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It’s all about how you start your day…and finding the right mattress for sale

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

3, you are thinking about improving your sleep, even if you are not thinking it consciously. When you are buying a mattress for sale, you are not guaranteed a great night of rest unless you are also improving other areas of your life that affect your sleep and rest.


No quality mattress for sale can keep you totally refreshed if you start off your day the wrong way

It is unbelievable how the tension in your back and neck can have such a huge effect on the rest of your body as well as on your mind. Sometimes it is the attitude that you get out of bed with that sets the tone for the rest of your day and if you are getting out of bed with tension in your back and neck, the rest of your day might be tainted. But the one thing that many of us have in common is not the tension in our muscles but rather the busyness of our minds.

While your sleep is important, all of that relaxation is for nothing if you get out of bed in the morning with tension as well as an unhappy mind. To get the most out of your sleep you need to be sure that your morning is also starting on the best note mentally. In a recent question poll done by the website MindBodyGreen, in response to the question “what’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?”, the most common answer to this question was that since people mostly use their phones as their alarms, they go straight from turning off their alarms to checking their messages and going onto Facebook.

“How you start your day is how you end up prioritising it”

A smartphone is a fantastic gadget for our day and age, but we have not yet learned how to use it responsibly. When we say responsibly we mean using it in such a way that it is helpful while also keeping limiting our involvement with it. This means removing the glue like effect that it has on your hand, and also removing the constant need to check it every few minutes.

Feeling tired and stressed for most of the day can be avoided by starting the day properly and in some instances by buying a new mattress

Feeling tired and stressed for most of the day can be avoided by starting the day properly and in some instances by buying a new mattress

Upon first opening our eyes in the morning, we are in a vulnerable position. It takes a while to reacquaint ourselves with the waking world and then to slowly begin the day. So when you begin your day with a whole lot of endless and often meaningless information streaming from you Facebook or if you start your day with a panic because of a message you have received, then you are prioritizing your day in a certain way that might not be so productive for the next 8 hours when you need to be focused at work.

It could be the latest news about the strike in your area that is threatening to turn violent, it could be a nasty response to something you shared on social media, it could just be a reminder about all of the things you have to get through in the day, and when you start like this you might be already placing more importance on other things and neglecting your own importance.

A few blogs back we mentioned the importance of putting your phone away, at least, an hour before bed as it can reduce insomnia by relaxing your mind and allowing you to break away from the world. And now is the time to stress the importance of not jumping straight onto your phone in the morning when your day has just begun. When you start your morning involved with the world around you and the stress that it brings, then you are going to throw away the rest you have experienced the night before.

How does a mattress play into this conversation?

Healthy relaxation and a comfortable mattress are going to go hand in hand when it comes to your sleep and your productivity the next day. The way that you start your day is just as important as the way you end it, and when you end your day on a comfortable mattress you are going to be in sleep heaven.

Your mattress plays a big role in your sleep, your relaxation and ultimately in all areas of your life. Here are some quick mattress facts to think about when looking at a mattress for sale:

  • Latex mattresses can actually provide more support than a memory foam mattress although when it comes to people’s tastes, the memory foam mattress might be a winner because the mattress is usually not as firm as the latex.
  • Memory foam mattresses might be warmer than other mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses can reduce pressure points and relieve all sorts of aches and pains
  • Sleeping disorders are on the increase and we are sleeping almost 20% less than we did 100 years ago.
  • Drowsy drivers are responsible for causing 1 550 fatal crashes in the United States every year.
  • When you lose just 1 and a half hours of sleep than usual, you can experience up to 32% less alertness.
  • It is time to think about buying a new mattress when it reaches the age of between 5 and 7 years.
When you are fully rested and when you have started your day properly, you can be happy.

When you are fully rested and when you have started your day properly, you can be happy.

Looking at the new mattresses for sale and buying a new mattress is the first step towards healthier sleep and a happier, more productive life. But to get the full benefits of a well-rested night, you need to start your day in the right way as well. So when you wake up, simply turn off your phone alarm, take some time to be peaceful and in your own space and then start your day. And if you are looking for mattresses for sale, The Mattress Warehouse has a vast number of brands, styles, and specials available for you to choose from.

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