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Pay day Friday in the bed world!!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Rest AssuredPay day Friday!!! For companies like us who are in the retail industry, payday Friday is not the best day for us. Our days are busy from morning till knock off time. We deal with customer service, sorting out orders and the, of course, the complaints which we try to avoid by all measures!!

From 8 o’clock when our doors opened this morning we all knew we had a hectic day ahead. The new telephones which we bought for the office were not working and had to be sent back to the shop. Now Zaani our boss decided to take the task upon herself to go return the phones. The rest of us in disbelief knew that this was a bad choice considering it was month-end and the service would not be the best out there. But we sent Zaani into the wild. Two hours later she returns and the look on her face reveals to us the worst, not only did she not get the help she wanted but she had to stand in a cue for 45min waiting to be served. Meanwhile, the lines in the office which are working are ringing off the hook and our friendly Sylvia is on their case trying to sort out the day and its rising orders. Luckily for the two of them, I’m in the office, trying to keep everyone calm and from losing their heads. Yes, beds are complicated and very complex especially when our company are the leaders in the bed industry. 

As crazy as our day gets, we know when to shift into customer satisfaction mode. If you were to walk into our offices you would be welcomed with friendly smiles making sure you leave with the bed that you want. We’d rather have a busy day in the office than letting our guard down by dropping the standard of our work. And to keep everyone sane in the office that’s besides having me we choose to laugh things off by laughing at each other.

At The Mattress Warehouse, everyday is payday Friday, whether you buy a Rest Assured bed or a Sealy mattres, no matter how hectic your day will be, we will make sure to give you the best service buy online or just walk into our factory outlet to avoid the cues.

Remember we deliver Nationwide at an affordable price!!

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