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Keep your mattress clean and fresh.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A clean and fresh mattress has many benefits.

To keep your mattress clean and fresh is important for your health and wellbeing.

You may be the type of person that bathes twice a day, changing under and outerwear morning and evening. At bedtime, you feel pristinely clean and fresh. You ensure there is always a good airflow in the bedroom. Sweating in bed is not something you do as far as you are aware.

When people mention anything more labour intensive than turning and flipping a mattress, you do not feel the need to pay attention. You firmly believe your mattress is exempt from the requirement for deep cleaning. After all, you are always squeaky clean and fresh when slipping between the sheets.

The truth is that the average adult loses one hundred and seventeen litres of sweat per annum through transpiration during asleep. Approximately one-third of a litre of fluid leaves your body via your pores while you slumber no matter how fresh you feel you may be.

Regardless of what you may think, your mattress is vulnerable to much of your bodily effluent. Sweat, saliva, dead skin, skin oils and other body fluids all form part of the mix that enters the mattress you rest on.

The sweat in your mattress can make you sick it is important to keep it clean and fresh.

Aside from pyjamas and sheeting, cushions absorb most of your natural fluid loss. For many, weight loss of half a kilogram during sleep appears welcome. You are losing a pound or two while sound asleep sounds like heaven to those that want to shed a little excess weight. Difficulties arise because this moisture creates an environment in which bacteria thrive.

keep your mattress clean and fresh

The truth about fungus, bacteria, allergies and mould.

Fungus and bacteria flourish in the resultant humidity.

Allergies that trouble you may be due to the germs and fungi that are breeding in your mattress. A diet free from dairy and wheat is not enough to remain allergy free. Furthermore, a hidden colony of fungus can trigger asthma. For a spotless mattress, this is one issue that you will have to tackle.

Mould is another unwelcome guest that grows in humid environs.

Describing this growth as potentially hazardous is not an exaggeration. The Missouri Department of health states that mould contributes to minor discomforts such as sneezing, runny noses and eye irritations. These mild problems interrupt a peaceful night of sleep. They rob your body of essential, deep rest that ensures regeneration of body and mind.

Sleep deprivation is a significant contributor to chronic diseases such as pulmonary and heart problems. Regardless of whether or not you sleep well, exposure to mould can lead to persistent coughing and serious upper respiratory issues.

For your health and wellbeing, keep your mattress clean and mould-free.

Sleep in breathable fabric

To prevent nasties from living in your mattress, change your pyjamas regularly and wear breathable fabric. Porous fabric does not trap moisture or stimulate sweating. Organic farming methods ensure the environment and your skin are safe from harmful chemicals. Choose from the many organic bedding options available online.

Avoid synthetic mattress covers that trap heat and humidity in your mattress. Airflow in your bedroom is vital. Good airflow inhibits moisture in the air from entering your mattress. Your challenge may be that you live in a humid environment.

Excessive humidity is a relatively easy issue to combat with the use of a top quality dehumidifier. Musty smells in the air or damp spots on the walls are a good indicator that you need one of these devices. Keep the air in your bedroom healthy to assure a clean, fresh mattress.

Flaking skin and the state of your mattress

Scientists on the BBC showed that as much as sixteen percent of our ten trillion body cells are skin cells. Skin is eternally renewing itself. Fresh cells progressively force their way out eventually forming the top layer of skin. With exposure to activity and weather, they naturally erode and drop off. Each cell has a lifespan of roughly one month before a new one replaces it. Thirty to forty thousand of these cells slough off every hour of the day and night. All this debris creates perfect fodder for dust mites. Biologists label them under Arachnids since these microscopic insects are miniature versions of spiders.

Dust mites love warm, dark, humid environments.

While you are away, dust mites can sustain themselves on their own waste droppings. Their nests are breeding grounds between which they travel by adhering to clothing or pets. Within one month of hatching, a mite is ready to breed. Females produce thirty to one hundred eggs per laying. An increase in environmental temperature and humidity supports an increase in their ability to reproduce.

Dust mites and respiratory issues.

Studies at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reveal the close relationship between dust mites and respiratory issues. Their research proves that there are one hundred to five hundred dust mites for each gram of dust. For your mattress to be dust mite free you have to keep it pristinely clean.

clean your mattress so that it looks fresh

Wash your mattress to keep it clean and fresh.

Washing your mattress well is essential as far as dust mites are concerned. Dust mites are not allergens. Effluent from the mites is the cause of allergies and disease. Washing using the appropriate ingredients is a safe and efficient solution. Proper cleansing will eradicate that fungus and bacteria colonies that may be taking over your mattress.

