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Kooi Superior Pocket Medium

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Superior Pocket Medium

We are introducing the latest medium bed, the Kooi Superior Pocket Medium. This product combines all of the necessary elements that are relevant to the most advanced modern mattresses. Similarly to its Firm and Plush sister beds, the Medium showcases the most modern in foam technology, Pure Foam (Conforming to European standards). The neon green lines that run around its sides distinctly identify The Kooi Superior Pocket Medium. A matt grey finish makes up the last aesthetic parts that are distinctive to this range.

We spend a significant amount of time in our beds – up to a third of our lives. A bed is an essential part of life; and requires an investment that should not be taken lightly. This is precisely where to Kooi Superior Pocket Medium winks and waves at you from across the room. Oh, it knows exactly how to spoil you. After all, the Medium was designed with the sole purpose of excelling at the job of making your life as comfortable and well-rested as possible. This mattress looks delightful and seems fantastic, but you need more if you’ll be committing. For this reason, I will discuss, in depth, why this is the Medium bed for you.

Benefits of a Medium Mattress

Before we can delve deeper into why a Medium Mattress is a comfort level you should seriously consider, I will give you beneficial information. Many people make bad decisions before buying a new bed. Mistakes are so common occurrence that The Mattress Warehouse has an entire page that is dedicated solely to How To Choose a Bed. I seriously recommend that you should read that page before making your purchase.

Onwards to medium mattress then: Gimmick or real? I can unequivocally tell you that no comfort rating is a gimmick. Every single score is allocated explicitly for your choice and comfort. If you read our Blog about the Medium’s Sister bed, The Kooi Superior Pocket Firm, you would have learnt the benefits of a harder bed. To summarise: a firmer bed assists with spinal alignment, oxygen flow and is specifically designed for people who have lower back issues. Traditionally, such a bed is also more durable, although, in Kooi’s context, all beds last equally long.

In comparison to a Firm bed, a medium is not that different, in the sense that it provides support, alignment and ensures oxygen flow. However, in contrast, a medium bed delivers a lesser – not to a detrimental extent – degree of the benefits above, while being a tad softer. In essence, it finds the perfect balance between a firm and a plush bed. However, there’s more. The Kooi superior Pocket Medium caters perfectly for all sleeping styles.

Sleeping Styles:

People who sleep on their backs will benefit from a bed that has enough support. Side sleepers will have an adequate level of softness, while those who sleep on their stomach will also benefit enough comfort and alignment. All-in-all, medium beds tend to keep couples with varying sleeping styles happier. Though it does not have the pin-point supportive structure of a firm foundation, nor the marshmallow-sinking sensation of a plush bed, the medium finds enough aspects of both worlds to satisfy.    

High Performance

You keep on hearing that Kooi Beds and high performance in the same sentence, but cannot figure out why this is? How can a bed be described in this fashion? Although it certainly sounds as though this bed will ou-pace Usain bolt in a hundred-meter dash, high performance, is used to powerfully deliver a couple of essentials within this bed, namely:

  • Kooi beds use top quality materials in the manufacturing process of their products. This is an essential explanation within the high-performance context. If you look at the elements and method used in your new Kooi Bed, it is quite clear that innovation and excellence are key.
  • Pure foam is an essential part of every Kooi Bed. This foam conforms to European standards and is indeed a high-performance material.

Why You Should Buy the Kooi Superior Pocket Medium

The Kooi Superior Pocket Medium bed now makes a lot more sense than ever before. However, if high performance or comfort rating isn’t enough, I have a few more motivating factors for you.

Due to its neatly balanced comfort rating, the Kooi Superior Pocket Medium is perfect for almost any person. For this reason, you can be guaranteed that this product will be ideally suited to your bedroom or that of the guest’s. No, I don’t insinuate that this Kooi should be dismissed as a natural “guest bedroom” option. Hear me out. Because of the mattresses unique ability to please all, in addition to being perfectly suited for you, it is also your most sensible bed for a guest (because a medium will be more likely to be suitable for any random person’s sleeping style).

Kooi Beds and Pure Foam

Why is this bed different? Well, although I have mentioned Pure Foam in this blog, I would like to revisit the topic in more depth. In contrast to older foams that have calcium fillers, Kooi Beds use Pure Foam that does not contain calcium fillers. The benefit herein lies in the fact that calcium foam decays over time, which leaves you with a sagging mattress riddled with body impressions. In contrast, your Kooi will never experience these negatives and will style chemical and sag-free.

If it motivates me, it might do so for you. Yes, I own a Kooi bed myself (The Plus, what can I say? I like that body contouring sensation) and yes, it inspires me to exercise. Don’t pull your face at me. Some people have coaches, and others have internet celebrities or personal trainers. I have this fantastic fitness brand and my drive. The Kooi bed in my room stands as a constant and potent reminder that I should live by the philosophy of the bed and my reasons for having one: I love fitness and health. Therefore, this mattress will plant a little subconscious seed in your mind that will grow into a healthy habit of exercise and motivation.

The Kooi Superior Pocket Medium is affordable and – of course – comes in an all the sizes you need. Considering the top-class design, you really won’t be charged an arm or a leg (you can save those for exercise) to be the proud owner of this bed. If you live in a main city hub, you can also benefit from free delivery.

Technical specifications

The Kooi Superior Pocket medium is meticulously constructed in South Africa and is made with the latest foams and parts that combine to create a bed that will love you as much as you do it. All Kooi products aspire to the highest craftsmanship and make use of an ethical and environmentally conscious process. Finally, technical specs are important. The following can be expected when you buy your new Kooi Bed:

  • Advanced zoned and nested spring (not to be confused with coil) technology.
  • The bed boasts pocket springs that assist in better contouring to the unique shapes of your body.
  • If you share with a partner, you’ll be delighted that this bed features no movement transfer between either sleeper. The nights of being disturbed by your partner’s movements are over.
  • Kooi beds use the most advanced high density and latex pure foam comfort layers. These layers spoil and delight.
  • On the outside, you can rest at ease with the delight of a soft and fire-retardant fabric.
  • A beautiful designer base will be supplied to those who purchase the full set.
  • 20 Year Service Warranty
  • 3 Year Factory
  • 125kg rating on either side

Featured video

You skipped through all the text to this part, didn’t you? Don’t worry; I won’t take offence. Watch this beautifully designed animated video for a much quicker run through on the Kooi Superior Pocket Medium.

Should you feel the video didn’t answer all of your questions, make sure to read the blog or send The Mattress Warehouse an email to the online team: [email protected] or phone to 021 510 1858, 021 510 3554 or 086 100 7000If you’re more of a social butterfly, you can always contact the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMattressWarehouseSA/

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