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Bunk Bed Sizes & Types: A Buyer’s Guide

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

So you’re looking to buy a bunk bed for your children’s room but you’re not sure what shape or size to pick, right? Allow us to help. Over here at The Mattress Warehouse, we are experts in beds and bedding. And we want to transfer that knowledge to you. That is why we decided to put together a simple guide on bunk bed sizes and types. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about buying bunk beds in a simple, easy-to-follow manner. So keep reading!

Is a bunk bed a good idea?

If you have a growing family and you are looking for a practical solution to save on floor space, a bunk bed is a fantastic idea! Moreover, if you are thinking of setting up a backpackers or something similar, bunk beds are the way to go. It just gives you that extra bit of floor space to make your bedroom/dormroom more liveable.

But before we list some of the benefits of bunk beds, let’s define them first…

What is a bunk bed?

It is a type of bed where two (sometimes three) beds are stacked on top of each other. So you can have two (or more) people sleeping safely in a bed that only takes up the floor space of one bed. Bunk beds are often used in children’s rooms, dormitories and hostels. There are various shapes and sizes. (more on that later)

Benefits of bunk beds

  • They save space: If you have two or more children that have to share a room, bunk beds are ideal.
  • Bunk beds save money: Instead of having to buy two separate beds for your growing children, save some money and buy one combo bed.
  • They are great for sleepovers: Children love sleeping on bunk beds. And if your oldest child outgrows his/her bunk, the younger ones can still benefit from it by inviting a friend for a sleepover. With the bunk bed, you won’t have to make up extra sleeping space.
  • Bunk beds are functional: Not only do they save on space, but some of them also come with built-in storage space. So you get two beds and some extra storage space in one.
  • They are great for vacation homes: For your home away from home, bunk beds are ideal. Optimise the sleeping space so your kids can bring their friends along on holiday.

If you’re worried about safety, find out more about The Best Safety Tips For Kids Bunk Beds. Adults can also sleep in bunk beds. Youth hostels all over the world make use of them to optimise on space. So if you are thinking about getting a roommate, consider getting a bunk.

Bunk Bed Sizes & Styles Explained

Bunk bed sizes and shapes are not always the same. Some of them are taller, others have a double base and a single top. Moreover, there are ones where the two beds aren’t even stacked 100% on top of each other – instead they make an L shape, where the top bunk is perpendicular to the bottom bunk and only the heads of the beds overlap.

But to make it easier for you, let’s break it down into categories.

What is the standard size of a bunk bed?

In South Africa, most bunk beds are 188 cm long and 91 cm wide with the height varying between 91- and 220 cm. These bunk beds fit the standard size single mattress.

Single bunk beds

Three words: Stylish, Safe with extra Storage. Check out the Charlene Bunk here.

Sometimes also referred to as twin bunk beds, a single bunk and a twin bunk are two names for the same type of bunk bed. So if you are out there shopping around, don’t get confused by the two terms.

As we’ve already mentioned, single (or twin) bunk beds are generally 188 cm long and 91 cm wide so that they can fit standard single mattresses. The height of the bunk depends on the style you are going for. If you intend to use the bunks for your children, a lower bunk bed might be a good choice. Whereas if you want to use it in a hostel for adults, taller bunk beds will definitely work better. For a sturdy and reliable adult option, check out our Double Bunk Steel Bed.

L-Shaped bunk beds

L-shaped bunk bed in dark coloured wood as part of our description of bunk bed sizes and shapes.
For a more quirky look, check out the Charlene L-Shaped Bunk.

A stylish alternative to the normal bunk bed, the L-shaped bunk works well for siblings sharing a room. We probably don’t have to tell you, but these bunks fit perfectly in the corner of a bedroom! It also allows for each child to have his/her privacy and is great for building pillow forts. Moreover, the child sleeping on the bottom bunk won’t feel too confined and will be able to customise the extra space with a bedside pedestal.

In short, L-shaped bunk beds encourages children to develop their own individuality while saving on floor space at the same time. However, it will take up slightly more space than the normal-sized bunk bed. When measuring out the floor space for an L-shaped bunk, take the standard measurements (188 x 91 cm) and add another 91 x 97 cm square next to where the head of the bed will stand.

Triple bunk beds

Triple bunk bed in light grey wood.
Tri-bunks are fantastic for twins or triplets.

Some triple bunks are stacked one on top of the other, making for a tall triple-decker bed. However, most triple bunks come in the shape of a double bed at the bottom with a single bed on top. So the bottom bunk will be your standard 188 cm long but it will be 137 cm wide. Whereas the top bunk will retain the standard measurements (188 x 91 cm).

These bunk beds are perfect for your vacation home or cabin out in the woods. Mom and dad can sleep on the bottom bunk while the kid sleeps up top. It is also a popular option for if you have twins or triplets.

To summarise bunk bed sizes:

  • Standard bunk bed: 188 cm long, 91 cm wide with varying height.
  • L-Shaped bunk bed: 188 x 188 cm minus a 97 x 97 cm square with varying height.
  • Triple bunk bed: 188 cm long, 137 cm wide with varying height.

Bunk bed styles

Most bunk beds are either made from wood or steel. The wooden ones are generally more customizable and will fit in better with a traditional or country style. Whereas steel bunks are better suited to industrial or contemporary decorating styles.

Bunk beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse

We hope that you have a better understanding of bunk bed sizes and that you are ready to get your very own bunk bed! Be sure to check out the range of bunk beds we have to offer. And remember, we have a 100 day trial period, so if your kids aren’t happy with their bunk you can always return it.

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