Effectively cleaning your mattress requires far less effort than you might believe. Time is of the essence, and proper cleaning requires a fair amount. Give yourself at least half day in hot, dry weather. In winter you have to allow a full day. Your mattress will take longer to dry due to less sunshine.

Key ingredients for a clean and fresh mattress.

As far back as the first creation of alcohol, ancient civilisations applied the magical properties of vinegar. During fermentation in the invention of wine, the sugar converts to alcohol.

An acidic solution will remove dirt and odours.

When making vinegar, the producer takes it a step further by exposing the wine to air. In this part of the process, the alcohol becomes acetic acid. Acid is what makes vinegar able to dissolve elements that soapy water leaves behind. As for your mattress, even the mildest of stains are slightly acidic which only another acid can remove.

Advantages of Baking Soda.

Baking soda has unique qualities. In the year 3500 BCE Egyptians used baking soda to dehydrate dead bodies for mummification. Sodium bicarbonate is a salt and is adept at absorbing nasty smells. Most odours are acidic, and because soda is a basic, it reacts with them and neutralises them. Soda must remain sealed if it is to be effective.

In the moments you expose it to the elements it neutralises acids in the atmosphere and becomes neutral. Bicarb is very mildly scratchy enabling it to dislodge grime that ordinary cleaners cannot remove.  Used together, the two ingredients react chemically and form a great cleaning team.

Clean your mattress for freshness.

Arm yourself with a large sieve, an empty spray bottle, distilled white vinegar and baking soda. Have your vacuum cleaner on hand and wash the brush at the end of the vacuum- pipe the day before. Brushes that touch your mattress must be grime-free.

On the day remove all bedding and fill your washing machine. You may need to do two or three loads if you have winter bedding to wash and dry. Drying is crucial to preventing moisture from entering your mattress.

Follow these simple steps to clean your mattress.



Baking Soda

clean your mattress with fresh ingredients


Fill the spray bottle with pure vinegar. Liberally shower the mattress until the top layer is saturated. Turn on the fan and open the windows. Wait for twenty minutes. Switch off the fan. Fill your sieve with baking soda and sprinkle it evenly and abundantly over the top of the mattress.

Fill all edges and corners. Leave it as is for two to five hours. Within two hours, the powder will begin to clump together as it absorbs the vinegar and any remaining odours. When it is time, plug in the vacuum cleaner.

Apply it thoroughly to the entire surface area addressing all nooks and crannies. Vacuum repeatedly until all traces of bicarb is gone.

A weak solution of hydrogen peroxide can be used instead of vinegar.

If your mattress is in dire straits hydrogen peroxide is perhaps a better choice for you. Having a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide in the cupboard is fine if you have no young children. Never use a solution that is higher than three percent.

Apply it in the same way as you would the vinegar. Deep blemishes almost magically disappear as you watch. Your mattress woes are over. Fresh and clean is its the new norm

Ways in which to ensure your mattress remains healthy, clean and fresh.

Purchase a cotton mattress protector.

An organic mattress cover that encases the entire mattress is ideal protection for your mattress. It provides your mattress remains mould, bacteria and dust mite-free. Covers such as these additionally ensure your mattress remains pristinely clean. Minor spills and accidents will not be able to penetrate the cover. Depending on your budget, acquire two so that you always have a fresh one at the end of the month. Mattress protectors can be purchased online from the Mattress Warehouse.

Wear breathable clothing.

Wear breathable clothing and use bedding that farmers grow organically and manufacturers process naturally. Breathability is of the essence.

Make use of baking soda and vinegar.

Apply the baking soda technique once every month. Use vinegar in combination with the soda every three to four months.

Dust mites move from carpet to couch to bed. Do a quick sweep most days and vacuum your home every week. Purge your carpets more frequently if you have pets. The vinegar and baking soda technique is great for carpets and couches. Always spot test before applying the vinegar to the entire couch.

Ventilate your room on a daily basis.

Ensuite bathrooms can remain a bit of a challenge. Thoroughly air your bathroom on a regular basis. Ventilation of a bathroom requires special attention in cold weather. Dehumidifiers may be the solution for you.

Being confident that the mattress is utterly dry before remaking the bed with fresh bedding, is critical. Obtain the most benefit from your cleaning session by getting someone to assist you.

Take rugs and mattresses outside.

A few hours in hot sunshine serves a dual purpose. Taking your projects outside is excellent for drying final remnants of moisture and eliminating any last vestiges of smell. Sunlight kills most remaining dust mites although it is not enough of a weapon with which to address allergens.


Maintenance of a clean, fresh mattress is something that even the most extreme perfectionists have to contend with. There is indeed no shame in feeling the need to deep clean your mattress. Clean and fresh mattresses are a pleasure to sleep on, promote better sleep and are suitable for health. In a few easy steps, your mattress can be almost as good as new.

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