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Cloud Nine Beds and Mattresses

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Cloud Nine Beds On Sale and Information

This South African mattress company has been providing South Africans with some of the best mattress products since it began operations in 1968. It is recognised by StrandMed, SABS, Strand Mattress (which is endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa) and it is CASA approved. The mattresses created by Cloud Nine are among some of the best mattresses that you can buy if you suffer from back pain as these mattresses are designed to provide the sleeper with stable spinal support.

Using standard materials

Cloud Nine beds have a number of features that can be found throughout the entire bed range. The visco elastic foam that has been layered within the mattress as well as polyurethane foam are two features that are predominantly found throughout the beds manufactured. The polyurethane foam is designed to provide lots of comfort and support to the sleeper and it makes the bed soft. The firm and supportive foam will give the sleeping body all of the support that it needs throughout the night. Because of the high quality of the foam, the material is not likely to lose its shape.

The beds are also fitted mostly with a wooden base, for extra support, and the materials used to make the bed are allergy free and non-toxic. There are a few differences between the beds within the different ranges such as a difference in the structure of the foams and fibres to change the firmness of the bed. But the basics are there within all of the beds manufactured by Cloud Nine beds and it is these basics which make the beds some of the most sought after in South Africa.

Cloud nine beds for sale

Cloud nine beds for sale

Memory foam The visco elastic foam is one of the best supportive features of these beds. Visco elastic foam is basically a memory foam and it is going to give the body fantastic support as it is able to mould itself to the shape of the sleeping person, reducing the need to turn or move around and removing the possibility of being woken up by the movements of your sleeping partner.Bed range. We have the following beds within our range: Slomotion, iSleep, Eurolatex, Rapid Reform and Strandmattress. The Slomotion beds consist of a mattress along with a motor that can make each side of the bed move up and down individually. This increases the comfort of the bed and each sleeping partner can be in control of the way in which they sleep. The iSleep range has memory foam beds which are designed to take into consideration the feel of the bed and the weight that it can support. The Eurolatex beds are made from a natural latex that increases the support of the beds and will improve the quality of sleep that you will have. The Rapid Reform beds have polyurethane layers that are used in different ways to support the body. The Strandmattress range uses different densities of the polyurethane foam to provide different levels of support.Cloud Nine has a number of outlets throughout the country and you will be able to find an affordable Cloud Nine bed that suits your needs.

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