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Are you experiencing sleepless nights?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Do you wake up feeling tired and grumpy? Can you even remember the last time you slept through the night? There are so many different reason why you can become sleep deprived. It might be something “silly” like drinking too much caffeine or something more serious like chronic back pain.

If you are anything like me, you would think that sleep will take away or lessen the pain. But in some cases, that is just not possible. Pain and sleep are integrally connected – pain affects your ability to sleep, and the lack of sleep makes the pain seem worse. Did you know that sleep deprivation can lower your pain threshold and pain tolerance?

The first step is to figure out if the lack of sleep is causing pain or if the pain is causing a lack of sleep.

So you have 3 options: take medication and feel like a zombie (never really “fixing” the problem); go and see doctors, chiropractors, physio’s, etc. which can run up a bill; or you have a third option (the best option, if you ask me) – buy a new bed! You might be thinking this girl must be crazy! A new bed!?

The thing is, sleeping on the right bed (or mattress) can take away lower back pain. Don’t sacrifice your sleep comfort. The solution is simple: visit The Mattress Warehouse. We offer you a vast variety of beds and mattresses – there will definitely be one that match your individual preference.

I would suggest you look at the Electric Adjustable Motorized beds and you have different brands to choose from. The important thing about these beds are the mechanical bases which offers the options to lift certain parts of the mattress individually for great comfort. The electric adjustments improves blood circulation and takes pressure off the lower back. You also get different massage function. How awesome is this? Your own masseuse at the touch of a button.

Silentnight Berkshire Motion Beds are made from luxurious circular knit cashmere fabric and the mattress fabrics are made from precious soft wool. The memory foam provides ultimate support and comfort. It’s also gel treated for a cooler, more luxurious sleep. These beds have high quality comfort layers, eco-friendly insulation and it’s made from recycled material.

Genessi Motion Beds has a foam mattress and the Beechwood slats improves ventilation. Their Vita Premium Protection repels dust mites, mosquitoes, bedbugs and bacteria. This could be the best option for someone with allergies. The beds’ luxurious Belgian circular knot mattress cover is removable and can be dry-cleaned for hygienic purposes. You can also choose between a latex and memory foam mattress.

Cloud Nine Slowmotion Electric Motorized Beds provides heavy-duty Memo-Flex intelligent sleep technology. They have a luxurious soft touch micro quilted jacquard ticking, luxurious foam layers, foam posture support core, is allergy free and is hygienic and non-toxic. The chip core provides back support and the memory foam gives comfort.

We also have the Relax- and Artik Electric Adjustable Beds and delivery of our products is usually within 5 working days. So don’t delay and order yours today for an unbelievable and luxurious restful night. Simply dial 0861 007 000 or visit our online shop at www.themattresswarehouse.co.za and while there, have a look at our headboards, pillows, linen and other bedroom furniture

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