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How to create a classic bedroom: 7 tips & ideas

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Creating a classic bedroom can be a tricky task to take on. Where does one start to create the beautiful, timeless look of this style? Well, at the Mattress Warehouse, we’ve got you covered. With the right mix of appropriate colours, bedroom furniture and decorations, you’ll have your own classic bedroom in no time!

Firstly, let’s look at the idea behind a classic bedroom. Classic refers to something that is timeless and stays in style throughout the years. This is why choosing a classic bedroom theme can be such a frugal choice! If you invest in good quality bedroom furniture and decorations now, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, timeless bedroom for years to come. This can be a great investment since you won’t have to adapt your bedroom style to annual trends. Before we digress, we’ll share our 7 ideas and tips on how you can create a classic bedroom.

1. Neutral, earthy tones

As with any redecoration process, the best place to start is by choosing a colour scheme. For a classic bedroom, neutral, earthy tones are the way to go!

Cover your walls with light beiges and whites as a background colour. Additionally, choose light, earthy tones to work through your bedroom in your choice of bedding, pillows, and other decorations. 

Generally, bright and harsh colours do not appear in a classic bedroom. If you’re looking to decorate your bedroom according to these colours, perhaps a trendy bedroom would suit your taste better. 

2. Subtle lighting

To complement your light and earthy colours, add subtle lighting to your classic bedroom. This can be achieved in the form of a few subtle lights distributed evenly throughout your bedroom.

Alternatively, you can opt for one main, soft light feature like a large hanging chandelier. The crystals in a chandelier distribute light evenly, creating subtle lighting in the room.

3. Rugs and carpets

Another staple feature of a classic bedroom is the thick rugs and/or carpets placed in the room. Rugs and carpets add warmth and decoration in your bedroom. A classic bedroom rug or carpet is usually woven from good quality material to create a heavyweight and durable floor piece. If you have carpet bedrooms, feel free to layer the floor with a decorative rug. This creates the traditional warmth and depth of a classic bedroom. 

Place your bedroom furniture either fully or partially on your rug to tie the room together.

Usually, a rug in a classic bedroom will be plain or decorated with woven patterns. These patterns are usually symmetrical – more on symmetry and classic bedrooms later.

When choosing a rug for your classic bedroom, remember to keep your colour scheme in mind. A plain-coloured rug will be the best way to go if your aim is creating a classic bedroom. Alternatively, if just beige, white, cream and brown isn’t really your thing, you can opt for rugs with splashes of colour in the pattern.

Choosing the right size rug for your bedroom furniture

Classic bedroom rugs are usually oversized to act as a feature that really “pulls the room together”. However, extra-large rugs do not come cheap. If you want to achieve the look of an oversized rug, try to position it that all the large bedroom furniture pieces are placed either partly or completely on the rug. For example, place the bottom half of your bed and two occasional chairs completely on the rug.

Arranging your bedroom furniture as mentioned above, will help create the illusion of a large, heavyweight rug that takes up the whole room – a definite staple in a classic bedroom.

4. Work with wallpaper

Wallpaper can liven up any bedroom. With the right combination of pattern and colour, this decorative wall feature can complete a classic bedroom perfectly. The most popular wallpaper patterns for this type of bedroom are delicate damasks and floral designs in light pastel and nude colours. Sometimes, the patterns may also include splashes of toned-down silver and/ or gold.

A classic bedroom with delicate damask wallpaper.

There are a few ways to go about applying and choosing the wallpaper for your classic bedroom.

  • One feature wall. Choose this if your wallpaper is more on the bold and busy side.
  • All four walls covered. This option is perfect for soft and elegant wallpaper.
  • Half-wall covered. You can opt for covering only half your walls and rounding the open edges off with a chair rail against the wall.

5. Transform your bedroom furniture

As previously mentioned, a classic bedroom is created through timeless decor and bedroom furniture.

Tufted headboard

A tufted headboard is one of those staple pieces that really lift the look and style of any bedroom to create the perfect classic look. Simply slide the headboard in behind the top end of your bed, and you’re good to go! Now you can enjoy resting your back and head against the soft cushioning of an upholstered headboard.

The Mattress Warehouse has a wide selection of headboards and tufted headboards for your bedroom decorative needs. Feel free to hop on over there to see for yourself!

Elegant nightstands

These functional storage units are great for complementing your classic bedroom look. Choose nightstands that match the colour scheme and furniture pieces in your bedroom. For instance, if you have a mahogany wood cupboard, light, pine nightstands won’t really fit in with the look and style.

Luckily, at the Mattress Warehouse, we have bedside pedestals available in a wide range of wood colours. This way, you can achieve the perfect classic bedroom with matching nightstands!

Heavy duvet and duvet cover

The next staple in a classic bedroom lies in the royal quality bedding. Along with a heavy, large rug goes a heavy, oversized duvet. Therefore, choose a duvet inner that is one size larger than your bed. The overhanging edges of a puffed out duvet will create the royal bedding look of a classic bedroom.

Opt for a down or microfibre duvet inner to create an extra puffed duvet look. Furthermore, keep the bedding colour scheme neutral with a pristine white duvet cover. This allows the eye to focus on all the other staple pieces of the bedroom such as the rug, headboard and lighting.

Plush pillows

To round off your classic bedroom bed, add extra-plush scatter pillows to your sleeping surface. This can be achieved by adding extra stuffing to your pillows for extra plushness.

Choose pillow covers with simple decorative patterns and lines. Usually, these are embroidered onto the pillow creating a timeless decorative piece. 

6. Symmetry is key

Symmetry is key in a classic bedroom

One of the main elements in classical decorating is symmetry. Earlier, we mentioned having symmetrical patterns in your bedroom rug. This principle can be applied in the whole room; whether you’re arranging your pillows, wall decorations or bedroom furniture.

Symmetry refers to similarity on both sides of an axis (or line). Therefore, if you were to draw an invisible line down the middle of your bedroom, the same elements would be found on each side.

This decor strategy creates a feeling of stability, harmony and balance in your room.

7. Decorations

Lastly, you want to round off your bedroom with pretty decor pieces. By placing flowers and wall decorations in strategic places, you can highlight the key elements of your classic bedroom.


Place vases of full flowers on each nightstand. This highlights your bedside table perfectly by drawing the eye to the beautiful flowers. If you have a large windowsill, you can also place flowers there.

Buying a fresh bunch of flowers looks really pretty for a few days, and it definitely has its place in decor. However, if you’re looking to host plants as decorative features more permanently, rather opt for potted flowers. These last much longer, and works out a lot cheaper in the long run (if you remember to water them!).

White flowers

Wall decorations

Place wall decorations discreetly on open wall spaces in your room. Wall decorations can include mirrors, paintings, pictures or drawings. These decor pieces are perfect for adding the final touches in your classic bedroom.

As always, make sure the wall art you choose isn’t too “loud” colour-wise. Soft, toned down colours will highlight the elements of a classic bedroom perfectly. If you want, you can also experiment with touches of gold and silver (either in the art itself or in the frames) here and there.

Your classic bedroom

We hope we could make the process of creating a classic bedroom a little bit easier for you to take on. With the right mix of colour, bedroom furniture and decor, you too can have this look in no time! However, these tips mentioned above are merely just suggestions. Feel free to experiment with your own style to create your personalised bedroom, if a classic style isn’t your thing.

Want some more advice on furniture and bedding for your classic bedroom? Feel free to contact us and have a chat with one of our friendly sales consultants via our chat option on The Mattress Warehouse. There you’ll find more expert advice on all things sleep and bedroom related. Happy decorating!

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