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Reasons Why a King Size Bed is What You Need

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse


king size bedSleeping with your loved ones is a good thing, but what becomes something annoying is when you are being disturbed by your partner while sleeping in the bed. Do they like to roll side to side, hog the space and steal the bedclothes? A disturbance from your partner can cause sleep-deprived, insomnia and migraine the next day. This is one of the most common complaints for poor sleeping experience. The right bed for both of you and your partner would be the one on which you can lie side by side with both of your arms behind your heads and then your elbows are out without touching one another.

No market is tougher to search through than the bed markets when it comes to shopping for the home. The brands, forms, springs, the sizes and even the colors will all play important parts in confusing the buyers. This will usually make it as if bed buying is a tougher chore rather than just a pleasure. Because of this, most of the shoppers tend to just go with the recommendations from the salesperson instead choosing carefully the ones that suits their needs and requirements.

All too often, they are sleeping the beds that are not appropriate for them at all. A report published by the Better Sleep Council (BSC) about how the data show that most people are often sleeping in beds that are too small for them. There is no doubt that a king size bed is the best option when you are considering a new bed. This is not just us saying it because it is for multitude of solid reasons. Yes, we agree that shopping for new beds can be a stressful process, but do not let that bother you. We will guide you through on how you can find the right bed for you.

What Is a King Size Bed?

It is crucial to understand what they are, prior to looking at the reasons as to why a king-size bed is a smart purchase. Luxury is often the aim of the game when it comes to buying a king size bed, and they’re the perfect addition to every bedroom – especially your master bedroom. Everything from the mattress to the bed frame options exudes quality.

They always work wonders with the extra space, even though they may only be 31cm wider than a standard queen size bed. The measurements of a king size bed is a enormous 183cm in width and 188cm in length. It gives extra comfort, which can aid a good night’s sleep and helps you to improve your sleeping pattern and cycle, especially when it comes to couples that share a bed. They are the perfect option for those who want a bed that offers substance, style and extra space. The most obvious upside to having a king size bed in your bedroom is that it will give a lot of space to you and your sleeping partner. Other than that, they can also help in allowing for those who suffer from joint conditions such as arthritis and injuries to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without constant disturbance from your partner.

If you are looking for a bed that can fit both of you, your partner and your children, a king size bed is a perfect fit for your family as it is a lot larger than a queen size or double bed. It is pivotal in term of preventing people from falling out of bed, therefore, do not ever underestimate the importance of having extra length and width.

What Style Of King Size Bed Should You Buy?

Because they are quite large, it is not a surprise to have a king-size bed as one part of the home decor. If someone ever walks into your bedroom, their eyes will be directed to your king size bed, because it definitely draws attention and cannot look inconspicuous. With that being said, you should buy the right style in order to complement the ambience of your bedroom. With a big number of king size beds for sale, we understand how hard it is making a decision on which bed suits you the best. But rest assured that it is not that hard to find the right bed for you. The hardest part is probably choosing between two beds that interest you the most.

  • Cottage – If you desire some old, country feel, cottage king-size beds are your best bet as they feature a two-panel headboard with a contemporary twist.
  • Brazil – With curved joints, Brazil king-size beds offer a modern look that most shoppers are looking for.
  • Mozart – For a traditional appearance with contemporary curves, Mozart is your best option.
  • Low Deco – By having a low Deco king-size bed, it helps in creating and manipulating the illusion of having extra space with its slim and sleep bed that has a lower center of gravity.
  • Shaker – With the distinctly modern touch, sleek design and basic, fuss-free style; you should consider getting a shaker king size bed for a better sleeping experience.
  • Summer – This style of king-size comes with a super small pillow board and with its unique design feature, it helps in keeping the pillows in position.
  • Bimini – Featured a headboard but still saving on a lot of space. Bimini is sturdy, solid and strong. This style of king-size beds is built for relaxation and longevity. So if you are looking for something that offers comfort and can stay for a very long time, go for Bimini!
  • Apple – If you are aiming to place your king size bed in the attic room, opt for the Apple style which feature low eaves. The simple lines and light are the key appearance of its features. It does such an amazing job at compressing the bedroom’s free space.
  • Rossi – Rossi style helps in creating a balanced look and bringing tranquillity in any bedroom. It has slimmer shape that helps in saving more space and a traditional frame to its feature.

King Size Bed and Its Benefits

king size bedSome of the best benefits of having a king size bed in your bedroom include reducing the amount of sleepers tossing and turning around by up to 80%, relieving pressure points, aligning the appropriate position of your neck in order to reduce tension and pain, nerve contusions, vertebrae pressure and ankylosing spondylitis. Apart from that, it will also help in alleviating frozen shoulder syndrome, correcting the amount of rest is also able to heal tennis elbow and allowing sleepers to stretch out easily with the extra space – which reduce the risk of contracting needles and pins. Furthermore, a king size bed and its large space will allow sleepers to sleep comfortably without disturbance toward the respiratory system too.

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