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The Hybrid Mattress: Is This What Dreams Are Made Of?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Shopping around for festive season mattresses on special? It can be overwhelming, especially with end-of-year fatigue. And then there are all of these fancy new types of mattresses for sale out there, which makes it even more confusing. Fret not! At the Mattress Warehouse, we have created a guide on what to look for if you’re considering a hybrid mattress. Read on to find out all you need to know about hybrid mattresses.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Sealy Hybrid Sage Bed

A hybrid mattress consists of an innerspring system or coils, on top of which several layers of different materials (mostly foams) are laid. This composition sets the mattress apart from regular mattresses. The manifold layers are typically gel, memory foam or latex. This material combo in the hybrid mattress promotes a healthy balance of support, comfort, and bounce. Memory foam or latex helps with alleviating pressure on your hips, back and joints, as you sleep. On the other hand, the present coils/springs ensure your spine keeps its proper form. The hybrid mattress comes with the following benefits:

  • Pillow top – Not all hybrid mattresses have this.   It’s about five centimetres thick and is seamed onto the comfort layer to offer more cushioning.
  • Comfort layer – This layer is 10 – 15 centimetres thick and comprises either memory foam, cool-inducing gel foam or latex. The foam layer conforms to your body for optimal comfort while you sleep.
  • Support core – It is the thickest layer of the mattress (18 – 23 centimetres), hosting the coils/springs which promote spinal support.
  • Base layer – The thinnest layer is situated at the bottom of the mattress, offering sturdiness, and padding while you sleep.

Because of its composition, the hybrid mattress is firmer and more durable than memory foam mattresses. Some hybrid mattresses have enhanced temperature-regulating properties. Most hybrid mattresses have some form of edge support that makes it easy to sleep and sit comfortably on the bed.

Difference between hybrid and regular mattresses

Do you find yourself in a bout of indecision when it comes to purchasing a mattress? There is often a lot of confusion about the best mattress, especially the material. Comparing the different main mattress types will help you figure out what’s best for you.

Innerspring vs hybrid mattress

It comes as no surprise that one could get confused between an innerspring and a hybrid mattress. These two popular mattresses share a common component – the coil/spring system. However, the coils used in innerspring mattresses differ from those used in hybrid mattresses. The former has stiffer coils than the latter. The coils of the innerspring are only encased in a thin layer of foam, making the mattress firmer, shock-absorbent, and breathable. On the other hand, the hybrid has a much thicker foam layer, offering body contouring neglected by the box spring. Although the stiff coil support of the box spring is advantageous for spinal alignment, its springiness promotes motion transfer. This may not be ideal for light sleepers whose sleep is compromised by the tiniest disturbance.

Memory foam vs hybrid mattress

The absence of coil technology in the memory foam mattress makes it softer than the hybrid mattress. As a result of this feature and subsequent body-conforming properties, the memory foam enhances the absorption of excessive movements. Although the hybrid can perform this feat, the bounce in the support core limits its efficiency relative to the memory foam. The downside of the memory foam mattress, however, is that there the ultra-padding and plush feel it provides retains heat. This may not be a ‘Come Oh Ye Faithful’ attribute for those who prefer sleeping in a cool bed. The hybrid mattress, on the other hand, is more breathable because of the coils and so dispels excess heat to regulate your sleeping body temperature.

Who will suit a hybrid mattress?

The hybrid mattress is generally a suitable fit for most sleepers. The benefits that come with its multi-layers make it a great all-round mattress type. But as with everything else in life, the hybrid mattress’ attributes may not appeal to everyone. One must take into account one’s sleeping style, personal requirements and body type. If you are considering purchasing a hybrid mattress, here are the pros and cons you should be aware of to make an informed purchase.

Pros of a hybrid mattress:

  • Firm yet with a good bounce
  • Conforms the body – absorbs excessive movement
  • Alleviates pressure in joints and back
  • Promotes correct spinal posture
  • Temperature regulating (dispels heat)

 Cons of a hybrid mattress:

  • Denser than a regular mattress
  • Generally a bit more costly than regular mattresses, due to material variety
  • May droop over time due to wearing of the coils

Top hybrid mattresses for sale

Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress

If you are a “night-shifter” or share a bed with one, then our Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress is your match. The high-density foam isolates any movement to curb disturbance while you sleep. The hybrid mattress may also be an excellent fit if you get hot during the night. The coils and the cooling-gel foam improve the mattress’s breathability through effective airflow. 

Sealy hybrid mattress.

A body-conforming hybrid mattress which also promotes breathability.

Kooi Pure Hybrid Mattress

The compact nature of our Kooi Pure Hybrid Medium Bed is suitable for plus-size sleepers or those who prefer firmer, sturdy beds. However, the innerspring system within the mattress also provides some bounce, and the memory foam is sufficiently snug. This hybrid mattress is generally suitable for all sleeping styles and body types. But, if you prefer a much softer and warmer mattress, you may not benefit from the hybrid mattress.

Kooi Pure Hybrid Bed A firm hybrid mattress on a bed base, offering correct spinal alignment.

Mattresses for sale online or in-store

‘Oh, night divine!’ will be your anthem this festive season, with our restful hybrid mattresses! The Mattress Warehouse offers a lot of options on hybrid mattresses you can invest in. From plush to medium to firm, we come bearing gifts of tranquil sleep! We follow the stars to your doorstep with free delivery nationwide and a 100-day comfort trial. Take a look at the full mattress range.


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