributed over your body. Does it align your body in a natural relaxed posture? Or do you feel pressure points in areas like your hips, shoulders or back?

How do firmness and comfort affect your mattress choice?

Your sleeping preference is determined by body type, size and sleeping position. Side sleepers tend to prefer soft to medium firmness levels that offer posture alignment and reduced pressure on the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers tend to prefer a medium firmness level. Reducing the sinking feeling is essential to avoid back pain for this type of sleeper. Stomach sleepers tend to prefer a hard firmness level for the same reason as the back sleeper – to avoid pressure points sinking in too far.

Mattresses designed for individuals heavier than 113 kg are specifically designed to be firmer mattresses capable of supporting the weight without compromising posture alignment, which can result in back pain. Lightweight individuals, on the other hand, are more accustomed to a softer mattress that allows for a sinking feeling. Otherwise, if the mattress is too firm, it won’t sink enough to relieve any pain caused by the pressure. Check out our guide to mattress firmness to help you find that sweet spot.

Decide on your budget

So, you have taken a test nap on all the mattress options of your choice, twice. After narrowing down the type and firmness levels you still seem undecided. Try factoring in your budget. Whether it be an innerspring mattress budget buy that offers an all-round quality sleeping experience or a high-end luxurious hybrid mattress you have been saving for or an orthopaedic option that alleviates any sleeping ailments, at the Mattress Warehouse we have listed the top 10 best beds in South Africa. This will, without a doubt, result in you finding your mattress match.

Visit The Mattress Warehouse for bed shops online

Now you should know what to look out for when you go to a bed shop near me. But if you want to shop online, finding a mattress match is made easy with our mattress finder, an easy to use online tool aimed at clearly representing your mattress options based on specific preferences. Whether you are comparing mattresses or already sleeping on one, visit the Mattress Warehouse to find your perfect mattress match.

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