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Pillow Comfort

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

One of the most important and comforting pieces of bedding in your bedroom must be your pillow!! Soft, fluffy, luxurious – your best friend to hug whenever you’re sad. But have you taken time to think about how healthy your pillow is – what’s actually inside your pillow?

Well let’s take a look at what could be inside.

  1. Feathers and feather down are a natural filling that conform to your head and neck, providing excellent support. The more the filling, the greater the durability of the pillow.
  2. A synthetic fill is usually polyester, making an inexpensive pillow with a short lifespan. This type does not support your head and neck as well as others, but it is usually very affordable.
  3. Pillows filled with synthetic poly clusters (coated with silicon) offer good head and neck support.
  4. Solid pieces or chunks of foam are also used as pillow fillers, but these pillows are mostly decorative.
  5. Memory foam pillows are extra dense and extra firm. They are sponge-like and provide the best head and neck support.

So now, how sure are you that your pillow is good for you? Still your best friend?

Make sure to contact a specialist to find out which type of pillow is specific for your needs.

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