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Is that a new nightie or are you just happy to see me?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Is that a new nightie or are you just happy to see me?


Sleeping apart: should you do it?

For some people, sleeping in separate beds has apparently improved their marriage and sex life. According to this study, about 1 in 4 couples sleep in separate beds, for various reasons, one of the biggest being escaping snoring. Does sleeping with your partner irritate you? Are they restless, or maybe a night owl who comes to bed later and wakes you up? Does one person want more blankets than the other? If so, perhaps you should consider the antique method of sleeping in different beds, if not different bedrooms.

sleep together boudoir

In the 1800’s it was common practice for a woman to have her boudoir, decorated as she wished, with her own bed, and her husband to have a more manly room, on the other side of a wall with a door in it. In this day and age, sleeping apart indicates that your marriage is on the rocks. Perhaps there are some ways of getting the benefits of sleeping apart without actually splitting up, especially if you can’t afford an extra room.

sleep together snoring

If his (or her) snoring is what drives you out of the bed, don’t despair. Snoring isn’t incurable at all. Snoring is due to the air passageways of the throat being constricted for various reasons. Usually, it’s simply that your pillow is too high and forces your head forward, closing your throat. Simply fix this by getting a pillow that cradles your neck and head at the right height, such as a memory foam or latex pillow.


If it’s simply questions over a hard bed vs a firm bed, or someone finding memory foam to be too hot, motion beds are another solution to the separate beds question that keeps you in the same room but with different comfort levels. Motion beds can come in double beds using two single mattresses next to each other that can move independently. Have a sore back that likes lower back support? Raise the mattress under your knees silently and without disturbing your partner. This way you’re still sleeping together, but both can be at their own personal comfort levels. A surprising amount of manufacturers are now making adjustable beds, including Genessi, Silentnight and Orthopedic beds (all of which we carry at our warehouse).

Genessi Motion bed

If your problem is partner disturbance, with one partner being a night owl and the other one who likes to go to bed early, you might simply need a bed that doesn’t give so much partner disturbance to sleep well. Pocket coil beds are famous for this, creating an environment where one sleeper can get out of bed and back in as many times as they wish without it disturbing the other at all. This is due to the coils being individual and each in their own pocket of fabric rather than strung together and transferring movement. In this way, you and your partner still sleep together, but you no longer wake up every time they go to the bathroom or have to get up early. Rest Assured carries a pocket coil range, sold at factory price at our store!


Looking for a solution to how to sleep well together as a couple, or simply looking for a new bed at an affordable price, contact us, the bed experts, with the lowest prices and free nationwide delivery. Call on 011 312 8613 or visit our website here.

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