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Kooi Pure Plush

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Kooi Pure Plush edition in a growing range of fitness-focused beds. Pure models combine the age-old concept of the bed, with a modern twist of innovation and technology. This latest range offer sleepers with the ultimate luxurious sleeping experience. While your comfort is key, this bed also offers you the pleasure of aesthetic. For this reason, the Pure Plush is the ideal bed for those who seek a bed that will match the beauty of their bedroom.

Investment that Reinvests

Purchasing a new bed comes investments on numerous personal levels – the first, simply being financial. The most important investment will be your time and satisfaction, both of which are vital in the bed buying process. As a result, the impacts of uneducated purchases have proven to be costly indeed. Choosing the right bed requires a proficient understanding of yourself and the product you are purchasing. Therefore, it is my mission to educate you to the best of my ability by giving you the necessary information and the means to attain it.  You can find more information about Buying a New Bed by clicking here.

I realise that my paragraph digressed slightly from the heading. Hence, I will quickly get myself back on track. Choosing the right bed is very important, right. But why? Because the right bed will represent a great return on investment. This is where the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush comes into its own. This product conforms to such excellence – to European standards in fact – that you can be assured of that reinvestment you seek. The Pure Plush will compliment your lifestyle perfectly by being the foundation that drives both the start and end to your daily routine. And that is exactly what you want and deserve.

Importance of Comfort Level

Understanding comfort level is an essential part of the mattress buying experience. Moreover, it’s vital to the longevity of the relationship between you and your mattress. Obviously, you want it to be long, comfortable and happy. Within mattress terms, comfort level can be compared to the importance of a big cog in a clock. Without it, there will be no tick. And no one has time for that level of negativity. Similarly, if your body does not match with your bed’s comfort level, your sleeping experience will be affected negatively. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Plush world.

Plush Mattress – The Benefits

I have one at home. And, no that does not make me fully biased. Maybe just a little. Nevertheless, I call it: being totally well-informed. Preference and habit are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting plush as a comfort level. For starters, if you make a habit of sleeping on your sides, you’re good to go. In contrast, if you have a lower back issue that requires a high degree of support, you might want to look at a firm mattress.

Plush then, what are the benefits exactly? Other than being as soft as marshmallows and suitable for royal delight, a plush mattress offers a few essentials. These are:

For the side sleepers.

If you adopt this sleeping style, added cushioning for your shoulders and hips are absolutely vital. A plush mattress will remove the tension and allow your body to softly sink into the mattress. This will provide you with vastly more support in this sleeping style. Sleeping on your sides on a firm mattress will result in a sore and misaligned body – and a bad mood.

Relief – No More Tense Nights

Tension relief is one of the most popular reasons why people buy a plush mattress. A plush mattress will provide muscular and general body tension relief as you float out to dreamland.

Soft = Comfort

Yes, it is deemed as more comfortable. If you think about the labels of comfort in life, you’ll realise that humans commonly associate softness with comfort. A teddy is soft, therefore creating a more calming and comfortable feeling. Furthermore, we usually opt for softer couches and deem them far more comfortable. In general, this rule applies to beds. Plush is simply comfier (except if you require firm or medium for specific reasons).

All in One

Any sleeping style is suited to a plush bed. There’s a but though. Stomach sleepers should be cautious about the plush intensity. If the bed is too soft, people who adopt this style will also experience spinal misalignment. That being said, healthy individuals can enjoy any sleeping style on the Kooi Pure Plush.

Why You Should Buy The Kooi Pure Plush

Investing in a new bed – anything really – requires thought, research and motivation. All of these factors are deeply personal. How then, do you cross the bridge of personal motivation to find the justification behind purchasing a Kooi Pure Plush. I won’t lie, I did think about writing take my word for it. I won’t. Although I personally rank the Kooi Pure Plush as my bed of choice, I realise that you will need cold, hard facts.

High Performance

Kooi Beds specifically conforms to a very relevant modern trend: Health and fitness. The brand focuses – not exclusively – on satisfying the comfort of high-performance athletes. In order to do this, Kooi beds simply had to be different. The brand had to find ways in which to appeal to such a relevant niche. Achieving this was not easy, but Kooi found the way:


Forget your personal trainer and invest in a Kooi Pure Plush. Okay, I’m joking. But, there is some truth about what I said in jest. Your new Kooi mattress will actually find a way to motivate you. Think about it. The common denominator – among others – to your daily life, is your bed. It can’t even move, nor does it have to. But yet, it constantly reminds you of its presence. Open your eyes, stretch your arms, hit snooze; you’re on your bed. Get in, get up, get out, cuddle and jump onto. What? Your bed. You get my drift.

Inspiration Found

This very presence plants the seed of inspiration without awareness. What I’m getting at is that this fitness bed really reminds you of its essence: a high-performance bed for high-performance athletes. Without being in your face about you, the Kooi Pure Plush reminds you why you bought this bed. Get up, get in, get out and work out.

Materials and Technology

Kooi uses the latest technology available in the industry. In fact, as previously mentioned, the standards match that of Europe. At the centre of the tech, you will find Pure foam. A true game changer. When studying older foams, you will discover that they contain calcium fillers and other chemicals. Although this has been industry standard for a very long time, it is not the way forward. The reason? Well, foam with calcium fillers decays over time. When this happens, your mattress will undergo a serious of negative transitions. Firstly, your regular sleeping spot will become riddled with body impressions. Secondly, the mattress will sag, leaving you with an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Pure foam removes these negatives by promising a sag and chemical-free lifetime.

A Suprise That Spoils

The Kooi Superior Pocket Plush will arrive at your home in a rectangular box that might be taller than you are (I am excluding most rugby players here). Simply cut open the box and find your mattress rolled up in two layers of plastic (yup, your mattress is rolled up). From there, remove the first layer. Ensure that you do not cut into the second plastic layer. Position the mattress neatly on your designer base. Remove the last plastic layer and see the magic happen. Your mattress will expand almost in the most satisfying way, never to return to its old form. I honestly seriously enjoyed seeing this happen to a mattress of all things.

You can actually see the process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGj47TWTgZw

Facts and features

Okay, you want even more and I shall oblige. Here are a few facts and features relevant to the Kooi Pure Plush:

  • The mattress consists out of 4 distinct layers.
  • The first layer: Base layer is a UF35 high-density foam
  • Layer Two: Boasts high resilience foam, which gives the bouncy sensation.
  • Third Layer: Visco-elastic memory foam layer perfectly moulds to your body, for pressure relief and comfort
  • Layer Four: Ensures a smooth sensation that delights. This is the top of the sleeping surface.
  • Manufactured with high-end pure foams that conform to European standards
  • Strenuous compression tests ensure that Quality & durability are a standard kept through time.
  • State of the art pure foam rids the Kooi Pure Plush of any unwanted fillers, saving you from a mattress that will decay or sag over time.
  • Three comfort zones ensure that you’re covered by the best alignment & comfort
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • 130kg Per Person

Animated Product Video

We all love animated videos, which is why we made this product video for you to enjoy.

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